Disney Stories: Getting to Digital

Disney Stories: Getting to Digital

by Newton Lee, Krystina Madej


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Disney Stories: Getting to Digital explores how Disney, the man and the company, used technological innovation to create characters and stories that engage audiences in many different media, in particular in Video Games and on the Internet.

Drawing on Disney films from the twenties and thirties, as well as the writings of historians, screenwriters and producers, Disney Stories: Getting to Digital explains how new film and animation techniques, many developed by Disney, worked together to evolve character and content development and produce entertaining stories that riveted audiences.

Through an insider’s perspective of Disney’s legendary creation process, the book closely examines how the Disney Company moved its stories into the digital world in the 1990s and the virtual, online communities of the 2000s. By embracing the digital era, Disney led storytelling and technological innovation by granting their audience the unique opportunity to take part in their creation process through their online games, including The Lion King Animated Story Book, Disney Blast and Toontown.

Disney Stories: Getting to Digital is intended for Disney fans and current practitioners looking to study the creation process of one of the most famous animation studios in existence. Professors teaching courses in new media, animation and interactive storytelling will also find this book a valuable asset.

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ISBN-13: 9781461421009
Publisher: Springer New York
Publication date: 04/26/2012
Edition description: 2012
Pages: 196
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.02(d)

About the Author

Newton Lee is CEO of Newton Lee Laboratories, president of the Institute for Education, Research, and Scholarships, and founder and co-editor-in-chief of ACM Computers in Entertainment. During a decade of tenure at Disney Online from 1996 to 2006, he led the technical team of the Disney Online Games Group in producing over 100 online games and activities for Disney's websites including Disney.com and Disney’s Blast.

Krystina Madej is Visiting Assistant Professor at the School for Literature, Culture and Communication at Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, and Adjunct Professor with the School for Interactive Arts and Technology at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver. For many years her research interest has been the characteristics of narrative that create meaning, especially those that are shared across print and digital media. Before returning to academia in 1999 she enjoyed a successful career as a communications designer.

Table of Contents

Preface: An Interview with Roy E. Disney.- Introduction: Stories Across Media.- From gags to stories.- From watching to experiencing across media.- From interacting to creating and sharing.- Epilogue: A Personal Journey with Newton Lee.

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Disney Stories: Getting to Digital 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Filmlover2008 More than 1 year ago
This book will be of great interest to Disney historians and also to lovers of Hollywood history in general. The title mentions digital, and it does get there, but early on much of the book explores the entire history of Disney progress, both analog and digital, such as the creation of the Disney Master Narrative. I love the Golden Era of Hollywood and I read/watch all I can about it but there are quite a few things in this book that I didn't know about Walt Disney the man. Amazing to think that this guy's vision turned into one of the biggest, best-known companies in history. The book covers the origins of Mickey Mouse, the live shows, the Mickey Mouse clubs on radio then TV, the films, the transitions into digital, it is very thorough. What's different and compelling about this book is that most such books are written by historians but this one was clearly written by a digital person, by someone who worked with the 21st-century version of Disney. Never seen Hollywood history from this perspective but I love it. Towards the end the author includes a personal journey, in reading through the earlier pages I was wondering about the author and his motivations for writing this book, I looked forward to finding these answers. My final thought is that this is a book in two parts: it covers Disney history and progress in both analog and digital areas and so makes for a fascinating read. Highly recommend.
Voland More than 1 year ago
I really love this book! It is a fantastic guide to building a successful career in computer games and entertainment industry. This book combines an interesting life story, the history of animation and practical advice!!! Three in ONE!:)
LeslieWilson More than 1 year ago
Meticulously researched and elegantly written by Newton Lee and Krystina Madej, Disney Stories discusses key moments in The Walt Disney Company's forays into digital entertainment. Detailed descriptions of the agile software development methodology used for Daily Blast, Disney's flagship online subscription product for children, are particularly interesting. Newton Lee was a key engineer and technical guru for the Walt Disney Internet group. His recollections of the early days of Disney's web presence capture some of the excitement of that time.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago