Dowsing Beyond Duality: Access Your Power to Create Positive Change

Dowsing Beyond Duality: Access Your Power to Create Positive Change

by David Cowan, Erina Cowan

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David Cowan’s first book, Navigating the Collapse of Time, introduced readers to the consciousness shift in “reality” that we are currently experiencing. Dowsing Beyond Duality draws on those principles and theories and presents an easy and powerful means to keep our energy balanced in this time of great change. Working with Erina Cowan, David Cowan presents a comprehensive course based on the Course in Miracles principle that we know all we need to know within our divine selves. They teach us to use the science of spiritual dowsing to access physical, mental, and emotional healing.

Dowsing Beyond Duality goes well beyond just getting ‘yes and no’ answers from a pendulum. The Cowans show how to use the pendulum—not only to find lost objects or make daily decisions—but also to deepen one’s self-realization, to move beyond the duality of the third dimension, and create positive change in one’s life and in the world. With more than 75 charts, the Cowans guide readers through specific movements of the pendulum that release limiting beliefs and unconscious resistance.

Dowsing Beyond Duality shows readers how to use spiritual dowsing to deepen self-realization and find truth and peace of mind in their lives.

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ISBN-13: 9781609255442
Publisher: Red Wheel/Weiser
Publication date: 06/01/2012
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Access Your Power to Create Positive Change

By DAVID IAN COWAN, Erina Carey Cowan

Red Wheel/Weiser, LLC

Copyright © 2012 David Ian Cowan and Erina Carey Cowan
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-60925-544-2


Some Basic Principles

In this book, we will explore the art of dowsing "from the ground up." I appreciate that many of you may already be dowsers, and I applaud you for that. In order for this work to move forward as the basis for certification in Spiritual Dowsing, however, we aim at establishing a standardized approach—at least for the preliminaries (please see our website at I therefore encourage all readers to adopt a "beginner's mind" as the Zen Buddhists suggest, so that we may all stand together on the same foundation and help bring dowsing out of the historical closet and into the light where it belongs as a complementary healing modality and valid spiritual healing system.

Dowsing is an ancient art that can be understood in terms of modern science. Dowsing can be used as a way to access subtle information via changes in the human energy field through changes in the autonomic nerves and micro-muscles of the body, much like muscle testing or kinesiology. It is a form of biofeedback. It can also be thought of as a form of intentional prayer.

For many years, the practice of dowsing was somewhat limited to seeking water, oil, or minerals on a property. Many mineral and oil exploration companies still employ dowsers today, although they may not admit it at shareholders' meetings. Traditional dowsing of this type can be considered a "read-only" application, as the dowser simply asks for information about a place, person, or thing and gets yes or no responses to questions, as well as quantitative or qualitative data like the percentage of probability that water is available or an estimate of gallons per minute. This data can be read on a numerical chart, a map, or simply off the digits of your spare hand. The quality of the data you receive depends on the purity of intent, mental clarity, and questioning skill of the dowser, as well as the dowser's ability to "get out of the way" mentally and emotionally once the question has been put forth.

In other words, with classic as well as active dowsing—the differences will be explained shortly—there is a required detachment from the results. The dowser becomes the neutral observer of the movement of energy, and thus exerts minimal influence over the process. Just as with trance channelers and mediums, the degree of ego-less detachment has everything to do with the accuracy of the data received.

A basic principle here is that everything on the most fundamental level is pure vibrating energy, the basis of which is light. What differentiates things one from another is their rate of vibration. Your brain is a powerful energetic broadcaster and receiver of electromagnetic and other subtle energies, even if you are not consciously aware of it. Our emerging understanding of quantum physics and the neurobiology of the brain can help to explain all this, but that would merit at least another chapter. We do know from cutting-edge research that the power of the mind has been vastly underappreciated in the Age of Materialism largely due to our unquestioned loyalty to the concept of the separation of the individual and the world, and to the concurrent belief that thoughts are purely private phenomena. This is "old-paradigm" thinking.

