Detroit Speed's How to Build a Pro Touring Car

Detroit Speed's How to Build a Pro Touring Car

by Tommy Lee Byrd, Kyle Tucker


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Trends in automotive modification come and go; some are outlandish, some are practical. Currently, the trend is Pro Touring. While it’s expensive, it definitely leans toward the practical. It was originally a name used for GM cars, but “Pro Touring” has come to mean a style for all cars from many years. It is essentially the art of adding modern technology to aged designs to create cars that start, stop, drive, handle, and behave like modern performance cars. You can do this in many ways and choose from many suppliers.

Detroit Speed is at the forefront of the Pro Touring movement. The company is in a unique position to design and manufacture parts; they also build cars and test the parts for their effectiveness on the street and track. Kyle and Stacy Tucker have used their considerable engineering skill and marketing savvy to create a unique company that leads the Pro Touring movement.

You will discover the history of Detroit Speed and how they design performance parts. Learn-to-install sections cover front subframe and rear suspension assemblies as well as upgrades to wheel tubs, brakes, fuel system, driveline, cooling system, and more; also included is an LS swap. The featured cars are customer builds as well as Detroit Speed test cars including a number of different Chevrolet products, a 1966 Mustang, and a 1969 Charger. Detroit Speed's How to Build a Pro Touring Car is an important edition to every performance enthusiast's library.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781613251379
Publisher: CarTech, Incorporated
Publication date: 10/15/2014
Series: SA Design
Pages: 144
Sales rank: 779,792
Product dimensions: 8.40(w) x 10.90(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

Tommy Lee Byrd is a nationally known contributor to many automotive enthusiast magazines including Street Rod Builder and Hot Rod. He has many years of experience writing automotive articles (from features to technical how-to) and shooting pro-level photographs. Tommy grew up the son of an expert custom auto body and paint man, and calls Dayton, Tennessee, his home.

Author Kyle Tucker and his wife Stacey are the founders and co-owners of Detroit Speed and Engineering. Kyle attended the University of Missouri – Rolla where he graduated with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. He worked at General Motors in Detroit as a college co-op and after graduation hired in as a Suspension Test and Development Engineer at the Milford Proving Ground.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Kyle Busch 4

Introduction 5

Chapter 1: Pro Touring Explained 7

Why Pro Touring? 8

Choose Your Poison 12

Who Is Detroit Speed? 16

Chapter 2: Skills, Techniques and Tools 20

Who Can Build a Pro Touring Car? 20

Where Can a Pro Touring Car Be Built? 23

What Tools Are Needed? 24

Chapter 3: Chassis 29

Body-On-Frame 29

Unibody 31

Subframe Connectors 33

Roll Cage 34

Mini-Tubs 35

Project: Deep Tubs Installation 36

Chapter 4: Front Suspension 40

Geometry 101 42

Ride Height 45

Subframe and Front Suspension Assembly 46

Control Arms 48

Bushings and Ball Joints 50

Spindles 51

Springs and Shocks 52

Anti-Roll Bar 53

Steering 54

Alignment 55

Project: Subframe Assembly and Installation 56

Chapter 5: Rear Suspension 60

Leaf-Spring Suspension 62

Multi-Link Suspension 64

Rear-End Housing 67

Ride Height 71

Control Arms 71

Springs 72

Shocks 73

Track Locator 74

Anti-Roll Bar 75

Project: QUADRALink Rear Suspension Installation 76

Chapter 6: Brakes 81

Rotors 82

Calipers 84

Pads 85

Master Cylinder 86

Lines, Hoses and Fittings 87

Proportioning Valve 87

Fluid 88

Project: Brake System Assembly 88

Chapter 7: Tires and Wheels 92

Tire Sizing and Ratings 93

Wheel Sizing and Construction 95

What Will Fit? 97

Chapter 8: Engine and Drivetrain 101

GM LS-Series Engine 102

Ford Modular Engine 104

Modern Hemi Engine 105

Crate Engines 106

Engine Upgrades 107

Making the Swap 108

Transmission 110

Project: Engine Installation 111

Chapter 9: Wiring and Plumbing 115

Power Source 116

Wiring Harness 117

Plumbing 121

Project: Wiring Harness Installation 124

Chapter 10: Pro Touring Cars 127

1969 Camaro: COPO Conversion 128

1966 Mustang: Fastback Flyer 132

1963 Chevy II: Size Matters 136

1965 Chevelle: Simplicity Wins 140

The Camaros: Eternal Test Cars 143

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