Drawing On The Life Of Our Lord

Drawing On The Life Of Our Lord

by Stephen Joseph Wolf (Editor)


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Charles Dickens wrote The Life of Our Lord for his young children in the 1840’s. His family published it in 1934.

It is one of several little books I like to read during long walks. Some years ago I made a rough outline of it for retreats and such until one Monk Monday was spent with that outline and a brush and some black ink. These ink brush drawings are from that day, with apologies to real artists everywhere.

Some of the drawings appeared in a meditation rendering called A Jesus Breviary, but I have often wanted to put them with the outline of Dickens’ great little book for his children.

Crayons are allowed.

Rev. Steve Wolf

Christmas 2018

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ISBN-13: 9781937081669
Publisher: idjc press
Publication date: 12/28/2018
Pages: 72
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Table of Contents

Birth, Shepherds, Wise Men, Escape, The Innocents, Twelve Years Old, Baptism, Wilderness, Marriage Feast, The Twelve, Fish, Teaching, Healings, Pharisees, Son of a Widow, Asleep in a Boat, Calming of Storm, Casting Out Spirits, Beheading, Tears and Hair, Pool of Bethesda, Five Loaves and Two Fish, Walking on Water, Miracles, Sending of Disciples, Death Prediction, Transfiguration, Forgiveness, Generous Master, Unforgiving Servant, A Woman Accused, Compassionate Samaritan, Excuses of Those Invited, Zacchaeus, Prodigal Son, Rich Man and Beggar Lazarus, Proud and Humble Men, Tribute to Caesar, Widow with Two Mites, Lazarus of Bethany, Mary of Bethany, Entering On an Ass, Casting Out Tables, More Blind and Lame, Washing Feet, One Betrayer, Thirty Pieces of Silver, The Last Supper, Three Times, Gethsemane, Judas' Kiss, Peter's Denial, Scribes and Priests, Judas' Life, Pontius Pilate, Beaten Mocked Crowned with Thorns, Behold the Man, Crucify Him, Washes Hands, Nailed Alive, Clothing, People Passing, John the Beloved, Four Women, Mary, Deep Terrible Darkness, Vinegar, It Is Finished, Wrapped and Buried, Mary Magdalene, Stone Rolled Away, John and Peter at the Empty Tomb, Stranger Walking to Emmaus, Shows hisHands and Feet

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