Suffice it to say that, at one time or another, we have all experienced a strong "hunch" or intuitive knowing that later turned out to be true. This is especially noticeable between mothers and children, as well as among animals who run on pure instinct. This intuitive ability is partly due to the strong biological link between mother and child and the survival "hardwiring" of the mother. It is also due to the fact that female brains are generally constructed in a manner more conducive to whole-brain or alpha brain-wave states and modes of operation. This is one reason why intuition is just as likely to be called "women's intuition." It is also why you usually won't find as many men at Spiritual Dowsing classes, although that is changing. Some men are beginning to come around and pull themselves out of the mind-set of extreme male polarity that has, historically, been predominant on the planet for eons. They are seeing that this limited pattern and role just isn't working for them or allowing them to be whole persons.

Many people have learned through their own experience to trust this inner knowing, or intuition, despite the lack of a rational explanation for it. A rational explanation for intuition exists, but eludes many people, as it is furnished by the proven principles of quantum physics—not a topic of everyday conversation or part of standard education. Let us just say, at this point, that it is well understood that mind, or consciousness, is a non-local phenomenon—that is, not limited by ordinary time or space. Thus, although we appear to be separate beings on the physical level, on the level of mind—or spirit, if you prefer—we literally fill the universe. Mind does not require a body. The body requires the power of mind to animate it. Mind is the "supreme cause" of our universe. All else is effect. This puts you in the driver's seat, doesn't it?

Recently, dowsing has taken on a more active form, in which the focused intent of the dowser can create a change in the selected target or issue regardless of the physical distance involved. The dowser does not do the work; the "dowsing system," for lack of a better term, does. The dowsing system consists of a planetary healing grid, or energetic connective network, and all of the extra-dimensional beings and Guides who are here for the same purpose—the healing of humanity and the planet.

When you place yourself in an alpha brain state, you greatly increase your intuitive powers and access to the dowsing system. You could say that cultivating an alpha brain-wave state is a mandatory pre-requisite to becoming an effective and powerful dowser—or becoming a balanced individual, for that matter. Being at a 10-hertz brain state (alpha) connects you to the dowsing system, or planetary intelligence grid. This grid corresponds to Edgar Cayce's prediction of a new energy coming to Earth at this time in history. Some have called this the Christ Consciousness Grid. This is where the healing originates. The grid responds instantly to sincere requests for help and, being also non-local, instantly manifests positive healing intent anywhere on the planet or in the universe. You can also think of this energy grid as a template for the Global Brain, or an emerging manifestation of the coalescing Unified Consciousness Field on the planet.

By the way, in Native American culture, the alpha state is equated with what they call the Land of the Spirit. Beta brain waves—where we are in our everyday busyness with business—relate to the Land of the Living Dead. You may think you are being active and instrumental, but what are you really accomplishing by solving endless problems from a limited, linear perspective? We merely become chained to endless problems when operating only from the beta state.

Classic dowsing refers to what most think of when they use the term "dowsing." Either that or they confuse it with putting out—or dousing—a fire. Classic dowsing has been around a long time, particularly among those who work the land. It has been an indispensible tool for locating good sources of safe drinking water, finding lost objects or animals, discovering negative energy sources in the land (or geopathic stress), and other very practical applications. Classic dowsing was apparently practiced as far back as the Egyptian civilization and likely much further back than that. It is a natural extension of an intuitive body connection with the forces of nature: geo-magnetism, emission fields of specific minerals or elements, and the movements of the energies of water underground.

Today, classic dowsing often takes the form of simple yes or no responses to questions—finding out if an infant in the womb is a boy or a girl, or asking about foods and supplements. Even at this rudimentary level, this form of dowsing is an invaluable tool that can take the guesswork, and thus the stress, out of the many taxing decisions we need to make every day.

