DISUNITED “Clan and Kin—Beginning or End

DISUNITED “Clan and Kin—Beginning or End"

by George Morgan

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From a cold rocky island in the North Atlantic, to the tropical South China Sea. The story continues on to a dark but beautiful estate in the center of the South American continent and on to a private Cuban retreat. It all comes full circle back at the home place in the Cherokee lands.
Years of work by a highly regarded group of dedicated professionals had developed a new and highly advanced technology. A technology that went quickly from industrial and healthcare applications, to an incredible weapon. That development, for safety and security, caused the project to be divided and completed at two separate locations. Disunited, applies not only to the division of the project, but the lives that are changed forever by everything it touches.
Antonio Velasquez, a vicious and highly successful arms dealer, along with his beautiful but lethal protégé Tori Santana, are operating from a private and secret base in the heart of South America. They want what they don’t have, so the battle for this latest technology now begins. Doctor Ben Bryson created it for all the right reasons, but as history has shown time and again, technology can sometimes be a double edged sword.
Bryson’s team quickly figured out that the situation had gone south in a hurry. Many people were already dead and now Olivia Bryson was missing. It was time to go back home, pull in their family and friends and protect the ones they loved from a darkness that was hiding far away.
Besides being a top research and developmental scientist for an international partnership, Dr. Bryson controls a small but highly trained and effective band of mercenaries led by Chace Bowman. They are all part of his home world and they are all fiercely loyal to the people, and the land they love. They’ll come to prove it when it is threatened.
Devan Bryson, Alex Nations, and Steve Bowman, are three young people, and the next generation of the clan. Their lives are forever changed by the stark events that seem to touch on every basic human emotion, from the kindest to the cruelest.
Old unions are broken by invoking betrayal and death while new unions are forged through love, passion, loyalty and friendship. Now the clan and kin must stand their ground at the farm compound in and around the Cherokee lands of the Great Smoky Mountains in North Carolina.
DISUNITED is a beginning with an end, and a beginning again.

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BN ID: 2940148266372
Publisher: Brighton Publishing LLC
Publication date: 02/03/2014
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 275
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About the Author

George Morgan was born in New Jersey during the period of political unrest caused by fears of communism and free thinking groups staged in the United States.
His family relocated to a community in southern Paraguay that had originally been established during the period in Great Britain when German Christians were fleeing persecution in that country. Those groups were there after escaping from Germany, and Hitler’s Nazi takeover.
There in Paraguay he was brought up among other families that had left their former lives in various countries around the world. He lived there in a landscape of horse drawn wagons, thatched roofed homes with dirt floors and communal living.
A three-village triangle set miles apart of farming, ranching, and manufacturing made up the only world he knew as a child.
The early sixties found him back in America settled into a different sort of community of Quaker and Friends, tucked neatly away in a beautiful valley below the Black Mountain range of the North Carolina Blue Ridge Mountains that made up some of the southern mountains of the Appalachians.
He was educated in the rural mountain schools and was well acquainted with the strong bonds of the local people and families there. Coming to learn the term that “poor folks has got poor ways” and that somehow in the end, it made no difference at all.
He knew what kin folk meant, and that, “come stay the night with us,” was a strong vote of acceptance and an outstretched hand of friendship and mutual understanding.
With his father as a political activist, he was exposed to the emotions and actions of first the civil rights, and then the antiwar movements of the times.
Leaving home for days at a time to go into the hills as a young boy and young man, he lived under the sky with close friends, catching brook trout to cook over an open fire with a side of hush puppies and wild onions.
He later moved away to locations north and south, working and learning about the human way, but always returning after two to four years to his Carolina home. Finally giving up his roaming ways, he settled in the Great Smoky Mountains, in and around Asheville where he lives and works today with his wife and two children.

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