Doctor Therne

Doctor Therne

by H. Rider Haggard

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James Therne is not my real name, for why should I publish it to theworld? A year or two ago it was famous--or infamous--enough, but inthat time many things have happened. There has been a war, a continentalrevolution, two scandals of world-wide celebrity, one moral and theother financial, and, to come to events that interest me particularlyas a doctor, an epidemic of Asiatic plague in Italy and France, and,stranger still, an outbreak of the mediaeval grain sickness, which isbelieved to have carried off 20,000 people in Russia and German Poland,consequent, I have no doubt, upon the wet season and poor rye harvest inthose countries.

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ISBN-13: 9781412185608
Publisher: eBooksLib
Publication date: 04/21/2010
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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Sir Henry Rider Haggard, KBE, known as H. Rider Haggard, was an English writer of adventure novels set in exotic locations

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Doctor Therne 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Prolouge: A very old, withered man wearing a ragged cloak stepped out of his cottage. His cottage was located in the frigid conditions of the South Pole. The wind blasted and snow fell heavily. An aged, bent-over woman stepped out of her cottage at the North Pole. She was wearing almost the same thing as the man. They began to speak simultaniously. "The boy of fire and the girl of ice/ must unite/ to stop the fight/ and end the strife."... Chp.1*Jaq speaking* Hi. My name is Jaquline Froste. But, call me Jaq. Yeah, I know. Jack Frost, Jaq Froste (its pronounced frost). My parents gave my crazy uncle naming rights for some reason. He thought it was funny. Ha, ha, ha. But a couple of days ago, I found out my nickname had a purpose... *Blaise speaking* Hi. I'm Blaise Heerth. Recently, I've met a girl named Jaq Froste, found out I'm supposed to save the world, started a fire with my hands, AND still had to do homework. So, it was a snowy winter day. It was January 5th, 2789. It was Friday so, almost everyone was in a good mood... Chp.2 *Jaq speaking* I threw a snowball at my best friend, Anna. It hit, right on target. She shrieked and started making a revenge snowball. She missed, though, and hit a red-haired boy that had been walking behind us with his friends. "Oops! I'm sorry."she exclaimed. "Oh, its fine."the boy responded. While he was speaking, the any part of the snowball that landed on his skin was melting REALLY fast. Also, did I hear the snowball sizziling? Only I seemed to notice and he might have noticed but, I'm not sure...*Blaise speaking* "Huh. That was weird. The snowball melted right away" I thought. Then, "Oh, well." I shrugged it off and hurried to class. Mr. Swoy was going to be so mad if I missed calcus. Chp.3 *Jaq speaking* Later in the day, something really weird happend to me. I was walking home from school. There was a puddle of melted snow. I was wearing boots, so I decided to jump in with Anna. We both jumped in and splashed around. When we got out of the puddle, I realized that it had turned to ice! Anna didn't seem to notice so, I didn't say anything about it. I didn't want her to think I was crazy. We had only been best friends for a little while. Chp.4*both speaking* That Friday, I had a weird dream.*Jaq speaking* An old lady appeared to me. She was very wrinkly, like she was someone's grandma. She was very kind. Her name: Morgan. Morgan told me about a prophecy, although she didn't give me the exact words. It was about a boy and girl with powers that are supposed to save the world. I'm worried the girl is me. Because I don't think I can save the world and do school at the same time.*Blaise speaking* In my dream, an old man came to me. He said his name was Merlot. I think I've heard that name before but, I can't remember where. Anyway, Merlot also said that a girl and a boy would save the world with special gifts that had been given to them. I asked him, "How do you know?" He replied,"A prophecy." Then, he left before I could ask him if the boy was me. I woke up, wondering if the dream was true........ thx for reading this. I'm sorry if i didnt follow all the rules but, i couldnt find all the rules. I want UR honest feedback and opinion. Should i keep going? If i did would you read that? What would make this story better? Im thinking of trying to publish something like this. Except longer, of course. Plz tell me. You can tell me here or at fire and ice res1. Thank you again.