DNA 304 Success Secrets - 304 Most Asked Questions On DNA - What You Need To Know

DNA 304 Success Secrets - 304 Most Asked Questions On DNA - What You Need To Know

by John Boyd

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New, complete DNA. Deoxyribonucleic acidic (DNA) is a atom that encodes the hereditary commands applied in the creation and operating of altogether recognized living things and numerous viruses. DNA is a nucleic acid; next to proteins and carbohydrates, nucleic acids devise the 3 chief macromolecules necessary for altogether recognized forms of life. Most DNA particles are double-stranded helices, containing of 2 prolonged Biopolymers produced of easier components named nucleotides—each nucleotide is devised of a nucleobase (guanine, A, T, and cytosine), recorded utilizing the letters G, A, T, and C, as well like a back-bone produced of alternating sugars (deoxyribose) and phosphate groupings (related to phosphoric acid), with the nucleobases (G, A, T, C) connected to the sugars. There has never been a DNA Guide like this.

It contains 304 answers, much more than you can imagine; comprehensive answers and extensive details and references, with insights that have never before been offered in print. Get the information you need--fast! This all-embracing guide offers a thorough view of key knowledge and detailed insight. This Guide introduces what you want to know about DNA.

A quick look inside of some of the subjects covered: DNA computer - Capabilities, Human genetics - Mitochondrial DNA, Human genome - Regulatory DNA sequences, Sedna (database), Recombinant DNA, GeneTree - DNA and Genealogy Services, DNA repair - Pathological effects of poor DNA repair, Recombinant DNA - Creating recombinant DNA, Calorie restriction - Reduced DNA damage, DNA nanoball sequencing - DNA Isolation, fragmentation, and size capture, Extrachromosomal DNA - Prokaryotes, DNA machine, DNA nanotechnology - Materials and methods, DNA microarrays - Experimental design, Genome - DNA transposons, Epigenetics - DNA repair epigenetics in cancer, Library (biology) - cDNA libraries, DNA polymerase - History, DNA repair - DNA repair mechanisms, and much more…

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