Historically, dowsing in any form got a "bad rap" when the male-dominated Church hierarchy did everything they could to eliminate competition in any form for people's faith and allegiance. This occurred not so long ago in historical terms. Some say as many as three million people, mostly women, were murdered outright for using non-sanctioned methods of healing or "divination." Along with dowsing, herbalism was also outlawed as "Satanic" by those with a greater agenda to degrade the feminine in favor of a maledominated system, both religious and economic. We are still pulling ourselves out of the remnants of this insane imbalance.

Active dowsing involves a non-local transfer of energy operating on a quantum level. It takes dowsing to the "next level," where, after we receive information on a subject or condition, we decide that we are not going to settle for the situation, and instead take a more active role in changing the conditions or probable outcomes. By doing so, we take the reins of our own powers as "co-creators of realities," which is our divine birthright. Interestingly, this also describes the new paradigm in planetary awareness that is foretold in the predictions of the ancient Mayan calendar. (Please refer to my first book, Navigating the Collapse of Time: a Peaceful Path Through the End of Illusions, Weiser Books, 2011).

Active dowsing not only opens up new vistas of empowerment and self-realization; it also implies a greater level of responsibility and thus accountability to your clients, society, and the planet. One way of describing the many problems we have is that the world is a "miscreation"—that is, the motives behind our making of this world were skewed from the start. This is the basic "split" in the mind that was the result of our mutual desire to experience separation, rather than the endless bliss of Oneness with the Creator and each other. I have just given you a thumbnail sketch of the metaphysics offered in A Course in Miracles, which is an amazing document based on the principles of non-duality. Again, I refer you to that work if this topic interests you.

Grasping non duality is essential to a full understanding of "why we dowse" at all. Duality is an artificial condition. Duality, however, only arose from a previous state of non-duality, or Oneness. Duality is the only the perception of opposites created by our own decision at one point to experience separation instead of Oneness. This was the fundamental cause of the Big Bang and the subsequent creation of a universe of seemingly separate forms. As (somewhat) intelligent humans, we look out on a world of our own making, which can only reflect back to us the state of mind that made or is projecting it. Although perception seems to give us an accurate picture of "reality," I ask you—where does perception take place? In the mind, right? So where is the world taking place? And what is the world but a projection of a mind that is currently inwardly divided, or in a state of believing itself to be separate from its Source, and from all other "selves" as well.

Duality thus sets up a world of endless separate forms. Everything that you can conceive of in this world is accompanied by its "opposite"—hot and cold, up and down, left and right, rich and poor, happy and sad, war and peace, good and evil. You get the picture.

So, if duality is only an entrenched belief, you can also say that our belief in duality as "reality" is illusion. We "fell" for our own misperceptions. The reason I am even going into this discussion is that, within duality, we run the risk of making things either good or bad in our own perception, not truly understanding the non-dual reality that everything here is neutral until we give it meaning. In other words, we take our own fantasized perceptions for "real" and run the risk of continuing the spell of duality and perpetuating the conflict and suffering that duality eventually produces.

For example, when I dowse to remove an attachment of some kind—a demon or entity— the dualistic view is that something outside has attacked a person, making him or her a vulnerable victim of something outside of themselves. Thus the person should rightfully live in fear of the next "attack." This, by the way, is the logic of the ego, that made-up self we settled for to help explain the mystery of our separate existence. The ego is only an idea, and nothing more.

The same scenario from a non-dual perspective sees the "attacker" as simply a disowned and projected thought or thought form coming back to the mind of the person who denied it in order to be received, healed, corrected, and brought back "home." It is simply an exercise in self-love, acceptance, and forgiveness. This approach elevates dowsing to the level of spiritual healing, which is why we refer to this technique as Spiritual or Soulful Dowsing. It is only by taking the non-dual view that we can diffuse the fear and victimization that so often keeps problems and issues, including illness, present in our lives.

I admit this view is counter-intuitive for many in what I call the "mirror world." The consensus reality here is almost exclusively dualistic. This is what keeps the conflicts, wars, and inequality that have plagued mankind and the planet in place. For now, don't worry about solving the world's problems. Just consider the possibilities of being able to look at every situation presented to you as existing simply on the level of the mind. That is all we need to heal. The outer picture will shift to conform to the inner picture we choose. People may think that what you are dowsing for is "out there," but you know what you are changing is the thought patterns that made and projected that situation in the first place. You just need to know that this is the level you are working on.

