Angel - Complete Second Season

Angel - Complete Second Season

Director: Bill L. Norton, Bruce Seth Green, David Greenwalt
Cast: David Boreanaz

DVD (Wide Screen)


The complete second season of the Buffy spin-off series Angel comes to DVD on 20th Century Fox Home Video. This six-disc set contains all 22 episodes originally aired from 2000-2001 on the WB. Each episode is presented with a widescreen anamorphic transfer and Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo Sound in English. Spanish and French soundtracks are also available. Subtitles are accessible in English and Spanish. Executive producer Tim Minear does commentary on "Are You Now or Have You Ever Been" and director Fred Keller does commentary on "Over the Rainbow." Featurettes include the six-minute "Making Up the Monsters," the 16-minute "Inside the Agency," the 17-minute "Season Two Overview," and a five-minute short about the stunts. Other special features include original scripts, still galleries, and blueprints.

Product Details

Release Date: 09/02/2003
UPC: 0024543079248
Rating: NR
Source: 20th Century Fox
Region Code: 1
Sound: [Dolby Digital Surround]
Time: 16:30:00

Special Features

Closed Caption; All 22 season two episodes on 6 discs; Selected audio commentary by Tim Minear and Fred Keller; Season two overview with all-new cast and crew interviews; "Making Up the Monsters," "Inside the Agency" and "Stunts" featurettes; Scripts for "Darla" and "Disharmony"; Still photo gallery and more

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
David Boreanaz Actor,Angel
Andy Hallett Host
Christian Kane Lindsay McDonald
Elisabeth Röhm Kate Lockley
Melissa Marsala Judy Kovacs
Stephanie Romanov Lilah Morgan
Alexis Denisof Wesley
Charisma Carpenter Cordelia
J. August Richards Charles Gunn

Technical Credits
Bill L. Norton Director
Bruce Seth Green Director
David Greenwalt Director
David Grossman Director
David Semel Director
Fred A. Keller Director
James A. Contner Director
James Whitmore Director
Joss Whedon Director,Executive Producer
Krishna Rao Director
Michael Lange Director
Michael N. Grossman Director
R.D. Price Director
Scott McGinnis Director
Thomas J. Wright Director
Tim Minear Director
Turi Meyer Director