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The first thing at birth Sunsetkit felt was wetness. And warmth. Strong warmth, and suddenly she felt sturdy things beneath her, and something attached to her body behind. An opening in her face opened, and a shrill sound issued from it. There was a smell wafting toward her, something soft and sweet and comforting. She squealed, and something wet closed around the nape of her tiny throat. "Here," a deep, gentle voice mewed, a voice that was so kind, Sunsetkit wanted to pull it closer about her. "Look at this one! Beautiful stripes. What shall we name her, Nectarblossom?" Sunsetkit scrabbled toward the sound of the voice, and the wet thing clamped her neck and pulled her closer. Fluid gushed into her mouth. Something rough and wet brushed her face, and she was gone. She woke up later. The two flaps that had prevented her from seeing loosened, and soon Sunsetkit was no newborn. Her dancing green eyes and orange-brown-white-and-yellow striped fur put a purr in everyone's chest. She loved to run outside the nursery as soon as she was allowed. Goldenclan was extremely unique in kit-bearing, and an average litter was 10-15 kits each. Sunsetkit soon met her brothers and sisters: at least 12. Butterflykit, Olivekit, Graykit, Coalkit, Orchidkit, Mintkit, Herbkit, Bearkit, Swirledkit, Moonlightkit, Popkit, and Wingedkit were all of them. They got up to many adventures, like putting a live mouse in the elders den, so Stormyfire, an elderly shecat, woke the camp up at nighttime with a fur-raising shriek; and stuffing thorns in the fresh-kill, so many a clan cat was found digging furiously in his dinner, trying to dislodge the thorn that had pricked his tongue, and many more. Finally, the time came when Sunsetkit was six moons. Her mother smoothed back her fur and proudly, standing near her parents, Sunsetkit felt happy. Slowly all of her brothers and sisters were given mentors. She was given Birdflight, a lightning thin brown shecat with gentle amber eyes. After years of training, she finally became a warrior, Sunsetflower, renowned among her fellow apprentices for mischief, bravery, and plain spunk. She was as beautiful as her mother and adventurous as her father. That was when her journey started. "Wingedhawk, want to hunt?!" Sunsetflower called to her older brother, running over with a purr. Wingedhawk ran to her excitedly. "Guess what! Spottedface is having kits!" Spottedface was the most beautiful shecat in GoldenClan. Wingedhawk was her mate and he considered himself lucky, as she had had many suitors in the past. "Great!" Sunsetflower called, running past him to the camp entrance. "I'll hunt, and you meet me by the oak tree when you get your paws free of fatherhood!" She purred, but as her paws entered the camp entrance, the purr died in her throat. A black cat stood there, emitting a dark sort of mist. "What d-do you w-want?" Stammered Sunsetflower, quite afraid. And the cat lunged at her and all she felt was darkness. Suddenly an image appeared. She was in StarClan, and she was soaring above it. "StarClan will fall," cackled a voice. Sunsetflower slashed at it, and the voice howled. Then she was in StarClan. "You have killed the leader of the Dark Forest," mewed Silverpelt. Sunsetflower left for her clan and soon later, the word spread of the dark forest leader dead, and Sunsetflower became Sunsetstar after her leader. Even later, she had a mate and kits. She died in peace, being well-known in her clan, and Starclan.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Silverpaw raced out of the apprentices' den and jumped up in excitement. Todaty is going to be her warrior ceromony! She raced back in forth through the PetalClan camp. "Silverpaw?" Ivydapple, Silverpaw's mother, padded p to her. Silverpaw turned around, her sharp green eyes shimmering in glee and excitement. "Yes?" Silverpaw asked. "Don't forget you still need to do the warrior assessment first." Ivydapple reminded her. Silverpaw nodded her head quickly. "I know! I kow! I know! I know!" She kept meowing in a high-pitched voice. Ivydapple chuckled. "Just be ready because it is going tostart at sunhigh- whoops! It's sunhigh right now!" Ivydapple corrected herself. Silverpaw jumped up in excitement as Dawnblaze, Silverpaw's mentor, padded up to the two she-cats. "Are you ready?" She whispered in Silverpaw's ear. "Yes!" Silverpaw yelled and stomped the ground. "Follow me." Dawnblaze ordered and raced out inot the forest with Silverpaw close behind. ---------- "Now, Silverpaw, you have to try to catch prey all by youself." Dawnblaze told her as Silverpaw sat down, but her green eyes sparkled in excitement. They are next to PetalClans' hunting grounds and now standing in a sandy ground. "But I will now tell you tips about how you can hunt better..." Dawnblaze continued but Silverpaw didn't hear her. Dawnblaze's voice was blocked out by her thoughts of being the best warrior. She can imagine it now; being deputy, taking over the clan as clan leader, battling out. "...and that is pretty much it." Dawnblaze's voice reached into Silverpaw's mind. "I'm ready! I'm ready!" Silverpaw yelled out before she raced out into the forest. ---------- Silverpaw was doing a good job on her assessment so far. She has caught two mice and vole. Out of the corner of her eye, a small brown figure lays motionless on the hunting ground. Silverpaw immediently gets into hunting position and creeps over to it. The brown figure, which is a mouse, heard Silverpaw and raced away, revealing a silver rose. Silverpaw never seen anything like