Angel - Season 5

Angel - Season 5

Director: Joss Whedon Cast: David Boreanaz, James Marsters, Alexis Denisof

DVD (Wide Screen)

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The adventures of a vampire who devotes himself to fighting the powers of darkness come to a close in this special DVD set. Angel: Season Five collects all 22 episodes from the final season of the show Angel, the popular spin-off of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which brings the story arc to its conclusion. Episodes include "Conviction, "Just Rewards, "Unleashed, "Hell Bound, "Life of the Party, "The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco, "Lineage, "Destiny, "Harm's Way, "Soul Purpose, "Damage, "You're Welcome, "Why We Fight, "Smile Time, "A Hole in the World, "Shells, "Underneath, "Origin, "Time Bomb, "The Girl in Question, "Power Play, and "Not Fade Away." The set also includes cast and crew commentaries on selected episodes, behind-the-scenes featurettes, gag reels, and more.

Product Details

Release Date: 02/15/2005
UPC: 0024543131083
Original Release: 2003
Rating: NR
Source: 20th Century Fox
Region Code: 1
Presentation: [Wide Screen]
Sound: [Dolby Digital Surround]
Time: 16:30:00

Special Features

Closed Caption; Selected audio commentary by Joss Whedon, David Boreanaz, Alexis Denisof, Amy Acker, Sarah Thompson, Christian Kane, Juliet Landau, Adam Baldwin, Skip Schoolnik, David Fury, Steven S. DeKnight, Jeffrey Bell, Brent Fletcher, Elizabeth Craft, and Sarah Fain; "Angel: The Final Season" overview with cast and crew interviews; "Hey Kids! It's Smile Time," "Angel 100," "Angel: Choreography of a Stunt," "To Live & Die in L.A.: The Best of Angel," "Halos & Horns: Recurring Villainy," and "Angel Unbound: The Gag Reels" featurettes

