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When Anne McCaffrey passed in November 2011, it was not only those closest to her who mourned her death; legions of readers also felt the loss deeply. The pioneering science fiction author behind the Dragonriders of Pern® series crafted intricate stories, enthralling worlds, and strong heroines that profoundly impacted the science fiction community and genre.

In Dragonwriter, Anne’s son and Pern writer Todd McCaffrey collects memories and stories about the beloved author, along with insights into her writing and legacy, from those who knew her best. Nebula Award–winner Elizabeth Moon relates the lessons she learned from Pern’s Lessa (and from Lessa’s creator); Hugo Award–winner David Brin recalls Anne’s steadfast belief that the world to come will be better than the one before; legendary SFF artist Michael Whelan shares (and tells stories about) never-before-published Pern sketches from his archives; and more.

Join Anne’s co-writers, fellow science fiction authors, family, and friends in remembering her life, and exploring how her mind and pen shaped not only the Weyrs of Pern, but also the literary landscape as we know it.

Contributors include:

• Angelina Adams
• David Brin
• David Gerrold
• John Goodwin
• Janis Ian
• Alec Johnson
• Georgeanne Kennedy
• Mercedes Lackey
• Sharon Lee and Steve Miller
• Lois McMaster Bujold
• Elizabeth Moon
• Charlotte Moore
• Robert Neilson
• Jody Lynn Nye and Bill Fawcett
• Robin Roberts
• Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
• Wen Spencer
• Michael Whelan
• Richard J. Woods
• Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

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ISBN-13: 9781937856830
Publisher: BenBella Books, Inc.
Publication date: 08/06/2013
Pages: 288
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.20(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Todd Johnson McCaffrey wrote his first science-fiction story when he was twelve and has been writing on and off ever since. Including the New York Times bestselling Dragon's Fire, he has written eight books in the Pern universe both solo and in collaboration with his mother, Anne McCaffrey; appeared in many anthologies, most recently with his short story, "Coward," in When the Hero Comes Home (2011), and with "Robin Redbreast" in the forthcoming When the Villain Returns (August 2012), and the mini-anthology Six.

He is currently working on several non-Pern books, including the near future City of Angels and an alternate history steam world where Bonnie Prince Charlie captures London and restores the Stuarts to the thrones of England and Scotland.

