Dog Tags (Andy Carpenter Series #8)

Dog Tags (Andy Carpenter Series #8)

by David Rosenfelt

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In this "riveting" legal thriller, a German Shepherd police dog witnesses a murder — and if his owner, an Iraq war vet and former cop-turned-thief, is convicted of the crime, the dog could be put down (Publishers Weekly).

Few rival Andy Carpenter's affection for dogs, and he decides to represent the poor canine. As Andy struggles to convince a judge that this dog should be set free, he discovers that the dog and his owner have become involved unwittingly in a case of much greater proportions than the one they've been charged with.

Andy will have to call upon the unique abilities of this ex-police dog to help solve the crime and prevent a catastrophic event from taking place.

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly

Series fans and newcomers alike will welcome Rosenfelt's eighth comic legal thriller to feature Paterson, N.J., defense lawyer Andy Carpenter (after New Tricks). Billy Zimmerman, an ex-cop and Iraq war vet who lost a leg to a suicide bomber, has used Milo, a German shepherd and a former police dog, as his partner in snatch and run crimes. When a snatch that goes badly awry results in a murder charge for Billy and impoundment for Milo, Andy takes on Milo as a client. Andy, whose courtroom antics always delight, makes his bid for Milo's freedom before formidable Judge Horace Catchings. Billy's case presents greater challenges, with tendrils reaching back to Iraq and involving payoffs, hit men, and even a possible national security threat. Oddball regular characters, like Willie Miller, who tries his hand at detecting, and Marcus Clark, "the most-menacing-looking human being" Carpenter has ever seen, add to the fun.
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Kirkus Reviews

"Is the client at least a human this time?" asks North Jersey attorney Andy Carpenter's partner. No such luck.

Billy Zimmerman and Milo, a German shepherd, were in the police force together. Then Billy went to Iraq without Milo and lost a leg in a suicide bombing that killed 18 people, including the new reformist oil minister. Now Billy and Milo are together again, this time as thieves. On the night when they're preparing to nab a crucial batch of papers from Major Jack Erskine, who returned from the Iraq disaster with both legs but no friends, something goes wrong. When the smoke clears, Erskine is dead, Billy is bending over him, the police are bending over Billy, Milo has hidden the papers someplace only he knows, and some well-armed bad guys are determined to get Milo to share his secret even as they cover their murderous tracks with more murders. The setup is a natural for Andy Carpenter, a sucker for hopeless cases and canine clients. And it's a pleasure watching Andy's ebullient maneuvering in Milo's defense. Once he gets custody of the dog, however, the case bogs down in low-impact courtroom wrangling, rumors of far-reaching terrorist plots and government cover-ups, and intercut scenes showing sinister assassins winnowing the cast of faceless co-conspirators. Worst of all, Milo gets upstaged by threats that "the world could blow up any minute."

Despite the clever title, dog lovers are well-advised to tune out after the first half of wisecracking Andy's lumpy, overscaled foray into international intrigue.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780446551502
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Publication date: 06/01/2011
Series: Andy Carpenter Series , #8
Pages: 432
Sales rank: 56,594
Product dimensions: 6.62(w) x 4.28(h) x 1.00(d)

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Dog Tags

By Rosenfelt, David

Grand Central Publishing

Copyright © 2010 Rosenfelt, David
All right reserved.

ISBN: 9780446551526

IT FELT SO MUCH LIKE BEING A COP. The fact that the two occupations were so similar was an irony that was never lost on Billy Zimmerman, who was certainly in a unique position to know. Until three years ago, he was a cop. Now he was a thief.

And at times like this, he was damned if he could tell the difference.

Much of the similarity was in the waiting. Back then he might be assigned to follow someone, to simply watch and see where they were going, and to move in if they did something illegal. If things got hairy, there was an unlimited supply of backup to call upon.

In his new occupation, there was just as much downtime, but now it was spent waiting for a potential victim to make a mistake, to reveal a vulnerability. Of course, being a thief came with more built-in pressure. If you failed a mission as a cop, the captain got pissed off. Fail as a thief, and it’s a warden you’re dealing with.

And calling in backup was not a viable option.

Standing outside Skybar on River Road in Edgewater, New Jersey, Billy was hopeful that something good was about to happen. It was Friday evening, and his target had been standing outside the building for twenty minutes, frequently checking his watch, and obviously waiting for someone.

Billy noticed the man held his right arm tight in against his ribs, as if pressing something against himself. He seemed to exert a constant pressure, which could be extremely tiring. This was no anonymous target; Billy knew him very well, and he had no doubt that there was something valuable inside his jacket, something he wanted to completely control.

Which made it something that Billy wanted.

Billy looked toward his partner, Milo, a classic, powerful German shepherd. Milo stood to the left of the club, near the curb, thirty feet away. A casual observer might have observed that Milo was wearing a leash around his neck, with the other end tied to a signpost. A more keen observer might have noticed that there was no knot on the leash; it was simply wound loosely around the post.

Milo could free himself whenever he so chose, and he was planning to do so as soon as Billy gave him the sign.

Milo, more than anything else, made Billy feel like he was back on the force. They were partners then, before Iraq, before the sixteen-year-old girl who calmly blew herself up and took Billy’s left leg with her.

Getting Milo back was the best thing that had happened since, and not just because of his particular, immense talent. Billy loved Milo, and Milo loved him right back. They were a team, and they were friends.

And for now they both waited for the moment they knew was coming.


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