Scene Index

Side #1 -- Disc One
1. They Will Survive
2. Main Titles
3. Visionary
4. Darling Darla
5. Outside the Box
6. Demon Slayer
7. Guilt by Assassination
8. An Old Friend
9. A New Protector
10. Gunn Control
11. Being Human
12. Mangling Mandy
13. Knight Fight
14. Faith at Last
15. End Credits
1. Haunting Hotel
2. Main Titles
3. Back in the Day
4. Digging Through History
5. Check Out Time
6. Hearing Voices
7. The End of the World
8. Running From the Past
9. Abandonment Issues
10. By the Book
11. Pointing Fingers
12. Lynch Mob
13. Paranoia Strikes Deep
14. Forgiveness
15. End Credits
1. Darla's Dance
2. Main Titles
3. Serious Muscle
4. Gunn's Battle
5. A Painful Sight
6. Living the Dream
7. Anger Management
8. Fast Friends
9. Fish Out of Water
10. Life Saver
11. The Party's Over
12. Demonic Convergence
13. Take It Easy
14. Sweet Dreams
15. End Credits
1. Snoops
2. Vision Girl/Main Titles
3. Detective Angel
4. Bethany
5. Legal Aid
6. A Nasty Wound
7. In Dreams
8. A Safe Haven
9. Girl Power
10. A Psychic Pass
11. Gunn for Hire
12. Abduction
13. Sins of the Father
14. Victorious... For Now
15. End Credits
Side #2 -- Disc Two
1. Impaired Vision
2. Big Daddy Demon/Main Titles
3. Looking for Trouble
4. Scent of a Seer
5. Seeking Justice
6. Stakeout
7. A Sad Song Says So Much
8. Live Theater
9. As Bad as It Gets
10. Framed
11. Loyalty
12. About-Face
13. All About Soul
14. Police Matter
15. Bring It On/End Credits
1. Special Abilities
2. An Angry Plan/Main Titles
3. To Sing or Not to Sing
4. Playing Angel
5. All About the Look
6. A Desperate Man
7. The Wizard's Daughter
8. One Stop Shopping
9. Fighting Inner Demons
10. Not a Normal Vampire
11. The Curse
12. Betray and Dismay
13. Angel Number One
14. Sacrificial Party
15. Reflected Fame/End Credits
1. Sketchy Behavior
2. Main Titles
3. On Her Deathbed
4. Watching the Detectives
5. Meeting the Master
6. Subtraction by Distraction
7. A New Recruit
8. Dangerous Beauty
9. The Source of the Problem
10. Terminating the Project
11. Soul Man
12. Angel's Rebellion
13. Tiny Morsel
14. Lawyer to Lawyer
15. Pain in the Neck/End Credits
1. Prime Suspect/Main Titles
2. The Answer Man
3. A New Look
4. Crime Cousin
5. Crossing Kate
6. Role Playing
7. A Demon With a Plan
8. Night Surfers
9. Entering and Breaking
10. Boxed Badness
11. Friends and Enemies
12. The Best Cop Ever
13. Tug of War
14. A Burning Sensation
15. A Full Day's Work/End Credits
Side #3 -- Disc Three
1. Fluff and Fold
2. All Made Up, Nowhere to Go/Main Titles
3. Back in the Fold
4. Proper Companions
5. In Need of a Makeover
6. Soulless Blood-Sucking Demons
7. Lawyers in Love
8. Singing for Her Life
9. Leap of Faith
10. The First Test
11. Crosses to Bear
12. Raising the Stakes
13. The Final Challenge
14. Acceptance
15. A Bite to Remember/End Credits
1. Dead Again/Main Titles
2. Working Alone
3. Near the Stars
4. Buried Alive
5. Fight and Flight
6. Not Waiting
7. Unhealthy Attachment
8. New Again
9. Mechanical Failure
10. Shopping Spree
11. Champion of Justice
12. Surprise Guests
13. Pretty Lawyers All in a Row
14. Care Free
15. Letting Go/End Credits
1. All About Darla/Main Titles
2. Still Standing
3. Renowned and Unemployed
4. Time for Battle
5. Power Hungry
6. The Readiness Is All
7. Loose Ends
8. Demon Hang Outs
9. In Her Sights
10. The Art of Deception
11. No Time for Losers
12. Missing Their Man
13. Dark Angel
14. Meet the New Bosses
15. The Good Fight/End Credits
Side #4 -- Disc Four
1. Risky Business
2. Blonde Luck/Main Titles
3. The Underground
4. Doing Good
5. Information Operator
6. Trouble With the Law
7. An Old Nemesis
8. A New Team
9. Protecting Anne
10. Beginning to Panic
11. Angel's Plea
12. A Warm Glow
13. Caught With Their Pants Down
14. The Big Picture
15. Fighting for Dollars/End Credits
1. Bottoms Up
2. Doomsday Demon/Main Titles
3. Unremarkable
4. Entangled Web
5. Singing and Nothingness
6. Wallowing With Wesley
7. Breakthroughs and Breakups
8. Library Research
9. All by Himself
10. Driving Angel Crazy
11. Playing Detective
12. Hard on the Ears
13. Race Against Time
14. Compassion
15. Moving On/End Credits
1. Strange Specialists
2. Off the Streets/Main Titles
3. Snitch and Run
4. Angel Investigations
5. Straight Talk
6. Heads Up
7. Moving on Up
8. A Grave Situation
9. Taped Crusaders
10. Man Down
11. Disturb the Peace Officers
12. Thugs With Guns
13. Night of the Living Dead Cops
14. Cracking Down on the Law
15. Feeling No Pain/End Credits
1. Goat Man/Main Titles
2. Deferred Payment
3. Law Review
4. Couch Rest
5. Host With the Most
6. Old Friends, New Enemies
7. Off Duty
8. The Bookkeeper
9. Wounded Wesley
10. Forced Entry
11. Late Calls
12. Glove Save
13. Going Down
14. The Home Office
15. Dangerous Love/End Credits
Side #5 -- Disc Five
1. Aftermath/Main Titles
2. Saved
3. Unhappy Alliance
4. Voice of Clarity
5. A Vision of Trouble
6. Third Eye Bind
7. Relationship Issues
8. Eyes on Cordelia
9. Lecturing Angel
10. Over Sight
11. Under Attack
12. With Apologies
13. In Need of Some Assistance
14. What Matters
15. Job Wanted/End Credits
1. Atonement/Main Titles
2. Unforgiven
3. An Old Girlfriend
4. Bouquets for Every Occasion
5. A Lot to Catch Up On
6. Sexual Confusion
7. Willow's Wisdom
8. Hold Your Fire
9. Pop Goes the Vampire
10. Motivational Schemer
11. The Way We Were
12. The Red Bird
13. Harmony Rules
14. Maximizing Potential
15. Peace at Last/End Credits
1. Underhanded
2. The Cutting Edge/Main Titles
3. Company Competition
4. Doctor Demon
5. Vision Quest
6. Getting the Feeling Back
7. Dangerous Doodles
8. A Legal Lead
9. Digging Deep
10. A Taste for the Job
11. Crazy Talk
12. Partners and Parts
13. Mercy
14. Off Hand Remarks
15. Bon Voyage/End Credits
1. Dining Out/Main Titles
2. Tough Call
3. Grin and Bare It
4. Boys From the Hood
5. Rude Interruption
6. Part of the Show
7. A Case for Champions
8. Casualty of War
9. Missing
10. Past Life
11. Demonic Heroism
12. Search and Destroy Mission
13. Concerned Cousin
14. Funeral for a Friend
15. Return to Sender/End Credits
Side #6 -- Disc Six
1. Another Dimension/Main Titles
2. Looking for an Opening
3. A Talking Cow
4. The Host's Home
5. The Marketplace
6. Undercover
7. Deal Breakers
8. No Way Out
9. Cursed
10. The Hot Spot
11. A Cool Place
12. The Test
13. A Host of Problems
14. Beasts of Burden
15. Caught Off Guard/End Credits
1. Cordelia Rules/Main Titles
2. Reflected Glory
3. The Prodigal Host
4. Book Review
5. Hero Worship
6. Ritual Behavior
7. A Song to Escape By
8. Finding Fred
9. A Pleasant Surprise
10. Heartfelt Story
11. Back to Back Attacks
12. Pure Demon
13. A Beautiful Dream
14. All Tied Up
15. The Way It Goes/End Credits
1. Talking Head/Main Titles
2. A Shock to the System
3. Good Hospitality
4. A Slave Saver
5. Desire for Change
6. Otherworldly
7. A Helping Head
8. The New Leader
9. Visionary Alliance
10. Reconnecting
11. A Tough Assignment
12. Challenge of Champions
13. Holding On
14. Homeward Bound
15. Re-Entry/End Credits

