Destiny: Elven Exiles, Book III

Destiny: Elven Exiles, Book III

by Paul B. Thompson, Tonya C. Cook

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The Elven Exiles trilogy ends with a monumental struggle for control of the last refuge of the elven race.

The remaining free elves of Ansalon have come together at last in the shunned valley of Inath-Wakenti. While the disfigured genius Porthios wants to lead a crusade to free the elves' ancestral homelands, the rightful ruler of the elven nation, Gilthas, dreams of establishing a new homeland in the haunted valley. To do that he will have to solve the riddle of the ancient ruins dotting the landscape, the curse that prevents animals from living in the valley, and deal with swarms of ghosts lurking behind every tree and stone. But the greatest threat of all may come from a single outcast sorcerer who seeks to turn the cursed land's power to his own ends.

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ISBN-13: 9780786963669
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
Publication date: 07/31/2012
Series: Elven Exiles
Sold by: Penguin Random House Publisher Services
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 661,159
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

PAUL B. THOMPSON is the author of more than twenty books, including the Ergoth Trilogy and By the Sword, a new biography of Joan of Arc for young readers. He lives in Chapel Hill, NC with his wife Elizabeth, and their two children.

TONYA C. COOK and her husband, Greg, live in North Carolina. She is an avid skier and has a degree in journalism from the University of North Carolina. She is coauthor with Paul B. Thompson of numerous short stories and novels set in the Dragonlance world.

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Dragonlance: Destiny (Elven Exiles Series #3) 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
BeezerMN on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Destiny by Paul Thompson and Tonya Cook is the third, and final, book in the Elven Exiles trilogy set in the Dragonlance world. The first book is titled Sanctuary (Dragonlance: Elven Exiles, Vol. 1) and the second book is titled Alliances (Dragonlance: Elven Exiles, Vol. 2). First and foremost if you are a fan of the Dragonlance world and are considering reading this book, you first need to read the other two books. This is strictly so that all the events, hints, and such present in this book make more sense, than they would if you simply started with this book. The plot of this novel carries over right from the end of Aliances. The elves are in the valley of Inath-Wakenti. Adala, the plainswoman is still plotting against the elves, and the town of Khuri-Khan has its own problems. The main plot line of this book is how the elves adapt to the valley and staying alive long enough to thrive there. There are several obstacles that they must face in order to do so. There is also a smaller plot involving a wizard and his interest in the valley, and actions that he pursues in the valley. Overall, this is a solid plot and one that is well laid out. Mr. Thompson and Ms. Cook once again prove that they work very well together. There are, however, a couple points where this novel seems to dramatically slow down and become bogged down in needless conversations and redundancies in making sure the readers understand plot points. This only happened a couple of times and doesn't affect the story as a whole, but it was enough of an issue that I noticed it. The characters in this book are all the familiar names from the first two books, well, those who have survived the first two books anyway. Characters such as; Gilthas, Kerianseray, Porthios, alhan etc., all make appearances in this book. From book two, we know that Gilthas is suffering from a very serious malady, this holds true for this novel as well. Porthios is his normal self in this novel, crass and demeaning to those around him. I do need to point out that about halfway through the novel I was beginning to worry that character development would be thrown out the window. There didn't seem to be much, if any, emphasis on character development. However, the last half of the book, there is a great deal of character development that takes place. While I appreciate the character development that does occur, at times it seems a little forced as well as being too much at one time. I can see how some fans may be confused, or maybe even put off by how things happen in this novel. If you look at it as a complete piece, and not the sum of its parts, there is a fair amount of character development and the development that does occur makes sense. I do have a couple of criticisms about this novel. One of which is a little bit of a spoiler so be warned. First, as I mentioned above, the middle of the book seems to get bogged down with unnecessary repeating of plot points and, what I considered, unnecessary conversations between a couple of characters. Secondly, the plot pint involving the wizard didn't seem to fit together very well with the rest of the three novels. In the first two books it wasn't in the forefront as much as it was in this novel. When the perspective switched to this plot piece it almost felt like I was reading a different book. It just felt, odd to me. *** SPOILER*** Lastly, there comes a point in the story where Porthios takes a group of elves to try and take back Qualinesti. That is a very important part of this book as the elves that are together now split into two groups. However, once he leaves there is no further mention of him at all. It's almost like he disappeared completely. I thought they could of at least mentioned something about him and his group. If it will be a further story/series, the least they could have done was having the group outside of Qualinesti ready to enter the forest. ***End of SPOILERS*** With all that said, I did enjoy this book. For the most part it
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
arrmixer More than 1 year ago
I'm a seasoned reader of the dragonlance series. I like the story it just a continuation of another series which I really can't remember at this moment. Botton line you need to have a sense of dragonlance history specifically for the elves to really understand what is happening.... however, It is a good read and the author does a pretty good job of going back in time at the right moments. (Even between books in the trilogy which was anoying for me) Good book.