Devotions for Sacred Parenting

Devotions for Sacred Parenting

by Gary L. Thomas


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Raising children is a sacred calling—and not for the faint of heart. It shapes the parent every bit as much as parents shape their children. In Devotions for Sacred Parenting, Gary Thomas, author of Sacred Parenting, delves deeper into the conversation and contemplates the soul-transforming journey of being a parent.

Many books have been written about how to parent your children effectively, how to become a better parent, and how effective parenting produces better kids. Devotions for Sacred Parenting explores an entirely different reality: how parenting transforms you, the parent. It explores the spiritual dynamics of parenting and why caring for your children is such an effective discipline in shaping your soul and forming the character of Christ within you.

With all new material, 52 devotions explore the spiritual dynamics of parenting. These life-related devotions are creative, fresh, and encouraging, inspiring mothers and fathers to look at parenting from a different perspective—as a holy and high calling from God, and as an opportunity to grow spiritually as you strive to raise godly children. Devotions for Sacred Parenting helps you understand how God is parenting you as you parent your children.

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ISBN-13: 9780310090694
Publisher: Zondervan
Publication date: 05/01/2018
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 846,224
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 8.10(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Gary Thomas is a writer in residence at Second Baptist Church in Houston, Texas, and an adjunct faculty member teaching on spiritual formation at Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon and Houston Theological Seminary in Houston, Texas. He is the author of 19 books, including When to Walk Away, Sacred Pathways, Cherish, Sacred Parenting, the award-winning Authentic Faith, and Sacred Marriage – over one million copies sold. He has a master’s degree from Regent College, where he studied under Dr. J.I. Packer, and was awarded an honorary doctorate in divinity from Western Seminary. Gary has spoken in 49 states and 10 different countries. He has appeared numerous times on various national radio and television programs, including CBN, Focus on the Family and Family Life Today.

Table of Contents

1 God is in the Room 1

2 The Right Person for the Job 4

3 A Lasting Mark 8

4 Bringing Joy to Our Heavenly Father 12

5 Bring the Boy to Me 15

6 Hiding 20

7 A Season of Sacrifice 24

8 What Matters Most 28

9 The Song of the Childless Woman 31

10 Fear Factor 35

11 Rude is Rude 40

12 "It Was Like He Never Existed" 44

13 A Parent to Be Proud Of 48

14 Cut Down 52

15 They Just Don't Understand 56

16 I've Had My Turn 60

17 Crushed Crayons 64

18 Hating Sin 69

19 Eleven-Minute Showers 73

20 Humble Pie 77

21 The Happiest Day and the Bigger Blow 81

22 Farsighted 85

23 The Vice of the Virtuous 90

24 Cursed Silence 94

25 Stop Judging and Start Loving 98

26 Quiet 102

27 A House of Love 106

28 The Eight-Pound Seminary Professor 109

29 Be Tender, But Be True 113

30 Nothing in Common 117

31 "Thanks for Stopping By" 121

32 Cross Appointments 124

33 You Complete Me 129

34 Real Life 133

35 Finger-Pointing 136

36 Leading to Righteousness 140

37 Remember You'll Be Remembered 144

38 Taken for Granted 148

39 Treat 'Em Like Grandkids 152

40 For the Kids 156

41 The Great Pursuit 162

42 Pointing Toward the Stable 166

43 Immortals in Our House 170

44 Overwhelmed 173

45 Shameful Happiness 176

46 Cooperative Parenting 179

47 What You Were Born to Do 183

48 Divine Disillusionment 187

49 The Great Transfer 192

50 The Truth of Tolerance 196

51 A Little Slice of Heaven 199

52 A Picture Prophecy 203

Notes 209

About Gary Thomas 214

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