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Angel - Season 2 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
ok, this is the second season of Angel, not the second season of Dark Angel like it says. I sill like Angel and will buy it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Angel is a great series - however it is ~not~ Dark Angel. The Second season you are currently looking at is the second season of Angel (spin off of Buffy). AtS (Angel the Series) is currently in it's 5th Season I believe
Guest More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
One great episode after another, Season Two of ANGEL contains several of the best episodes this series has ever had. Among the highlights of this season are the character growth of Cordelia Chase, the return of Angels sire Darla, Lindsay and Lilah trying to one up each other for a promotion, a surprise visit from Drusilla, and the introduction of the brilliant and adorable Fred and you gotta love Lorne. If you liked Angel Season One, youre gonna Love Angel Season Two ..........................................................
Guest More than 1 year ago
i love david boreanaz
Guest More than 1 year ago
I love dark angel and can't wait till the second season comes out. I'm just sorry that the show didn't last longer
Guest More than 1 year ago
Season Two of Angel does get away from it's connection to Buffy, and proceeds to make this season and the first part of Season 3 stand out as the best period in the series. While J. August Richard's Charles Gunn becomes part of the Angel Investigations unit, and Andy Hallet's Lorne becomes recurring (and frequently riotous); it is Julie Benz who steals most of the season as the resurrected sire of Angel, Darla. The twists and turns of her resurrection--coming back human and looking to get revenge on 'Dear Boy', subsequently finding that her soul is back (along with her mortality); coming to grips with why Angel won't bring her back over--only to have Drusilla brought in by Wolfram & Hart to do the deed and bring Darla full circle--has Benz giving the full boat--vengance, remorse, understanding, and anger. Obviously, Season Two spins on 'Reprise' and 'Epiphany'; completing the arc of Boreanaz having gone dark and vengeful and remembering what the whole job was about for Angel. The wild three episode arc at the end of the season in Pylea is a humorous trip to an offbeat Oz which introduces Amy Acker's slightly offbeat Winnifred Burkle. But Season Two is where we get the nuts and bolts of Darla and Angel, and Boreanaz and Julie Benz give that story legs that, in many ways, are equal to the Buffy/Angel storyline.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I like when Darla came back human that was cool but it was sad that she had to turned vampire and die. I Like Lorne too He's a Funny,Nice,Cool Demon i like his powers too. Angel He's Funny i like how he acts around the bad people he acts funny around them.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Angel is wonderfull. This show has proved it can stand alone. Even if you have never watched 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' you will still love this show. Don't forget to start with season one. Enjoy!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Whoo hoo! The second season is finally out,well almost.Too bad I haven't been watching the third season on TV in the meantime.I miss DA and they should bring it back!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I felt compelled to write a review, because all the other reviewers were talking about Dark Angel. This is the second season of Angel, the spinoff from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and it is totally worth buying. The first season of the show was good, but by the second season of the show they were really rolling. If fact, having seen the show drift off during seasons three and four, I would say that this second season is really the best.
Guest More than 1 year ago
1. He's really pale 2. He ALWAYS wears those boring shirts 3. He's got gross fangs Isn't that enough? No, that guy with the glasses is also soooo annoying. Do they need him?