Beavis and Butt-Head Do America

Beavis and Butt-Head Do America

Director: Kim Jong-Ho, Kim Jae Joong, Yvette Kaplan
Cast: Mike Judge


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This is a full-length cartoon movie featuring the dim-witted obnoxious loser teens, Beavis and Butt-head. They are obsessed with sex, TV, heavy-metal rock 'n roll, sex, coolness and sex, in that order. The trouble begins when the couch-potato duo's beloved television disappears (they assume it was stolen). In the course of trying to get another TV, they get involved in a major arms-smuggling scheme and are chased all over the U.S. by mobsters and lawmen alike. In one of the movie's highlights, Butt-head tries to get Chelsea Clinton to go to bed with him. Apparently he believes that since they both wear braces, she will naturally want to have sex with him.

Product Details

Release Date: 06/06/2000
UPC: 0097363325031
Original Release: 1996
Rating: PG-13
Source: Paramount

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Mike Judge Butt-head,Tom Anderson (Old Man With Camper),Beavis,Van Driessen (Hippie Teacher),Principal McVicker
Cloris Leachman Old Woman On Phone And Bus
Robert Stack Agent Fleming
Eric Bogosian Press Secretary,Ranger At Old Faithful,Lieutenant At Strategic Air Command
Richard Linklater Tour Bus Driver
Jacqueline Barba Agernt Hurly
Greg Kinnear FBI Agent Bork
Demi Moore Dallas Grimes
Bruce Willis Muddy Grimes
Pamela Blair White House Tour Guide,Flight Attendant
Kristofor Brown Old Guy,Man On Plane,2nd Man In Confession Booth,Jim
Tony Darling 2nd Motley Crue Roadie,Tourist Man
John Doman Airplane Captain,White House Representative
Francis Dumaurier French Dignitary
Jim Flaherty Petrified Forest Recording
Tim Guinee Hoover Guide,ATF Agent
Earl Hofert 1st Motley Crue Roadie
Toby Huss Male TV Reporter,2nd TV Chief,Bellboy,Concierge
Samuel Johnson Limo Driver,1st TV Chief,1st Man In Confession Booth,Petrified Forest Ranger
Rosemary McNamara 2nd Flight Attendant
Harsh Nayyar Indian Dignitary
Karen Phillips Announcer In Capitol
Dale Reeves President Clinton
Mike Ruschak General At Strategic Air Command,Hoover Technician
Gail Thomas Third Flight Attendant,Femal TV Reporter
Allan Wilson Conductor

Technical Credits
Kim Jong-Ho Director
Kim Jae Joong Director
Mike Judge Director,Screenwriter
Yvette Kaplan Director,Animator
Park Jun Nam Director
Chris Prynoski Director
Park Sin Ae Animator
Randle Akerson Sound Editor
Kimson Albert Animator
John Andrews Co-producer
Bob Baron Sound Mixer
John Benson Sound Editor
Lee Kyung Bok Production Manager
John Bowen Sound Editor
Michele Breton Editor
Kristofor Brown Consultant/advisor
Jeff Buckland Art Director
Kim Ji Byung Art Director
Eighth Frame Camera Camera Operator
Hughes Moss Casting Casting
Park Joon Chul Animator
Kim Chul-Ho Production Manager
John Conning Consultant/advisor
Doug Crane Animator
Scott Curtis Editor
Matte Cutter Special Effects
Nick DeMayo Animator
Philippe Desloovere Sound Editor
Chris Dibble Sound Mixer
Karen Disher Animator
Larry Doyle Consultant/advisor
David Felton Consultant/advisor
Ramon Ferro Camera Operator
Linda Di Franco Editor
John Frizzell Score Composer,Songwriter
David Gale Executive Producer
Jessica Gilburne Casting
Gunter Glinka Editor
Barbara Harris Casting
Cho Duk Ho Special Effects Supervisor
David C. Hughes Special Effects
Ahn Mee Hwa Special Effects Supervisor
Park Yong Hwa Animator
Chun Hyun-Myung Animator
Rim Dong Jae Special Effects Supervisor
An Kye Jeong Art Director
Myung Young Jin Animator
Lee Kyung Jin Animator
Kim Chan Jo Animator
Mark Kates Score Composer
Terry Kelley Editor
Richard Krantz Animator
Jeong Yeon Kwan Special Effects Supervisor
Rim Chul Kyu Special Effects Supervisor
Lewis Largent Score Composer
Neil Lawrence Editor
Nick Litwinko Editor
Kevin Lofton Animator
London Metropolitan Orchestra Score Composer
John Worth Lynn Sound/Sound Designer
JoEllyn Marlow Production Manager
Miguel Martinez-Joffre Animator
Chuck Michaels Sound Editor
Kim Young Ok Special Effects Supervisor
Kim Hyung Ook Animator
Sue Perrotto Animator
Tony Pipitone Sound Editor
Ben Price Animator
Rick Rodine Camera Operator
Normand Rompre Special Effects Supervisor
Brian Russman Editor
Sim Soo Ryung Art Director
Eugene Salandra Animator
Liz Schrek Score Composer
Kim Jin Seon Art Director
Kim Min Seon Animator
An Sang Seong Animator
Rim Young Shim Animator
Randy K. Singer Sound Mixer
Ilya Skorupsky Animator
Thomas Small Editor
Vicky Smith Production Manager
Pat Smith Animator
Kim Hye Sook Special Effects Supervisor
Song Eun Sook Animator
Bail Eun Sook Animator
Veronica Soul Special Effects
Joe Stillman Screenwriter
Frank Suarez Animator
Kim Hyung Tae Animator
Abby Terkuhle Producer
Van Toffler Executive Producer
Abby Treloggen Score Composer,Editor
Ed Urban Casting
Cho Wook Animator
Rim Suk Woon Animator
Kim Ji Yeon Animator

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Beavis and Butt-Head Do America 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
i love the part were beavis and butt-head just came off the plane and the guy has the sign saying "beavis and butthead"! and were beavis says i am cornholio are you threating me?
Guest More than 1 year ago
Beavis and Butthead continue to show why they are the heros to many of the youth of today. Going to Las Vegas to meet a hot chick to ''do her'', hitting on a bus full of nuns, meeting the President and becoming part of the the department of ''Beer and Fire'' says it all. Long live Beavis and Butthead.
Guest More than 1 year ago
i idolized my older brother growing up, and when this show was on in 1993 and he was watching it, it was the greatest. To say the least, Beavis and Butthead Do America is no exception. Seeing the hopeless duo run around the country hoping to score and searching for a TV never fails to make me laugh. The best scenes hands down are the ones with beavis as Cornholio and those that take place on the plane. Anyone who doesn't like this movie is just uptight and has no pulse.
Guest More than 1 year ago
EXCELLENT! It's like no other movie. It's hilarious, and I recommend it for those looking for a fun movie.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Im a Beevis and Butthead fan and i like this better than the show. Non stop funny all the way through.