With active dowsing, we now have a means to make things right and undo many of the deeper causes of suffering, which inevitably leads back to the healing of the mind. In the non-dual perspective, the material universe is simply a projection on the screen of consciousness of the desire and purpose that we give the universe from our present state of mind or awareness. Quantum physics gives credence to these ideas.

There are some other scientific principles that can help you to understand this—at least at a basic level. One is the idea that matter and energy are made of the same stuff (light) and are interchangeable as noted. This was the idea behind Einstein's famous equation E=MC2. Because consciousness, or thought, is a form of energy, your thoughts can affect both energy and matter. This is why we can say confidently that all thought produces form on some level and that energy follows thought. Thought empowered by feeling, or emotion, is all the more powerful. Thought, as a function of the mind, is not subject to physical laws, but rather operates in a quantum dimension—the fourth dimension or astral plane, which is simply the range of energy vibration that holds all of our thoughts in a unified field from which our brains attune and "pull" thoughts. Thus the brain is more like a two-way radio than a "maker" of thoughts.

The observer effect noted in quantum physics states that observation or focused mind-power is always linked to, and thus will always affect on some level, what is being observed. In other words, everything is connected, and the mind is what connects everything. So even without dowsing, wherever you place your attention you create change, however subtle. Sometimes, according to the principles of homeopathy, a subtle change can have much more significant effects than an overt or obvious energy exchange.

And finally, we have the quantum principle of indeterminacy, which states that the more accurately you can measure or predict one quality of an event— like an event's location—the less accurate the measuring of the other qualities becomes—like knowing when the event will occur. We live in an indeterminate universe, which means that it is wide open to change and novelty. This means that the universe of light vibration is at your command. Now this is powerful stuff, and consistent with the non-dual metaphysical ideas we discussed earlier on the origin of the universe and our central place in it.

With this in mind, I encourage you to take the information in this book both playfully and seriously. Play with the ideas and try the practical applications out for yourself. At the same time, realize the awesomeness of your power to create change and affect your world and others for the good, and honor that power with the respect and reverence it deserves.


Achieving an alpha brain-wave state is a skill that is fundamental to effective dowsing. You may need to work with these techniques for a while before you notice any direct changes in yourself, although results are often tangible right away. Generally, we are more relaxed, open, and intuitive in an alpha state. An alpha state is evidence that you are harmonizing both hemispheres of your brain into a more ideal balance, thus tapping into the potential of your "whole brain." You are typically in a faster beta brain-wave state when you are awake and navigating the decisions and responsibilities of day-to-day life in the world. This level of functioning draws primarily on the resources of the left hemisphere of the brain.

Excerpted from DOWSING BEYOND DUALITY by DAVID IAN COWAN, Erina Carey Cowan. Copyright © 2012 David Ian Cowan and Erina Carey Cowan. Excerpted by permission of Red Wheel/Weiser, LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Authors' Note          


Part I—A Comprehensive Mini-Course in Spiritual Dowsing          

Chapter 1: Some Basic Principles          

Chapter 2: Working with Yes and No          

Chapter 3: Active Dowsing          

Chapter 4: The Clearings (adapted from Raymon Grace)          

Chapter 5: Specialty Dowsing          

Chapter 6: The Charts          

Part II—Advanced Spiritual Dowsing          

Chapter 7: True Forgiveness          

Chapter 8: Self-Empowerment          

Chapter 9: Releasing Core Fear-Based Issues          

Chapter 10: Cleaning the Upper Chakras          

Chapter 11: Dissolving the Illusion          

Chapter 12: Multi-Dimensionality          

Chapter 13: Unconditional Love          

Chapter 14: Alignment with Highest Purpose          

Appendix: Making Your Own Charts          

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