Dirty Diamonds

Dirty Diamonds

by Alice CooperAlice Cooper


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When the big fat advances from big fat record companies dried up, Alice Cooper pared down his sound and came to terms with his inner garage on the nearly overdubless The Eyes of Alice Cooper. The album was worthy redemption from the big-money blandness of his mid-'80s recordings and a nice return to form after flirting with the industrial-flavored metal that defined his late-'90s material. Dirty Diamonds stays the course, and while it's not Killer or Love It to Death, it at least sounds like it's from the guy who was responsible for those classics. Fortunately, Alice is well aware of his age, and without teen angst as his focus, he turns to hedonism, sexy women, and sly, sicko humor played bar band style by one of the tightest crews he's ever fronted. Delivered in an exaggerated Johnny Cash style, "I'm in jail in a Texas town/In my sister's wedding gown" opens the bizarre "The Saga of Jesse Jane," a tale of a trucker who drives his rig all night listening to Judy Garland. It's inspired, as is the cover of the Left Banke's "Pretty Ballerina" (harpsichord, flute, and all), the reckless party tune "Steal That Car," and the slinking "Six Hours," which smells a lot like Cooper during his Bob Ezrin heyday until the dramatic bridge comes along and makes the likeness uncanny. The album is filled with surprises, but recalling his Flush the Fashion era with the robotic snarl on "Your Own Worst Enemy" takes the cake for Cooper fanatics. The catchy "Perfect" is a worthy single and the filler is clearly marked "bonus track." Ending the album with the Southern-fried, horror show "Zombie Dance" would have made more sense, since "Stand" with rapper Xzibit -- lifted from Unity: The Official Athens 2004 Olympic Games Album -- is silly and forced. Those are traits the rest of this fine album avoids like they were poison, or for that matter, "Poison."

Product Details

Release Date: 08/02/2005
Label: New West Records
UPC: 0607396607822
catalogNumber: 6078
Rank: 3275

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Alice Cooper   Primary Artist,Harmonica,Vocals,Group Member
Peggi Blu   Background Vocals
Edna Wright   Background Vocals
Bridget Benenate   Background Vocals
Rick Boston   Acoustic Guitar,Bass,12-string Guitar,Soloist
Lenny Castro   Percussion,Tambourine
Jim Cox   Keyboards
Dinah Englund   Background Vocals
Tony Gilkyson   Electric Guitar
Mark Hudson   Background Vocals
Damon Johnson   Bass,Guitar,Bass Guitar,Background Vocals,Group Member
Mark Lennon   Background Vocals
Steve Lindsey   Organ,Guitar,Piano,Keyboards,Tambourine,Moog Synthesizer,Shaker,Moog Bass
Lyle Workman   Guitar
Ryan Roxie   Guitar,Background Vocals,Group Member
Mark Hollingsworth   Flute,Saxophone
Mike Elizondo   Bass,Guitar
Daniel Lenz   Synthesizer
John "4 Daddman" Robinson   Drums
Chuck Garric   Bass,Guitar,Bass Guitar,Background Vocals,Group Member
Tommy Cufetos   Drums,Background Vocals,Group Member
Chris Tedesco   Trumpet
Teddy Andreadis   Organ,Piano

Technical Credits

Alice Cooper   Composer
Bridget Benenate   Composer
Rick Boston   Composer,Producer,Engineer,Horn Arrangements
Shep Gordon   Management
Mark Hudson   Composer,Vocal Arrangements
Damon Johnson   Composer
Steve Lindsey   Producer,Horn Arrangements,String Ensemble
Gabe Veltri   Engineer
Ryan Roxie   Composer
Xzibit   Composer
Katherine Delaney   Art Direction
Mike Elizondo   Composer
Toby B. Mamis   Management
Daniel Lenz   Loop
Curtis Evans   Logo,Logo Design
Adam Hawkins   Engineer
Chuck Garric   Composer
Benji Hughes   Composer
Steve N' Rick   Audio Production

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Dirty Diamonds 3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Terrific CD! This is pure classic Cooper, just like Eyes. Definitely more "produced" (ie: professional, I guess) than Eyes, but equally satisfying! My favorites include "Perfect," "You Make Me Wanna," "Sunset Babies (All Got Rabies_," and "Run Down the Devil." All in all, a great CD!
Guest More than 1 year ago
It's obvious from reading the other reviews at this site that "Dirty Diamonds" has impressed many fans and alienated a few. If you came to Alice via the "Brutal Planet" nu-metal years, or earlier during the MCA/"Constictor" era, and never bothered to investigate the history of the artist, then "Dirty Diamonds" may come as a surprise. But those who know the history not just of AC but of the Alice Cooper Group will recognize the many bizarre and singular elements that made early Cooper so great. It's all here, refined and polished for a new millennium, to be sure, but one of Cooper's best solo albums. Writing and recording with his touring band has given Alice a shot in the arm, and this album is 46:46 minutes of pure rock and roll (with the possible exception of the bonus rap track, which isn't as terrible as some would have you believe).
Guest More than 1 year ago
I've been a huge Alice Cooper fan all my life and it pains me to say that Dirty Diamonds is a lame duck. Sure there are a few good tracks on this album. Woman of Mass Distraction, Sunset Babies, even the horrid Steal That Car are alright at best but what's lacking on this album is the essence of Alice Cooper. There are no moments of Welcome To My Nightmare, Killer, Dead Babies, or even Dwight Fry on this album. It's alright to rock out like all get out but for Alice Cooper Dirty Diamonds misses an important element...the sick, twisted, and perverted half of what the character of Alice Cooper is. What this album gives the listener instead is just The Eyes Of Alice Cooper part 2. This time it's nothing but a Rolling Stones/ Jet/ White Stripes record with only Alice Cooper's name added to this vile mix. If Alice had listened to The Cult's Love and Electric and wrote songs that were more suited to him he'd have a better record. Listen at your own risk.
Guest More than 1 year ago
No Alice Cooper fan would miss the fact that is the real Cooper -- the Harry Mancini spy music on the title track, the transsexual cowboy lament Jesse Jane, and the Detroit motor city rock of Steal That Car...it's classic Cooper, ca. 1974. Maybe it sounds like Jet if you knew Alice when Kip Winger was in the band, but any longtime fans will lick this up. Congrats to Alice for making real music again.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This cd is the worst from Alice Cooper. Sorry Alice, but go back to the studio and record a better album. If you bought thjis album quickly go back to the store and get a refund. Dirty Diamonds isn't worth the money.
Guest More than 1 year ago
What a wonderful album Dirty Diamonds is, This is by far the best Alice Cooper Album since the album "From The Inside" This is classic Alice going back to what he does best. Forget the newer industrial albums Brutal Planet & Dragontown and also forget Alices return to classic sound Eyes, Dirty Diamonds runs circles around it... This album is awesome, I have listened to it over 75+ times now and I never tire of it, Dirty Diamonds will become a classic.. GET YOUR COPY TODAY AND ENJOY THE RIDE.
Guest More than 1 year ago
One of the best albums I have ever heard! Nothing but the best from the best! This is a return to the pure Alice Cooper formula as you can get. Just great rockers that will take you back to the prime of Alice Cooper. Marilyn Manson can learn a thing or two from this guy.. hell about everyone in rock can! LONG LIVE THE COOP!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Save your money and buy something else. Alice's return to garage rock is just ....wrong. While Eyes Of Alice Cooper had a few good songs on it Dirty Diamonds. Alice can do ALOT better than this and I'm hoping that for the next album, he gets more Alice'esque.