Devil's Guard: The Complete Series Box Set

Devil's Guard: The Complete Series Box Set

by Eric Meyer

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The complete SIX-BOOK bestselling series that has sold over a million copies. Devil’s Guard traces the exploits of a German who fought in World War II on the Eastern Front, and went on to fight for the French and then the Americans in Vietnam. This massive volume includes the complete text of the novels DEVIL’S GUARD: BLOOD AND SNOW, DEVIL’S GUARD: BLOOD AND IRON, DEVIL’S GUARD: THE REAL STORY, DEVIL’S GUARD: VIETNAM, DEVIL’S GUARD: COUNTERATTACK, AND DEVIL’S GUARD: AFGHANISTAN. These epic novels are a breathtaking account of the harsh, brutal reality of one man’s war.

Jurgen Hoffman’s grueling career takes him from the vast snowy wastelands of the Russian Steppes, all the way to the steaming jungles of Vietnam. His enemy shouts the same, shrill slogans, and uses the same weapons. On the Eastern Front in Russia, they call themselves communists. In Vietnam, they are the Vietcong. Their motivation is the same. Killing, and more killing. To subdue and terrorize those who would challenge their absolute authority.

This is a fictional tale of the part one man played in the long, bloody battles. It is also the story of millions of fighting men. Of their guns, their tanks, their airplanes, and for some, their women.

Six full length novels. A rip roaring read from the first page to the last.

This box-set includes every book in the bestselling Devil’s Guard series:


It is February 1943 in the snowy wastes around Kharkov, in the Soviet Union. Stalingrad has fallen and a resurgent Soviet army is pushing the German forces back. Newly commissioned Jurgen Hoffman takes up his posting with SS Division Das Reich, part of von Manstein's Army Group South. He soon displays formidable military talents in a series of brutal, hard fought actions, but he finds his enemies do not all wear Russian uniform.

The second thrilling book in the Devil's Guard series. The SS Officer Jurgen Hoffman has another battle to face. Kursk, the showdown between German and Soviet armor. The story begins before the battle when the commanders of both sides are fighting an intelligence war. Sent on a mission behind the lines into the heavily defended Kursk salient, Hoffman and the remnants of his platoon fight their way back to their own lines.


The French Foreign Legion recruited widely from German soldiers left unemployed and homeless by the defeat of Germany in 1945. They offered a new identity and passport to men who could bring their fighting skills to the jungles and rice paddies of what was to become Vietnam. They were ruthless, trained killers, brutalized by the war on the Eastern Front, their murderous abilities honed to a razor's edge.


There is to be no respite for the Waffen-SS veterans who fought for the French against the Vietcong. Some of the veterans still fight the communists, but this time for the Americans. Jurgen Hoffman and Paul Schuster are compelled to use their brutal fighting skills and expert knowledge of the terrain to once more wage a secret war in the steaming cauldron of the South East Asian jungle. The Devil's Guard is on the march again.


It is 1968, and the fighting in Vietnam escalates. Body counts continue to rise, and the fighter-bombers and gunships prowl the skies in the relentless hunt for their elusive enemy. Jurgen Hoffman is no longer in uniform. He runs a small civilian airline, with other old comrades from his time with the French Foreign Legion. They have left the war behind, until their hopes of peace are abruptly shattered.


The war in Vietnam is over, yet the descendants of those who fought there are pulled into a new war. Afghanistan. Flying freight for his bush pilot airline, Max Hoffman, descendant of an alternative agenda – personal gain and profit at any cost.

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About the Author

Eric is UK author of over fifteen books. He is a graduate of University College, Cardiff, where he studied politics. He served part-time in the Commandos, the Royal Marines Reserve, reaching the rank of Colour Sergeant. During his service he was seconded to take part in and lead a number of sensitive and classified missions, as well as undertake instructor assignments in a number of Special Forces schools. During this time he pursued a full-time career as an independent coach and consultant, working with various blue chip and smaller organisations. Eric Meyer has developed a specialty as a motivational coach, and drew heavily on his military experience to give his clients the tools for leadership, initiative and audacity that are the mark of the small unit commander.

Working with a number of authors and experts, he has been co-writer on a number of self-improvement and motivational titles. As an author, his books are sold all over the world in paperback, hardback and ebook format. He writes mainly in the genres of military thriller, and detective thriller. Indeed, his first novel, Devil's Guard, The Real Story, is a fact based novel based on the French IndoChina war in what is now known as Vietnam. With a number of novels set during World War II on the Eastern Front, as well as novels of the Vietnam War, his military experience is reflected in a range of war fiction titles. The detective thrillers are based on an NYPD detective, Gabriel de Sade, a Special Forces veteran.

He has also presented a number of documentary films, mostly exploring historical subjects ranging from early Christian history to the mystical brilliance of Leonardo da Vinci.

Eric is married with three children, and still pursues his military and historical research in his available spare time. He is also a keen runner, and has achieved success in a number of road and off-road races, including fell-running, the challenging sport of competitive running across hill ranges in the countryside. Throughout his career he has combined his extensive and growing knowledge of military affairs with his zest for the latest motivational tools to produce novels that will both thrill and entertain the reader. Current projects include research into the causes and progress of the war in Afghanistan. Currently, Eric Meyer is a full-time novelist.

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