Avengers '65: Set 1, Vol. 2

Avengers '65: Set 1, Vol. 2

Director: Charles Crichton, James H. Hill, Peter Graham Scott
Cast: Bernard Archard

DVD (Black & White / Stereo)


Package Description: "In 1965, more than 80 actresses auditioned for the biggest role in British TV - John Steed's new female counterpart in THE AVENGERS. Classicaly trained 28-year-year- old Diana Rigg auditioned, she says, "for a giggle," and spent the next three years ts Emma Peel, matching wits with murderers and maniacs alongside John Steed (Partick Macnee)-quintssentially THE AVENGERS. DEATH AT BARGAIN PRICES A dead colleague leaves THE AVENGERS but one due to his fate.-a department store receipt with a Sunday date. Emma goes undercover in women's lingerie while Steed exposes "Pinter's Secret": the entire store is an atomic bomb set for wholesale carnage if Britain won't meet the dealer's price. CASTLE DE'ATH Past and present collide at Castle De'ath, where methods of modern mayhem are comouflaged within medieval chamber of horrors. Join the thoroughly mod Emma Peel and utterly timeless John "McSteed" as they fight dirk and claymore against the ancient enemies of manking-ruthless entrepreneurs. THE MASTER MINDS When trustef public servants run murderously amok, Steed and Emma go undercover at a school for intellectuals and Emma's peerless intellect helps Steed pass the IQ tests. Braving mass hypnosis and killer essay questions, THE AVENGERS muster the means to cutmaneuver the Master Minds. "

Product Details

Release Date: 08/31/1999
UPC: 0733961700312
Original Release: 0000
Rating: NR
Source: A&E Home Video
Region Code: 0
Presentation: [B&W]
Sound: [stereo]
Time: 2:50:00

Cast & Crew

Scene Index

Chapters For: Death At Bargain Prices.
0. Chapters For: Death At Bargain Prices.
1. The age of elegance. [:45]
2. Opening-Death At Bargain Prices. [3:12]
3. Steed has a change of hat-Emma sells lingerie. [6:23]
4. Steed is discontinued-Emma finds a new partner. [12:41]
5. Steed pulls the strings-Emma gets the axe. [10:19]
6. Emma is carpeted-Steed holds on to his hat. [4:17]
7. Emma uses the hardware-Steed breaks his umbrella. [12:16]
8. Tag & Closing Credits. [1:34]
Chapters For: Castle De'ath.
0. Chapters For: Castle De'ath.
1. The age of elegance. [:45]
2. Opening-Castle De'ath. [2:07]
3. Emma blows the horns-McSteed does a dance. [11:21]
4. Emma haunts the dungeons-Steed crushes his hat. [7:09]
5. Emma does a drawing-Steed goes fishing. [10:01]
6. Steed is jock strapped-Emma slays the ghost. [3:52]
7. Tag & Closing Credits. [14:57]
Chapters For: The Master Minds.
0. Chapters For: The Master Minds.
1. The age of elegance. [:45]
2. Opening-The Master Minds. [1:14]
3. Steed rises early-Emma tries to sleep. [15:23]
4. Steed scrambles the egghead-Emma checks the pulse. [4:01]
5. Steed becomes a genius-Emma cheats the scores. [10:54]
6. Steed finds his gym shoes-Emma loses her mind. [5:54]
7. Emma jumps up and down-Steed swings back & forth. [11:54]
8. Tag & Closing Credits. [1:30]

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