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Discover Our Planet

by Lucas Wiedemann


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The understanding of various business processes and of the concept of value chain management is a fundamental key to success and to determine the right strategy. Choosing the appropriate strategy is about as important as the selection of services and products for a company.

Each strategy has the consequence that a major administrative expense is connected and affects the flexibility of a business to a large extent. Even with the option of a version that provides a great freedom in each of the areas is very important that all activities may be monitored and set in some way.

One must be aware that each strategy comes with inherent risks and the need to weigh the risks versus the benefits must be very carefully structured. The value chain management arising require a clear definition and control. Last but not least, the quality and the efficient use of resources and a high quality today is a fundamental factor for the success of a company.

In this book I would like to make you familiar with the factors and the risks associated with the choice of business strategy. In a second step, I will occupy myself with the general values and the difficulty in controlling the building of value chain management.

This book does not claim to be exhaustive, but it will give you an insight into the topic of business processes and value chain management.

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Publication date: 04/23/2013
Pages: 32
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