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Filmmaker Agnes Varda was one of the key precursors to the French New Wave, both in her daring (self-financing her first feature, La Pointe Courte, on a shoestring with no guarantee of distribution) and in her technique (embracing a bold but simple visual style and a willingness to experiment with both time, rhythm and the conventional narrative structure), and the fact that she was a woman at a time when there were few female directors in Europe makes her accomplishments all the more remarkable. While Varda is recognized as a major figure in French cinema, a relatively small number of her films have received decent distribution in the United States, but once again the Criterion Collection has stepped forward to give a deserving artist their due and Four By Agnes Varda is a DVD box set that presents a quartet of her key dramatic features in superb quality. While Criterion had previously released discs of Cleo From 5 to 7 and Vagabond, both films have been given an upgrade for this set, and La Pointe Courte and Le Bonheur receive their North American DVD premiere in this package. La Pointe Courte has been transferred to disc in its original full-frame aspect ratio of 1.33:1, while the other three movies have been given widescreen transfers, letterboxed at 1.66:1 on conventional televisions and enhanced for anamorphic playback on 16:9 monitors, framed in their preferred ratio. The visual quality of all four films is superb here, with the original elements looking practically flawless, though the painterly use of color in Le Bonheur and Vagabond makes them all the more impressive over their black-and-white siblings. (Varda personally approved the transfers for all four films except La Pointe Courte.) The audio for the four features has been mastered in Dolby Digital Mono, and the results are crisp, well-detailed and impressive given their age. All four films are in French, with optional English language subtitles. A wide variety of relevant bonus materials have been included on all four discs. La Pointe Courte features a recent interview with Varda in which she talks about the making of the film, and a 1964 segment from the French television program Cineastes de nore Temps in which she looks back on the challenges of making her first few films. Cleo from 7 to 9 is jam-packed with extras, most notably Remembrances, a documentary on the production of the movie in which Varda and several members of the cast are reunited in the locations where their scenes were shot. Also on board are highlights from a French television special starring Madonna in which she talks with Varda about the film; a short film that traces Cleo's path through Paris in the present day; Les Fiances du pont Macdonald, a short comic film seen in a sequence in the sequence in the movie theater (and stars noted funnyman Jean-Luc Godard); L'opera Mouffe, a 1958 short directed by Varda; a gallery of art by Hans Baldung Grien that's featured in the movie; and the picture's original theatrical trailer. Le Bonheur also gets a healthy supply of bonus material, including five recent documentary shorts by Varda in which the film's leading ladies discuss their work on the picture, four intellectuals take part in a round-table discussion of the film and the issue of happiness; actor Jean-Claud Drouunot revisits the village where the movie was shot and the locals who took part in the production; and two brief meditations on how people perceive happiness. The disc also contains a 1964 television report on the making of Le Bonheur, a 1998 interview with Varda, a 1958 short by Varda profiling the Cote d'Azur, and the movie's original trailer. And finally, Vagabond includes three shorts on the making of the film from Varda, in which she talks with leading actress Sandrine Bonnaire, supporting player Marthe Jarnais, and composer Joanna Bruzdowicz; also featured is a 1986 radio interview with Varda and author Nathalie Sarraute, and the original theatrical trailer for Vagabond. Accompanying this box set is a perfect-bound book which includes credits for all four films, thoughts from Varda on each feature, and thoughtful essays from Chris Darke, Adrian Martin, Amy Taubin and Ginette Vincendeau. Given the size of Agnes Varda's body of work, this box set isn't quite expansive enough to be a truly definitive look at her career, but there simply isn't a better introduction to this filmmakers oeuvre available in North America; these are four landmark films that have been given a beautiful presentation on disc, and anyone with a passion for European cinema owes it to themselves to add this to their personal library.

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Release Date: 01/22/2008
UPC: 0715515025928
Original Release: 0000
Rating: NR
Source: Criterion
Region Code: 1
Time: 5:54:00
Sales rank: 2,268

