Desert Melody

Desert Melody

by Laura Evans Serna

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 For generations the Voyan have lived peacefully among Humans, blending in despite their special thought-sharing abilities and unique communal culture. But now a mysterious disease is killing Voyan babies.
Teagan is a Voyan wet nurse saving the lives of newborns. As the mother of a half-Human child, she struggles to fit into the Voyan world. When she falls for Josh, a Human man eager to take on the roles of husband and father, she starts to question her deepest beliefs about her people and her own fate.
Soon Teagan faces threats from unknown and unlikely foes. She must decide what she's willing to risk for a chance at love, security, and a future for her child.

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ISBN-13: 9780998605012
Publisher: Laura Evans Serna
Publication date: 04/17/2017
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 226
File size: 529 KB

About the Author

Laura Evans Serna grew up in Albuquerque wandering the Sandia mountains. Later, she earned an MSc in mathematical modeling at the University of Oxford while pregnant and experiencing motherhood for the first time. She believes the world needs more, not less, of the maternal touch, and she plans to keep writing stories featuring strong, intelligent mothers. She lives in Tokyo with her husband and three daughters.

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Desert Melody 3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Melissa_Ann More than 1 year ago
"Desert Melody" by Laura Evans Serna has both good and bad qualities to it. It's about a woman named Teagan who is part of the Voyan race. In this world there are Voyans, Ahns, as well as humans. On the outside, all three races look the same, but it is there inner workings that differ. Voyans are highly emotional and need to live in communities where they thought share instead of speaking out loud, and Ahns are more science and intelligence oriented. Since the protagonist is Voyan, we get a lot of insight to their world, but not a lot of information on the Ahns is given. I would have liked to know more about this world and how all three races function in it.It seems like humans are for the most part unaware of the other two races, but I wanted to know more. Why are they hidden? Who decides on who knows about the secret races? Teagan is different from the rest of her Voyan family because she had lost the ability to thought share. At first, this made her feel lonely and out of place, but soon she almost welcomed it since she could now focus on studies and science and blend in to the human world. Soon she meets Josh, a human who she falls in love with. Teagan hopes for a life with Josh. One where her and her half-human/half-Voyan daughter will be safe and be together. There's a lot going on in "Desert Melody", and at points all the subplots seem like they get a bit jumbled. I would have liked things to be a bit more streamlined, and believe it would have been easier to get engrossed in the story. The book also ends very abrupt. I'm assuming that a series is in the works, but "Desert Melody" ended in a way that did not seem finished. Most of the problems weren't wrapped up, and it was like someone just cut off the power, fading the story to black before it could finish.