Diary of a 21st Century prole: The unabridged diaries of Mark Reed living in the 21st Century for the benefit of those people living in the 31st Century ACE

Diary of a 21st Century prole: The unabridged diaries of Mark Reed living in the 21st Century for the benefit of those people living in the 31st Century ACE

by Mark Reed


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This book is intended to be a sort of time capsule (in literary terms as well as actually being in a physical time capsule) as to how people lived, worked, played, thought and generally co existed with each other in the 21st Century. It is a sort of "lite" "Samuel Pepys Diary" of the 21st Century or a 21st Century "Bayeux Tapestry" of our lives and times and trials and tribulations. In 1000 years time the idea is that the time capsule will be opened and this book and a few other choice 21st century items will pop out and delight the assembled dignitaries with these archaic documents and objects.

Think of how archaeologists in Egypt open a sealed tomb, such as Tutankhamen's tomb opened by Lord Carnarvon and Howard Carter in 1922. The objects were beautiful including, gold ornaments, precious stones, wooden items, chairs, even a ship was found in the hidden tomb. The objects transfixed society when they were found and made ordinary people think about the life of this boy pharaoh that lived three and half thousand years ago in distant Egypt. I am hoping that my book will throw a light on the trivial and minutiae way that we live our lives in this century so as to captivate a future generation with what it was really like to live in today's world, which to the citizens of 31st century London or New York will be a primitive and possibly as prehistoric as we now think of everyday life in ancient Egypt or Anglo Saxon Britain in 1066.

We cannot even begin to try and think as to how people will be living in 1000 years time, could the Pharaoh 3500 years ago have in any way imagined as to how we live our lives today, the cars, airplanes, telephones, medicines, computers, it would all seem like magic and sorcery to him. It would be totally unimaginable. You might say that there are already records of how we live today from newspapers, TV news footage, other books, Wikipedia, and the like. I would agree that future generations might know who was our Queen and who was Prime Minister, however it is doubtful if they would know what it was like to get on a stuffy crowded Northern Line Underground Train in the rush hour or what it was like to actually work in a 21st century office or go for a walk in the local park. All these things cannot be shown on a newsreel or documentary programme. I have gone into some detailed minutiae of how we live, work, have fun, play. What we think about. How we socialise and interact with each other our fears and hopes for our children and much more details and musings and general asides and ramblings to enlighten and to entertain, hopefully this generation of readers and the future generations of readers.

"The diary of a 21st Century Prole" is a day by day diary of my life, times and experiences since beginning this epic task in 2011. This companion diary covers 2011 and 2012 and already covers major changes in my life from working in Clapham Junction in 2011 to now working in Gerrards Cross and many other changes in my life as they occur, (each year for the foreseeable future another edition will be written). I am hoping that by reading both books and more diaries as they are completed ,today's generation will be amused and entertained by my antics and travails and future generations will be enthralled by such issues as, "getting a seat on The Northern Line" or "purchasing a SubWay sandwich for lunch ? " The areas covering office politics are simply Machiavellian (very complex and complicated) in nature and show people exactly what it was like during the cut and thrust of today's office politics in an open plan office.

To the mind of a citizen of 31st century USA or Euro Land our way of life will seem primitive and barbaric, full of people dying from cancers and diseases that will have been eradicated by then. We feel that millions of people died senselessly from ailments such as the common cold and influenza in the 18th and 19th centuries as they did not know about antibiotics and other drugs

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