it. It's petals were a pure silver while the stems and leaves sparkles in their regular color. Suddenly, a large, sharp pain crashed into Silverpaw's mind, then she black out. ----- "is she awake?" A voice rang out. "Is she dead?" Another voice echoed through. "No, she's waking up right now." Another voice meowed. Silverpaw opened her peircing green eyes to see three cats in front of her in a small twoleg nest. Silverpaw screamed and scrambled up to her paws so she could run away, but a massive black figure pinned her down on her belly. "What are you doing?!" She yelled. "Shut up." The first voice snapped. "You saw too much." Silverpaw looked confuse. Is he talking about the mysterious silver rose? "Yeah!" The second voise jumped in. "So we need to kill you!" The third voice, the one cat pinning her down, snarled. "You can't kill me!" Silverpaw cried. "My clan needs me!" The first cat snorted. "Stories. Do you think we believe you?" He snorted. "But It's true!" She meowed and jumped up, knocking the third cat off of her. The two other cats pinned her down again. "Kill her, NOW!" The first cat ordered the second and third cat as they realease Silverpaw. Two jaws struck her muzzle and heaved her away. "But you need to listen to me! I won't tell anyone!" Silverpaw promised but the cats ignored her. They carried her into a metal cage and shut it then bring it in front of a cliff. "Let me go!" Silverpaw cried. The cats push her off the cliff.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Hey you were gonna judge without me!!!! Lets talk privetly ok go to Privete secrets res one ok?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
She sits high in the oak tree so she could watch her kits. Then a huge thunder storm hit and she jumped down from the tree and grab her kits. The last kit was in the rain and then lighting struck and hit the kit. Nooooooo she cried as her kit layed dead. (In starclan) the kit wakes the and saw the great leader. Welcome little one. In a deep but gentle voice. Were is my mommy she said. You will see her very soon. He said. Really how come? Beacause starclan is coming back.The end of part 1. If you want more just ask after the contest. It dose not matter if i win or losei will still write the rest.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Savannah and her cousin Lily were sitting in the floor of savannah's room. Both of them had great dreams and wanted to have a great career in music. Their cats bullseye and flowerface were on the floor next to them. Savannah was a guitarist and singer and lily was just a singer. Both of them have had devastating lives. That is one of the things that got them both interested in music. Lily was great at writing stories so she wrote the songs. That day they were talking about going to nashville and trying to get signed on a contract. They were trying to figure out travel. Since savannah and lily could both drive they just needed a vehicle. Savannah's friend jordan was going down to nashville that weekend so he gave them a ride. Their first gig was at a cafe in downtown nashville. When they were up their singing they just let go and let their spirits soar. They felt so free and so happy. Afterwords a man came up and said your preformance was wonderful and I want to sign you into my records. Great they both said where do we meet you. Actually the guy said I am in he middle of making mine. Can you wait a few weeks. Savannah wanted to try again and move on but lily had a good feeling about him. Lets just see how it goes she said and they agreed. After a few weeks the man introduced himself as Johnny Graceland. They started out recording with him and they had so much fun. Soon they came out with their first album Stars Beyond Skies. That day they sold 1,000,000 copies. At their first concert lily found out she had a problem with her heart. The doctor said she could never preform. Lily with the help of savannah stayed with singing and went on tours. She completley ignored what people said she couldn't do. Soon they were worldwide stars. Lily and Savannah started getting letters saying how much disabled kids looked up to them. And those kids persued their dreams just like those two girls with a dream. After all that critizism they kept going. They both fellt so good and they kept singing until they were unable to do it anymore. Savannah and lily became a power duo and even though their parents left them to fend for themselves they left the past behind them. The passion both of them shared making them stars and letting their dreams come true. The thing tha they learned was sometimes waiting gives you a better chance of winning. They wrote all about their breakups and terrible lives. When something you do inspires others it makes you feel so good and lily and savannah learned that through their fans and their music. Many people can say you cannot do it but the one thing those two girls lived by was BE UNIQUE. No matter how much people make fun of you always come back and show them they cant hurt you. That is something that half of their songs were about was no one can hurt them by what they say.