Cast & Crew

Scene Index

Side #1 -- Episodes 1-4
1. Rescue Scenario/Main Titles
2. First Day on the Job
3. Making an Impression
4. Piles of Files
5. A Familiar Face
6. A Threatening Client
7. Spanky
8. Past Nervous
9. She's the Boss
10. Covert Special Operations
11. Desperate Measures
12. Resisting Tradition
13. Legal Eagle
14. Evil Conviction
15. Whatever Comes Next/End Credits
1. A Burning Sensation/Main Titles
2. Good Guy Vampires
3. Disappearing Act
4. A Strong Opening Position
5. Internment Acquisitions
6. Stuck Together
7. Life-Sized Dolls
8. Remote Control
9. A Corporeal Offer
10. A Resting Plan
11. Dark Shadows
12. A Ghost of a Chance
13. Soul Installation
14. The Go To Girl
15. End Credits
1. Being Safe/Main Titles
2. A Pressing Priority
3. A Rare Breed
4. Sensory Overload
5. The Turning
6. The Morning After
7. A Monster Too
8. About Angel
9. A Heap of Grouchy
10. Sisterly Concern
11. The Unusual Suspects
12. To Serve Mankind
13. A Host With Bad Taste
14. Going Nowhere
15. Family Matters/End Credits
1. Bloody Sad Ghost/Main Titles
2. Friendly Fred Concern
3. Follow the Blinking Light
4. Together Again
5. Slipping Away
6. A Sharp Poke in the Eye
7. Feeling Fred
8. Sweet Funky Mystic
9. Reach Out and Write
10. Historical Research
11. A Grim Reaper
12. Naked Suffering
13. Hell Can Wait
14. Entering the Real World
15. Worth Saving/End Credits
Side #2 -- Episodes 5-8
1. Mirror Images/Main Titles
2. Option to Release
3. Party Poopers
4. A Morale Thing
5. Smelling Contempt
6. Wallflowers
7. A Tense Host
8. The Power of Suggestion
9. Weird Behavior
10. The Lorne Effect
11. Confidentially Speaking
12. Manifest Destiny
13. A Knock Out Shot
14. The Morning After
15. Sleep at Last/End Credits
1. No Security/Main Titles
2. One Major Smackdown
3. Heart Hunting
4. Enquiring Minds
5. Surprise Supervisor
6. Actively Retired
7. Champions of the Ring
8. Ready for Action
9. Midget Wrestling
10. Matters of the Heart
11. Demonic Resurgence
12. Rite of Passage
13. Brotherly Assistance
14. His Numbers Up
15. A Hero's Heart/End Credits
1. Dirty Dealing/Main Titles
2. Angel's Anger
3. A Watchful Father
4. Introductions
5. Meeting Again
6. Dazed and Defused
7. Hitting the Books
8. Elevating Eve
9. Phase One
10. A Fibbing Father
11. Behind the Mask
12. The Son Rises
13. Consoling Wesley
14. To Kill For
15. Phoning Home/End Credits
1. Old Friends/Main Titles
2. Corporeal and Carnal
3. A Harbinger
4. Champion Confusion
5. Troubling Translation
6. The Race Is On
7. Connecting
8. An Old Rivalry
9. Cup of Destiny
10. Gunn Out of Control
11. The Facts of Life After Death
12. About a Girl
13. A Burden or Prize?
14. Sore Loser
15. Eve's Partner in Crime/End Credits
Side #3 -- Episodes 9-11
1. Zero Tolerance
2. Working Girl/Main Titles
3. Final Farewells
4. Up and Coming
5. Diss Harmony
6. Totally Bonding
7. Body Disposal
8. A Drinking Problem
9. Once Bitten
10. Covering Her Tracks
11. A Right Biter
12. The Smoking Thermos
13. The Fast Track
14. Wake and Ache
15. Happy to Be Hated/End Credits
1. Spike's New Best Friend/Main Titles
2. The Grey Area
3. A New Champion
4. Darkening Angel
5. Hero at Large
6. A Look Under the Hood
7. Vigilante Man
8. Blocking the Apocalypse
9. Spike's Reward
10. Corporate Concern
11. Fixing the Race
12. Honky Tonk Fever
13. House Pest
14. Field of Dreams
15. The Little Circle/End Credits
1. Medical Mayhem/Main Titles
2. A Rational Thinker
3. Increased Agitation
4. Psycho Slayer
5. What They're Dealing With
6. The Top Guy's Tale
7. Flash From the Past
8. Where Pain Lives
9. What About Buffy
10. A Bloody Trail
11. Not Weak Anymore
12. A Hack Job
13. Memory Adjustment
14. On Different Sides
15. Innocent Victims/End Credits
Side #4 -- Episodes 12-15
1. A Holy Mess/Main Titles
2. Resigned
3. Cordelia's Return
4. Playing Catch Up
5. Digital Workout
6. First Soldier Down
7. Sex and Lies
8. Old School Research
9. A Taste Test
10. The Hot Seat
11. Time for Redemption
12. A Tough Act to Fight
13. Tattoo You
14. Bar Bound
15. One for the Road/End Credits
1. All Work No Play/Main Titles
2. Out of the Past
3. Uncle Sam Wants Angel
4. Special Delivery
5. A Surprise Reunion
6. The Baddest of the Bad
7. Checking Up and Checking In
8. Search for Meaning
9. Questioning Authority
10. War Plans
11. Dead in the Water
12. Saving Lawson
13. A New Mission
14. Lives in the Balance
15. A Reason to Remember/End Credits
1. Sick Entertainment/Main Titles
2. No Joking Matter
3. Signals
4. A Killer Smile
5. New Look for the Old Boss
6. Puppet Paranoia
7. The Puppet Master
8. Twisted Toys
9. An Embarrassing Revelation
10. Trade for an Upgrade
11. Working Closely
12. Possessed
13. Puppet Pandemonium
14. First Date
15. First Kiss/End Credits
1. Dull and Boring/Main Titles
2. Gunn's Shot
3. Vamp to Vamp
4. Mummy Dust
5. Concerned Colleagues
6. Gunn on Gunn
7. Mean Green
8. Deeply Infected
9. Damsel, Heal Thyself
10. Fading Fast
11. Hand to Hand Combat
12. The Keeper
13. The Paper Trail
14. They Could Be Heroes
15. An Exit and an Entrance/End Credits
Side #5 -- Episodes 16-19
1. What's Gotten Into Fred/Main Titles
2. Discouraging Words
3. Flight of Fancy
4. True Believers
5. Close to His Heart
6. A Costume Change
7. A Curious Quest
8. Doctor Feelbad
9. Unforgiving
10. Gunn's Remorse
11. A Shot at Humanity
12. A Pointed Attack
13. Ready for the Big Battle
14. A Flash of Fred
15. A Place Called Home/End Credits
1. Angel's Agenda/Main Titles
2. Unhappy Hour
3. The Price Is Wrong
4. The First Lawyer
5. Childish Behavior
6. Lindsey's Hell
7. A More Welcome World
8. Living a Lie
9. Bad Through the Bone
10. More Than Moody
11. Atonement
12. The New Liaison
13. Trapped
14. The Apocalypse Is Now
15. Gunn Down Under/End Credits
1. Chasing Ghosts/Main Titles
2. Rising Son
3. Testing Behavior
4. Awesome Parenting
5. The Facts of Life
6. Connor's Real Father?
7. The Memory Maker
8. Killing Time
9. An Offer He Can Refuse
10. More Than Memories
11. An Old Enemy
12. Power of the Past
13. The Deed Is Done
14. Facing Reality
15. Protecting His Family/End Credits
1. Illryia's Wrath/Main Titles
2. An Awkward Adjustment
3. Clockstopping
4. Strange Times
5. Betrayal
6. A Stitch in Time
7. Hiding the Horror
8. The Science Game
9. Demon Dads
10. Kill or Be Killed
11. Out of Sequence/Angel's Kingdom
12. Constant Change
13. Making a Difference
14. Forward Thinking
15. The Client's Always Right/End Credits
Side #6 -- Episodes 20-22
1. New Business/Main Titles
2. Immortal Mission
3. Captives in Italy
4. Powerless
5. An Old Friend
6. Insatiable
7. Fred and Buffy Sightings
8. Action Heroes
9. The Italian Office
10. A Simple Modulation
11. When in Rome
12. Parting and Sorrow
13. The Latest Style
14. Being Fred
15. Moving On/End Credits
1. Savior or Slayer?/Main Titles
2. Brief Bliss
3. Political Pressure
4. Corrupting Influence
5. Cold Behavior
6. Bad Tidings About Angel
7. Real Power
8. Sensing No Sense
9. Tickets to Ride
10. A Liaison's Lesson
11. The Black Thorn
12. Bite of Passage
13. Membership
14. Fighting Mad
15. Angel's Explanation/End Credits
1. No Rest for the Wicked/Main Titles
2. Vicious Circle
3. Lacking Humanity
4. The Devil He Knows
5. Seize the Last Day
6. What Wes Wants
7. Spiked Poetry
8. Plan of Attack
9. Try Not to Die
10. Let the Fight Begin
11. Harmonic Disturbance
12. Last Call
13. An Unsavory Exit
14. One Final Lie
15. A Decent Brawl/End Credits

