Drawn to the Deep End [Deluxe Edition]

Drawn to the Deep End [Deluxe Edition]

by GeneGene


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As if miffed by the flood of Smiths comparisons their otherwise brilliant debut Olympia garnered, London's Gene call out the dogs, stiffening and toughening their sound for an even more spectacular and far more singular follow-up, the early favorite for 1997's LP of the year. Without changing their style, Drawn to the Deep End expands on it, determined to stretch their boundaries while digging in harder (hiring the ADAM & THE ANTS' old post-punk producer CHRIS HUGHES pays off big time). Right from the emotional rollercoaster of "New Amusements," which goes through several seamless changes (including a brooding piano solo and a vibrating, closing guitar trill riff), anchored by MARTIN ROSSITER's desolate, yearning, guttural vocal, Gene bang you over the head where once they tickled your toes. The smashing, pre-LP single "Fighting Fit" was the hint. It's set to an insistent soul beat that recalls the verses of Smokey Robinson's "Tears of a Clown," dominated by the clap and clamor of STEVE MASON's dazzlingly deceptive guitar work. Drawn then settles in to more contemplative territory (with the exception of the also harried, overloaded "Voice of Your Father," which recalls the breathless rush of their 1994 b-side "This is Not My Crime"), without ever letting go of the monumental forward thrust and edge. "Save Me I'm Yours" and "The Accidental" (featuring a surprising, terrific, guest female vocal solo) are the most touching tracks, so hushed and melancholic yet sweet, they make you fight back tears, a feeling that lurks throughout as Drawn burbles on. There're plenty of other heart tuggers, such as "Where Are They Now," where Rossiter employs a typically mercurial metaphor, comparing being lovelorn and left behind to being "incapable of breathing," over another pulsing, thunder clap pang of Mason and pals. Yow! So much for apathy rock. And never mind heart tugging, there's a passage in "Speak to Me Someone" (which was previewed on Gene's 1995 U.S. tour) that is out-of-the-blue heart stopping, one of those musical moments that makes the room freeze: a simple, screamed "no!!!!" seems to have been pulled by forceps out of Rossiter's lungs, up his windpipe, out through his mouth as if he's been shot. It's clear that the Rossiter/Mason combo is lethal dynamite, and in bassist MILES and JAMES they've got a dynamic rhythm section to make mountains out of molehills. Drawn to the Deep End, as its title implies, is an emotional onslaught, a flood of raw, unfettered, and unfiltered human feeling, an exquisite ebb and flow of earthquakes and temporary serenity. A total, total knockout.

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Product Details

Release Date: 02/11/2014
Label: Imports
UPC: 0740155706531
catalogNumber: 1017070
Rank: 74276


Disc 1

  1. New Amusements
  2. Fighting Fit
  3. Where Are They Now?
  4. Speak To Me Someone
  5. We Could Be Kings
  6. Why I Was Born
  7. Long Sleeves For the Summer
  8. Save Me I'm Yours
  9. Voice of the Father
  10. The Accidental
  11. I Love You, What Are You?
  12. Sub Rosa
  13. Drawn To the Deep End
  14. Autumn Stone
  15. Cast Out In the Seventies
  16. Nightswimming
  17. We Could Be Kings
  18. Dolce & Gabbana or Nowt
  19. Wasteland

Disc 2

  1. As the Bruises Fade
  2. The Ship Song
  3. Where Are They Now
  4. Save Me, I'm Yours
  5. Voice of the Father
  6. Sub Rosa
  7. Speak to Me Someone
  8. Drawn to the Deep End
  9. New Amusements
  10. Olympian
  11. Voice of the Father
  12. Sub Rosa
  13. The Accidental
  14. Why I Was Born
  15. For the Dead
  16. Save Me I'm Yours

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Gene   Primary Artist
Bryn Haworth   Lap Steel Guitar
Steve Mason   Guitar,Background Vocals
Caroline Dale   Cello
Jack Hues   Mellotron
Carol Kenyon   Background Vocals
Betsi Miller   Vocals
Matt James   Acoustic Guitar,Drums,Background Vocals
Kevin Miles   Bass,Background Vocals
Martin Rossiter   Piano,Vocals,Mellotron
Julian Wilson   Keyboards,Hammond Organ
Andy Brown   Conductor,Musical Direction
Sally McLelland   Background Vocals

Technical Credits

Nick Cave   Composer
Steve Marriott   Composer
Steve Mason   Composer
Miti Adhikari   Producer
Peter Buck   Composer
Jack Hues   String Arrangements,Brass Arrangment
Chris Hughes   Producer
Mike Mills   Composer
Lynton Naiff   String Arrangements
Paul Weller   Composer
Michael Stipe   Composer
Bill Berry   Composer
Matt James   Composer,Memorabilia,Photo Courtesy
Kevin Miles   Composer,Memorabilia,Photo Courtesy
Martin Rossiter   Composer
Terry Staunton   Liner Notes
Andy Vella   Art Direction
Tim Oliver   Engineer
Nick Fountain   Engineer
Anthony Lycenko   Engineer
Andrew "Snake" Newton   Pre-production Engineer
Adrian Wiseman   Guitar Techician
Paul Louis   Tour Manager

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