Destiny: An Anthology

Destiny: An Anthology

by Barbara Delinsky

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Two timeless love stories from the New York Times bestselling author of contemporary women's fiction


Diandra Casey and Gregory York are childhood rivals now vying for the same position at the Casey and York department store. So they are shocked to find themselves confined—together!—in an elegant Boston town house, cataloging priceless antiques, to determine who's best for the job. Does the old house hold a surprising fate they cannot resist?

Through My Eyes

Since her husband's death, Jill Moncrieff has lived alone in a small coastal Maine town, cherishing her uncomplicated life. But her best friend is in trouble, and Jill must enlist the help of big-city lawyer Peter Hathaway. He is everything that Jill rejected years ago, so she doesn't expect to fall for him. But now she's imagining a new kind of life…one filled with desire, family and love.

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ISBN-13: 9780373777143
Publisher: Harlequin
Publication date: 08/28/2012
Edition description: Original
Pages: 432
Product dimensions: 4.34(w) x 6.44(h) x 1.18(d)

About the Author

Barbara Delinsky has written more than twenty New York Times bestselling novels, with over thirty million copies in print. Her books are highly emotional, character-driven studies of marriage, parenthood, sibling rivalry and friendship. She is also the author of a breast cancer handbook. A breast cancer survivor herself, Barbara donates her author proceeds from the book to fund a research fellowship at Massachusetts General Hostipal. Visit her at


Newton, Massachusetts

Date of Birth:

August 9, 1945

Place of Birth:

Boston, Massachusetts


B.A. in Psychology, Tufts University, 1967; M.A. in Sociology, Boston College, 1969

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When Diandra Casey's plane was ninety minutes late landing, she feared it was an omen. When she swept through the door of Bartholomew York's spacious penthouse apartment to find Gregory York there, she knew it had been one.

Gregory York was her nemesis. Her first memory of him was when she'd been three and he eight, when he'd lured her into the boxwood labyrinth at his parents' Bar Harbor estate and abandoned her there. Just as she'd learned not to play with fire, she'd learned to be wary of Gregory, and if she'd been able to avoid him completely in the years subsequent to the labyrinth incident, she'd have done so.

It hadn't been possible. The link between their families was complex. Not only were their parents best of friends, but their grandparents—and great-grandparents—had been, as well. Ties dated back to the turn of the century, when Diandra's great-grandfather, Malcolm Casey, had teamed up with Greg's great-grandfather, Henry York, to open a small general store. That general store had grown into a small department store, which had grown into a larger department store, which had grown into two, then three, then more. CayCorp had evolved, and the posh chain known as Casey and York, with branches in the most select and sophisticated of cities, rivaled none.

Within CayCorp, though, there were rivals galore. Each of the seven stores was run by a Casey or a York, and while much good-natured competitive banter flew between them, all banter stopped with the appearance of the annual report. Bartholomew York, chairman of the board and patriarch of the families, read the report cover to cover. He noted how successful each branch was, and if one wasn't performing up to par, he wanted to know why.

No one argued with Old Bart. He'd been around too long and had proved his worth too many times for that. He was a shrewd businessman with an eye for character, which was why, once she'd completed her M.B.A. and an apprenticeship under her father, who ran the Chicago store, Diandra had been named a vice president of CayCorp and put in charge of the Washington, D.C., store. She'd been only twenty-seven at the time, but she'd shown the kind of drive that Bart liked. In the five years since then, she'd successfully rejuvenated that branch of Casey and York that had begun to stagnate.

Gregory had the trend-setting New York store. His job was to keep it in the forefront of high fashion, and for the past ten years he'd succeeded admirably—so much so that Diandra knew he had something up his sleeve. She also knew what it was.

He wanted San Francisco.

For two years, Old Bart had been making noises about opening a branch there. Those noises had consolidated into a single loud signal when, two months before, he'd sent an advance team to scout locations. He hadn't yet decided who would run the store, though, and that made for lively speculation when his back was turned.

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