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Angel - Season 5 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The whole season was awesome, especially when Spike came in, (he's my favorite character) Season 5 of Angel was ok towards the end, but everyone knows it could have been better and Joss Whedon could have made more seasons like he did with Buffy. All in all it was pretty good, the show up of Conner,(Angel's son) all grown up and almost as strong as Angel and not knowing it was just plain weird. :-/ Good, but not great, could have been better, now i just have to watch the reruns on tnt.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I would compare Season 5 of Angel with Season 5 of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, which many (not coincidentally) consider the weakest of the Buffy seasons. The storyline of Angel and the gang taking over Wolfram and Hart seemed too contrived; too out of place. But there were some excellent episodes in the fifth season--'Smile Time' obviously, the sadness of both 'You're Welcome' and 'A Hole In The World'...but, because of the cancellation, there is a feeling that the writers may have rushed to complete the storyline (contributing to some of the uneveness in the back end of the season), while leaving open the possibility of a return (Where's the Sci-Fi Channel when you need it?). My instinct says that, like Buffy, Angel should have had two more seasons of stories in it. But, for those of us who watched the series from 'City Of...', Season 5 completes something which was part of us for five least for the time being?
Guest More than 1 year ago
Angel season 5 is the best season! In this season, Angel (David Boreanaz) and his team takeover Wolfram and Hart, the evil law firm. The idea of Angel being the CEO of a evil Law Firm and Multi-Million Dollar Corperation was very exciting this season! the episodes in season 5 are very good! These Angel episodes were the best they have ever been thanks to the addition of the Buffy character, Spike (James Marsters)! Angel(David Boreanaz) and Spike (James Marsters) have this love/hate relationship was major focus for this season adding character developement for the series! These episodes are really good and I higly recommend this DVD set because this was an outstanding Final season for Angel!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Season 5 was bittersweet. On one hand, you had the best writing of the series coupled with the addition of the newly souled Spike. On the other hand, fans learned that this season would be the last. I dare you to get through 'Smile Time' without a full-blown belly laugh, or survive 'A Hole in the World' without an entire box of Kleenex. If you have been with the series from the beginning, this is the box set you have been waiting for. If you never watched the show when it was on television, one episode from this box set will make you want to own the other 4 seasons. Thank you, Joss Whedon. You are a true angel here on earth, and you gave us 8 years of Heaven.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Perfect, excellent, Wonderfull characters. I recemend that you see buffy seasons 1-3 then Angel seasons 1-4 before whatching this.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Well, season five was certainly not the best of the series-in fact, I'd probably rate it only ahead of the extremely uneven season one, and mostly for the same reasons. Owing to the change in series format, there were far too many pointless stand alone episodes, which detracted from the main story arc. That of course was quite well done and led to some fantastic moments, such as the return of the much missed Lindsey MacDonald (Christian Kane). Another problem was caused by the character of Spike (James Marsters). While a much beloved character and a refreshing change of pace from the gloomy and all too brooding Angel, I could never really accept the idea that "William the Bloody Awful Poet" would leave the great love of his unlife behind to hang out with his poofter of a grandsire. Still, the acting was uniformly brilliant and the writing often matched it, particularly in gems like "Smile Time" and "Harm's Way."
Guest More than 1 year ago
All in all, there were some big surprises this season, but it felt as if it were rushed, with too many things happening at once. Spike's introduction could have been an entire season in and of itself. Fred's death and the rise of Illyria could have been another season. Angel and Co. taking over Wolfram & Hart was a good idea, but does anyone feel that was done just to replace the need for Cordelia's character to give visions. Usually, Cordy would give the vision and that would be the episode, trying to prevent what occurs in her vision from happening. This time, we have Wolfram and Hart, and the assorted clients that are used as devices to create episode plot lines. An ok season, with some decent lines and memorable moments, but in the end, Angel stopped being fantastic after Season 3, with the introduction of a magically grown-up Connor. That's my review, take it or leave it.