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Dragonwriter: A Tribute to Anne Mccaffrey and Pern 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
BEST book,yet! Loved the articles on her cronies. It gave me more insight on Anne McCaffrey! Catlya_191
RobertJRM More than 1 year ago
A view of a very talented woman from the people who got to know her first hand...
reececo331 More than 1 year ago
have been my reward and my pleasure for so many years. Her writing has brought me through tragedy, and pain, loneliness and heartache. And it’s hard to be in a world without another of her books to find the excitement and depth. I have seen the pictures of her words like movie screens of life, that would have the depth and breadth that I could never forget. I close my eyes and see Menolly running from the thread, in Dragonsong, the first book of hers that I had ever read, in some ways more treasured because the character had a way of escaping the life she did not want to lead. I can do the same thing with nearly all of her books. How interesting to find that A Stitch in the Snow, or The Freedom Series both start in my home town. I want to still see the Ireland of The Lady, and the rolling countryside of the landscape. I have named my pets, and my cars for characters in her books, because of their similar nature or personality.  Introduction: Todd McCaffrey With reluctance and eager pride I have waited for this book to come out. Having read through Todd's introduction i have found out information i wondered about but had no need of knowing. Anne McCaffrey can lead her life in what ever manner, just that she continue to write her stories i would be complete with each new one.  Anne McCaffrey, Believer in Us David Brin talks of the depth of her writing the history of her stories showing us the struggles of our world to rise from the Dark Ages to the enlightenment.  Why are you reading this stupid shirt?  Sharon Lee and Steve Miller tell a story of personal experience of the quark and lovable nature of Anne McCaffrey, of her support, intelligence and strong nature. I laughed out-loud at her trundling around on a scooter,her influence on publishers, and writers. And her caring that she showed these two writers in re-birthing their series, and books.I am envious of the attention and appreciation they had and received from her. Most of all the since of humor, that gave Piemur his his personality, and Robinton all the characteristics that made him the MasterHarper of Pern...   Star power: John Goodwin talks of Anne McCaffry and her support of new writers, starting in 1986 when she sponcered The Writers of the future program, and the enforcement of female judges. Her joy of being able to preform during events at Dragoncon and other indications of her achieving her dreams that she had given up so long ago.   How the Dragonlady saved my Life David Gerrold is hilarious with his glasses or water. But the description of his friendship and mutual support he received from Anne McCaffrey will send you into giggles while you are commiserating with him and the difficult times he had that Anne was forced to save his life, even though it did not inspire his writing, but healed his spirit instead.  Bookends Robert Neilson A close family friend and fan talks about the kindness and fame of his friends mom. He gives antidotes of teenage impressions and the regretful goodbye of a dear and pivotal friendsgip. Lessons from Lessa Elizabeth Moon had grown up with the characters of the worlds of Anne McCaffrey. And as an enviable and collaborative artist help build one of the predominate thematic series that Anne was known for. I envy her luck talent and twenty plus year friendship with our mutually idealized role model. Flying in New Directions Robin Roberts' award winning biography of Anne McCaffrey has shown a woman who wrote science fiction and changed the genre. She took the traditional roles and placed them on their heads making the genre better and more popular then ever. But it wasn't just changing things it was creating a cooperative world(s) which she shared with other writers which maybe her legacy. I hope so too... I want to see more books by Todd, Rose or other authors who have worked with her... Yes, tell each of them this fan would be willing to allow them to expand and change Anne McCaffrey' s worlds just to keep escaping into them.... Anne McCaffrey has given me so much in the past two years I have missed her... Yes Todd I have read all your digital books. As I have bought and treasured book written by other contributors on their own worlds...  Modeling the writer's life Lois McMaster Bujold tells how role models can give the best inspiration. From childhood Lois has heard of or read Anne McCaffrey's books. She sees her as a model for young girls, writers, and women. Her triumphs well earned and lovingly greeted. Her abilities well shown and well lived. And her home office the envy of writers. I asked a friend if he had a chance on his trip to Ireland to just take a pic of the house or area.. not to bother her but I wanted to see Dragons hold... he couldn't find it.. so he brought back a license plate for the area... It is great part in this story to her how her home was... All the Weyrs of Pern  Wen Spencer is a writer coming from a different perspective. Wen wrote fanfiction of Pern, and her involvement of the fan club not only taught her how to write but supported her learning ability until she was able to produce her own first published novel.  The McCaffrey effect Jody Lynn Nye, and Bill Fawcett talk about the society with in Anne McCaffrey' s books and how fans found acceptance with in her stories and the fan groups. Whether its fan fiction, gatherings or just websites for fans The ships that were Mercedes Lackey tells the story of her involvement and development in the first dystopian series of Anne McCaffrey how ground breaking the ship who sang was. How in those pages how she removed obstacles for her characters from technology and society. I never considered the story to have been written before the development of PC's or home computers when i read the book in the 90'S I just thought it was a wonderful concept. I noticed the problem of forced indentured service but I was so involved with the characters I figure Helva and the other brainships would win out. This essay opened my eyes to how dynamic and broad reaching the story was. I have read and treasured the Brainship series over half of them are in hard back, and written by other authors but still remain predominately with my collection of Anne McCaffrey books. The Dragonlady's Songs Elizabeth Ann Scarborough speaks of anne McCaffrey and her sue of music, bards, and harpers. within her various books Elizabeth Scarborough looks at how the idea of using music as a memory for an illiterate society.  Religion on Pern? Richard J Woods relates the history and stories of Anne Mccaffrey in a religious nature. Referred to as the weyr chaplain, he had many discussions and interchanges over the years about religion, Pern, beliefs and nature. The biggest surprise was a final book, hopefully to be published...(Please Todd, Alec or Georgeanne, Rose...) I found that she was as I am in her beliefs...  Annie and horses Chelsea Quinn Yarbro is a close friend, fellow writer, and horse lover. She speaks about horses, and Dragons.  Picturing Pern Michael Whelan's art work is why i bought the copy of this book when I saw it in the store. Looking at his pictures i realized how much his concepts affected my perception of dragons in the stories.  Red Star Rising Alec Johnson is Anne McCaffrey' s oldest son, and a modern day activist. He enjoyed his mothers continued support from his early teens and on. Anne McCaffrey gave him all she could, first allowing him use of her memo machine, to funding his second start at college. Changes without Notice  Angelina Adams' story shows the dynamic nature of Anne Mccaffrey's writing and how as a fan you will find yourself transported by her stories. And sometimes the stories find you at the right time in your life. this story is about a mother who found inspiration in the ship who sang, and the con, weyr sites who gave her focus and purpose. I unfortunately never met this Lady who was in my life since I was Thirteen. I was given DragonSong by my middle school teacher after I had a fire in my house to read. It changed many things suddenly in my life as I found each book. Going to the bookstore now includes a run through her titles to make sure I haven't missed one... I always had to wait a year for the new books never willing to ask my parents for the money to get the hard backs. Even though they insisted on my birthday or Christmas for me too see if there was a new one to get. My husband rewarded me with hard backs for the last fifteen years saying it was silly to wait if i wanted the book so much. My family for years without ever reading the books paid attention to the new books coming out because of how happy I was to lose myself in the pages. I got to thank her in an Email one time When Alec was running her website. I have kept the reply that she understood how she inspired me, strenghthed me, or just comforted me with her stories. It seems she was universal in that. The Twithead with the Dragon Tattoo Charlotte Moore as a child was inspired by Pern, but even a letter from Anne Mccaffrey could not focus her daydreaming mind. She even ran head long into Anne Mccaffrey. But it was the fansites, and the Weyr cons that inspired her. The Master Harper is Gone Janis Ian and Anne Mccaffrey were connected through music and stories. She is the voice of Menolly, the old friend that helped through the tough times. The confident and the cheering squad... Its sad that Janis is alone, but heaven sent that she was there. Thank you for encouraging Anne to have Todd help with the writing. Thank you for all the comfort you gave. Universal Mum Georgeanne Kennedy learned early that her mum was exceptional, but it did not sink in for many years. She marveled at how people could open up to her mum. But when asked how it was to be raised by Anne McCaffrey, Gigi, could not help but think it was normal. She speaks of the changing roles as from daughter to care taker, the toll on life and patience to see someone loose capacity to things that was easy before. She spoke of letting go, and the sad moments of reality that come from the processes, and the hope that the happy memories come back. Afterward  Todd Mccaffrey after the intro and the many descriptions of friends and loved ones, Todd Finally tells of his goodbye, and the moment of No Regrets, and “I’ll try”. This is a beautiful book, that like all her books, makes you laugh one moment and cry the next A fitting tribute to the bard, and story teller of my life. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago