Behind the Scenes with Nancy Graves

Behind the Scenes with Nancy Graves

Director: Ellen Hovde, Muffie Meyer Cast: Brian Dewhurst, David Hockney



This award-winning PBS series examines the creative process of artists in different mediums. Here, the late sculptor Nancy Graves reveals how she creates a sense of "anti-gravity" in her colorful sculpture collages, which look as if they are about to tip over. Hosts Penn and Teller offer a series of visual illusions to help explain balance, employing both tightrope walker Brian Dewhurst and a teeter-totter. They throw in some sight gags to keep the video moving. Graves' finished sculpture, a sort-of-clock, is a textbook example of the laws of physics at work, even though it looks like a prop out of Alice in Wonderland.

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Release Date: 01/04/2000
UPC: 0720229908931
Original Release: 1999
Rating: NR
Source: First Run Features

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