Drones and the Ethics of Targeted Killing

Drones and the Ethics of Targeted Killing

by Kenneth R. Himes, OFM

Paperback(New Edition)

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Drones have become an essential part of U.S. national security strategy, but most Americans know little about how they are used, and we receive conflicting reports about their outcomes. In Drones and the Ethics of Targeted Killing, ethicist Kenneth R. Himes provides not only an overview of the role of drones in national security but also an important exploration of the ethical implications of drone warfare—from the impact on terrorist organizations and civilians to how piloting drones shapes soldiers.

Targeted killings have played a role in politics from ancient times through today, so the ethical challenges around how to protect against threats are not new. Himes leads readers through the ethics of targeted killings in history from ancient times to the contemporary Israeli-Palestinian conflict, then looks specifically at the new issues raised through the use of drones. This book is a powerful look at a pressing topic today.

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ISBN-13: 9781442231566
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.
Publication date: 09/15/2015
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 212
Sales rank: 861,489
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About the Author

Kenneth R. Himes, OFM, is associate professor of moral theology at Boston College. He is the author or coeditor of several books, including Christianity and the Political Order, Modern Catholic Social Teaching, and Responses to 101 Questions on Catholic Social Teaching. He regularly contributes to publications such as America and Theological Studies.

Table of Contents

List of Acronyms

1. Understanding Targeted Killing and Drones
The Language of Killing
Targeted Killing Today
Drones: Their Nature and Use
Remote Killing
Legal, Policy, and Moral Concerns

2. The Distant Contexts of the Debate
Targeted Killing in the Classical World
Targeted Killing and Ancient Israel
Tyrannicide in the Christian Tradition

3. The Proximate Context: Israel and the Intifada
Israeli Public Debate
The High Court of Justice
Takeaways from the Israeli Experience

4. The Immediate Context: The U.S. War on Terrorism
The Obama Administration’s Policy
A Public Killing
A Public Hearing
Speaking in Public
The President’s Speech
How Does an Individual Become a Target?
How Is a Targeted Killing Implemented?
Summing Up

5. The Future Context: Addressing the Moral Issues
Death and Harm to Civilians
Last Resort
Strategic Success
Perpetual War
Bad Precedents
Drones and Democracy
Final Thoughts


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