Disney Epic Mickey: Prima Official Game Guide

Disney Epic Mickey: Prima Official Game Guide

by Prima Games Staff, Mike Searle


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• Wield Paint and Paint Thinner like a pro with our expert tips on exploring and fighting!
• Playstyle Matters: Your actions and decisions have consequences! Our guide will help you choose the best paths for the outcomes you want as you help Mickey in his quest to save Wasteland.
• Extensive walkthroughs reveal the secrets behind every quest, puzzle, boss battle, and hidden area!
• Complete enemy descriptions and boss breakdowns provide tips on how to survive the harrowing encounters, and the consequences of befriending or defeating your foes!
• Collect every Disney Epic Mickey pin and piece of concept art with our step-by-step visual guide to all the hidden unlocks!
• More than 40 fully labeled world maps guide your exploration of Wasteland so you can get the most out of each level!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780307470850
Publisher: DK Games
Publication date: 11/30/2010
Pages: 288
Product dimensions: 11.00(w) x 11.70(h) x 0.60(d)

Table of Contents

The Basics
Your Screen Your Moves Paint Thinner Combat Sketches Guardians Gremlins and Pals Questing Pins, Extra Content, and Film Reels Shops Enemies Auto-Save

Entering Wasteland
Wasteland and Its Worlds Critical Path and Side Quests Junction Points Maximizing Your Resources Collecting Extras Playthroughs How to Use the Walkthroughs

Dark Beauty Castle Gremlin Village Mean Street and OsTown Mickeyjunk Mountain Tomorrow City Pirates of the Wasteland Lonesome Manor Beating the Blot

Extra Content Film Reels Junction Points Pins Quests

Reading Group Guide

Guide Mickey Mouse and his special Paint and Thinner abilities on an epic journey from chains in Dark Beauty Castle to the heights of Mickeyjunk Mountain. Do you have what it takes to save a world? Before you dissolve in a Thinner bath or get flattened by a Slobber, read through The Basics chapter to learn basic strategies along with a few advanced tips for the experts-in-training.

Dragged into Wasteland by the mysterious Shadow Blot, Mickey enters a world filled with forgotten cartoons and dangerous creations that were formed due to his earlier mistake in the magical workshop. Playing as Mickey, you must guide him from sinister worlds like Dark Beauty Castle to twisted worlds like Mickeyjunk Mountain and finally to a confrontation with the Shadow Blot itself. The Entering Wasteland chapter covers all the levels in all seven worlds within Wasteland, plus tips on questing, Junction Points, resources, and extras.

In our Walkthroughs chapter, follow Mickey's journey through the worlds of Wasteland: we cover the critical path, plus all the side quests, so you don't miss anything. The gameplay in Disney Epic Mickeychanges depending on the choices you make, and we highlight all the game-changing decisions in our special Junction Point boxouts. Optimize your playthroughs using our detailed mission strategies (complete with boss battle tactics) so you can eventually collect all the extras in the game!

Use the Appendix chapter to track your progress. Make sure you discover all the Extra Content and Film Reels using our complete lists. Change the outcome of your game by referring to our Junction Point tables, which describe every important decision Mickey faces and how those decisions affect the story. Our comprehensive lists will also guide you to every single Pin and Quest so you don't miss out on anything!

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