DIDO THE DANCING BEAR - a Children's Animal Story: The 12 Adventure of Dido the Dancing Bear

DIDO THE DANCING BEAR - a Children's Animal Story: The 12 Adventure of Dido the Dancing Bear

by Richard Barnum

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In the woods, on top of a mountain, in a far-off country there once lived a family of nice bears. The author calls them nice bears, for they were. Of course they had long claws, and sharp teeth, but they never bit anyone, or scratched anyone, because there was no-one living in that part of the woods who bothered them, or shot at them or teased them.

The bears lived quietly by themselves in a den amongst the rocks. It was a nice, cosy, warm place. In this den lived five bears. There was Mr. Bear, the papa, and Mrs. Bear, the mother, and there were three little bear cubs. One little bear was named Gruffo, because he had such a deep, gruff voice, though it was not at all cross. And another bear was named Muffo, because he had such big, soft furry paws that when he folded them together it looked just as if he were carrying a muff. And there was the smallest of the three, called Dido.

Now, in this book, the author is going to tell twelve of the adventures Dido had. They are:
I Dido Cuts Up
II Dido Is Caught
III Dido Is Trained
IV Dido Learns To Dance
V Dido Crosses The Ocean
VI Dido In The Country
VII Dido Meets Don
VIII Dido Helps A Girl
IX Dido In The Bakery
X Dido Scares A Man
XI Dido In The Circus
XII Dido In A Fire

In all nursery literature animals have played a conspicuous part; and the reason is obvious, for nothing entertains a child more than the antics of an animal. These stories abound in amusing incidents such as children adore and the characters are so full of life, so appealing to a child's imagination, that none will be satisfied until they have met all of their favorites- Squinty, Slicko, Mappo, and the rest.

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