Circus of Horrors/Theatre of Death

Circus of Horrors/Theatre of Death

Director: Samuel Gallu, Sidney Hayers Cast: Anton Diffring, Ivor Dean

DVD (Wide Screen)


The British crime thrillers Circus of Horrors and Theatre of Death come to Anchor Bay on one disc in this drive-in double feature. Originally released in 1960, Circus of Horrors is given an anamorphic widescreen transfer with a Dolby Digital Mono soundtrack in English and French. Special features include poster art, stills, theatrical trailer, and TV spots. Originally released in 1967, Theatre of Death is given an anamorphic widescreen transfer with a Dolby Digital Mono soundtrack in English. Special features include an interview with star Christopher Lee, original theatrical trailer, TV spots, radio spots, stills, bios, and poster art. Recommended for nostalgic fans of British horror mysteries.

Product Details

Release Date: 09/09/2003
UPC: 0013131263794
Original Release: 0000
Rating: NR
Source: Starz / Anchor Bay
Region Code: 1
Presentation: [Wide Screen]
Sound: [Dolby Digital Mono]
Time: 3:01:00

Special Features

Circus of Horrors:widescreen presentation (1.77:1) enhanced for 16X9 TV's; Theatrical trailer; TV spots; Still gallery; Posters & advertising; Anton Diffring bio; Languages: English: French; Theater of Death: widescreen presentation (2.35:1) enhanced for 16X9 TV's'; Sinister Theatrics: an all new 11 minute interview with Christopher Lee; Theatrical trailer; Radio spots; Poster and still gallery; Christopher Lee bio

Cast & Crew

Scene Index

Side #1 -- Circus of Horrors
1. Program Start/ Main Titles [1:51]
2. Rossiter! [3:13]
3. The Fugitives [2:10]
4. Nicole [1:16]
5. The Ideal Front [2:04]
6. The Prettiest Girl in France [2:38]
7. Deal With the Devil [5:40]
8. Elissa [3:55]
9. Circus of Beauty [4:25]
10. Magda [6:01]
11. Sawdust & Sadism [3:33]
12. Wheel of Death [2:19]
13. Melina [5:51]
14. Temple of Lust [:58]
15. The Detective [6:25]
16. Post Op Passion [4:09]
17. Helen of Troy [2:03]
18. Blackmail [4:09]
19. The Serpent [3:25]
20. Fall of the Queen [5:43]
21. Match Made in Hell [1:13]
22. Clawed Flesh [1:28]
23. Face From the Past [5:55]
24. Beauty and the Beasts [3:25]
25. Rossiter Unmasked [2:49]
26. No Exit [4:13]
27. End Credits [:38]
Side #2 -- Theater of Death
1. Program Start/ Main Titles [1:31]
2. Theatre Of Death [3:14]
3. Costume Party [3:32]
4. Philippe Darvas [4:03]
5. "The Witches of Salem" [3:47]
6. Vampire Murders [4:51]
7. Shadow of Death [3:10]
8. Master and Protege [2:47]
9. Lesson In Fear [3:33]
10. Production Meeting [3:14]
11. Strange Fascination [3:00]
12. "Undertones of Vampirism" [2:32]
13. Harsh Words [4:48]
14. Mysterious Disappearance [4:41]
15. "Someone Is Still Controlling Her" [5:18]
16. The Killer Strikes [3:21]
17. Bloodlust Syndrome [5:12]
18. Night Stalker [3:15]
19. The Body in the Water [3:38]
20. Terror in the Cellar [3:50]
21. "Something Monstrous Happened" [3:43]
22. Killer's Confession [4:10]
23. Jungle Dreams [3:42]
24. Final Performance [3:00]
25. End Credits [1:24]

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Guest More than 1 year ago
&quot Circus of Horrors&quot has always been one of my favorite horror films. From its very beginning when the disfigured woman confronts her face in the mirror and belts out a deranged scream of &quot Rossiter! Rossiter!&quot it grabs you by the throat in an outrageous melodramatic way. The entire movie has an off-kilter nightmare quality to it, reaching its zenith at the eponymous circus of horrors that Rossiter, Anton Diffring, creates in France. Tame by today's standards compared to horror fare like &quot Saw&quot and &quot Hostel,&quot it nevertheless ratchets up the suspense when performers in the circus start dying horribly. Anton Diffring has a field day as the psychotic plastic surgeon Rossiter who becomes progressively more unhinged as he has to commit more and more murders to protect his true identity and save his skin. &quot Theatre of Death&quot is a fine atmospheric horror tale starring Christopher Lee as the sadistic director of a Parisian actors' troupe. I wouldn't call it scary, but it's strong on atmosphere and hence enjoyable.