Special Features

New, restored digital transfers; Three short flms by Varda: L'opéra Mouffe (1958), Du Côté de la Côte (1958), and Les Fiancés du Pont Macdonald (1961); On La Pointe Courte; new video interview with Varda; excerpts from a 1964 episode of television series Cinéastes de Notre Temps, in which Varda discusses her early careeer; On Cléo from 5 to 7: documentary from 2005 on the making of the film; 2005 short film retracing Cléo's steps through Paris; Varda speaking with Madonna about the film in 1993; On Le Bonheur: 2006 featurettes with the three actors from the film; discussion about the film from 2006 between four intellectuals; footage of Varda on set; 1998 interview with Varda; On Vagabond: 2003 documentary on the making of the film; conversation from 2003 between Varda and composer Joanna Bruzdowicz; 1986 radio interview with Varda and writer Nathalie Sarraunte, who inspired the film; Theatrical trailers; Plus: new essays by Chris Darke, Adrian Martin, Amy Taubín, and Ginette Vincendeau, as well as a foreward by Varda on each film

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Corinne Marchand Cleo
Jean-Claude Drouot Francois
Sandrine Bonnaire Mona
Silvia Monfort Actor
Antoine Bourseiller Antoine
Claire Drouot Therese
Macha Meril Madame Landier
Philippe Noiret Actor
Dominique Davray Angele
Marie-France Boyer Emilie
Stéphane Freiss Jean-Pierre
Dorothée Blanc Dorothee
Laurence Cortadellas Eliane
Sandrine Drouot Gisou
Michel Legrand Bob, the Pianist
Olivier Drouot Pierrot
Yolande Moreau Yolande
Marthe Jarnias Tante Lydie

Technical Credits
Agnès Varda Director

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- La Pointe Courte
1. Intruder [5:53]
2. Barging In [4:16]
3. Him [3:11]
4. She Arrives [3:31]
5. "You Need Rest" [3:33]
6. Introductions [5:20]
7. Heading Out to Fish [6:36]
8. "Shall We Begin?" [4:32]
9. Their Love [5:11]
10. The Sick Child [2:09]
11. Going to Jail [2:01]
12. Waiting For the Fish [5:32]
13. She Brings Up the Past [2:40]
14. Sunday Joust [6:17]
15. Son of a Carpenter [3:55]
16. Jousters' Dinner [6:57]
17. At Peace [4:33]
Disc #2 -- Cléo From 5 to 7
1. Fortune-Teller [5:12]
2. Cléo at 5:05 [3:01]
3. Café Conversations [4:08]
4. "Everything Suits Me" [3:12]
5. The Right Taxi [4:08]
6. News on the Radio [3:21]
7. "I'm Suffocating" [5:22]
8. "I'm Too Good For Men" [2:49]
9. Doctor's Visit [6:10]
10. Cléo's Aria [3:52]
11. Going Out Alone [:19]
12. Faces in the Crowd [6:44]
13. Meeting a Friend [4:02]
14. Les Fiancés du Pont MacDonald [6:08]
15. 6:04 [4:31]
16. A Walk in the Park [5:18]
17. Antoine [6:29]
18. Bus to the Hospital [3:30]
19. Paulownias [4:08]
20. Looking For Dr. Valineau [2:50]
Disc #3 -- Le Bonheur
1. Father's Day [6:57]
2. Uncle Joseph [2:48]
3. Bedtime [3:58]
4. "What a Welcome!" [4:58]
5. The Workshop [4:25]
6. Flirtation [6:17]
7. A Wedding Dress [4:11]
8. "I Love You Too" [3:26]
9. Resting Together [4:59]
10. Love Notes [2:56]
11. Love in the Afternoon [2:08]
12. Sunday Stroll [5:28]
13. Going to the Country [4:32]
14. More Happiness [2:40]
15. Thérèse Walks Off [5:35]
16. Funeral [3:47]
17. Taking Her Place [3:37]
18. Life Goes On [3:04]
Disc #4 -- Vagabond
1. Girl in a Ditch [4:48]
2. "She Came From the Sea" [4:20]
3. Water Pump [6:04]
4. Washing Cars [3:53]
5. The Château [3:26]
6. The Honeymoon [4:23]
7. Break-In [4:41]
8. The Goat Herders [5:40]
9. A Potato Field [4:30]
10. A New Home [2:55]
11. "Such Filth!" [4:50]
12. The Plane Trees [4:41]
13. The Jealous Wife [4:04]
14. Sardines For Lunch [4:25]
15. In the Woods [3:00]
16. Assoun [3:47]
17. Working the Vines [6:56]
18. Yolande [4:25]
19. Playing Maid [5:50]
20. The Train Station [5:24]
21. Drunk and Disorderly [3:59]
22. "Where's My Money?" [3:29]
23. Wine Festival [6:10]

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Criterion has released a box set of four very strong films by Agnès Varda, one of cinema's most important female directors.
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