Delos the Island of Miracles: How Delos Can Help You Find a Miracle, Become Your Own Oracle, and Change Your Life

Delos the Island of Miracles: How Delos Can Help You Find a Miracle, Become Your Own Oracle, and Change Your Life


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This book, like a magic carpet, takes readers to Delos.  First, it tells them about the history and mythology and about how light and art helped make miracles here.  Next it takes them into the ancient people’s homes and shops to see Delos out of the eyes of those who lived there. The archaeological section includes drawings with particular points of interest identified and captioned. Finally, the book presents 12 power places on Delos where people experienced miracles for thousands of years, with a map for pilgrimage to those places and suggestions for brief, longer, and multiple day visits to the island. Ceremonies and guided imagery are suggested that invite the visitor—or reader—to experience in the present time the power of Delos to change your life.

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ISBN-13: 9780964518131
Publisher: Gateways Books & Tapes
Publication date: 10/18/2017
Series: Artemis Books Series
Pages: 258
Sales rank: 809,295
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.60(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

George Voulgaris is a licensed archaeological site guide who leads tours to Delos every day. He is the best known Delos guide and is asked for by many famous visitors. Each day, Voulgaris experiences how Delos can heal and changes lives. Michael Samuels M.D. has used creativity, art, and guided imagery with patients with life threatening illness and life crises for over thirty years. He has taught and led spiritual tours to Delos for many years, taking people heal and experience miracles. He is the author of 21 books including Well Body Book, Well Baby Book, Well Pregnancy Book (each sold over 400,000 copies), and the guided imagery classic Seeing With the Mind’s Eye. Iven Lourie has been an enthusiast of Delos, the archaeological site ever since he first visited in 1972.

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How Delos Will Make a Miracle for You

A Story: The Woman Who Heard the Voice of Artemis

She was in her late thirties, spending most of her days and energy dealing with a life that — most of the times — seemed meaningless. She didn't make a bad living, had a cosy one-bedroom apartment, a couple of good friends and a steady job but, somehow, she had fallen out of love with herself and the world around her.

When did that happen? She didn't really know. Looking back, she had tried to spot the moment several times until she realized she didn't have a clue. Did it make any difference, anyway? What she felt, however, is that she definitely needed to find a new source of ... something. Healing, empowerment, love, whatever its name was, she had to find it.

Planning her summer holidays, she could hear the Greek sun and sea calling her. Four months later, she was on the tiny shuttle boat taking a day trip from Mykonos to Delos. She had read somewhere about the abandoned ancient city and the thought of walking the same alleys as people used to do 2000 years ago was exciting. Besides, it was a welcome break from her beach-and-bar holiday that, after a week, was starting to turn into yet another routine.

When she arrived in Delos, she nodded "no" to the tour guide standing at the gate, waiting for the occasional stranded tourist. She didn't want anybody to show her around, she had the strange feeling this was a journey she had to take on her own.

Flicking through the book she had bought at the last minute, her eye fell on the Minoan fountain chapter. Why not start from there? She let her footsteps lead her to it and read the book a bit further. It was an ancient spring of water, embedded into an extremely simple yet visually powerful construction, bearing a dedication: "To Nymph Minoan." She looked down at the water shimmering below her and then closed her eyes. How peaceful it was. Her mind emptied little by little and started to wander ... A public well, a source of life, under the scorching sun. It was no coincidence. She wanted cleansing and rejuvenation, and there it was. In her mind's eye, at the spring, she saw herself as nymph Minoan bathing, every drop of water cooling and cleansing her skin, body and mind. She was surprised by how intensely she felt this. She felt her vital spark illuminated.

Excited and, curiously at peace with this unexpected state of mind, she knew she needed to see more, to experience more of this place. Next, she went to the tomb of the Hyperborean maidens, the ancient place for fertility. In myth, these mystical maidens came on the wind from the North and helped deliver Artemis, the Goddess of the moon. She sat down next to the stone markers and waited, her eyes closed but still aware. In her imagination, she felt each maiden give her a gift, she saw garlands of flowers made and offered to make her as well a mystical maiden. Each garland seemed to fill her with the fertility of feminine energy. She was surprised to discover she felt, at last, genuinely happy in a strange way. This power place made her experience a sense of charm and fecundity, something she hadn't felt for years.

Her next stop was clearer to her now. She went towards the temple of Artemis, goddess of the moon, the main site of grace and feminine power for thousands of years. As she was approaching, she read that this was the place that reorganized the feminine psyche for women in ancient times. She didn't know why, but she knew she was in the right place, at the right time.

She stood there, thinking. "Who is Artemis? What did people do in this place?" She walked through the old foundations, entered what was once Her temple. Walking amongst the remnants, she found a large flat stone. It was hot and she sat, her mind quiet, her body loose. She breathed in and out slowly while everything was quiet around her.

Then, in her imagination, she heard Artemis's voice:

"Do you remember the memories of all women of all time?"

She said, "No."

She heard a cry escape from deep in her womb, and then felt tears rolling down her cheeks, her body shaking, electric from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. She gulped, cried, swallowed, and wiped her cheeks. What was happening to her?

She said, "How could I have forgotten? What happened?"

Artemis replied, "I will help you, I will remind you. I will change your moons to mine, make you, once again, a daughter of the moon."

She shook and cried, surrendering completely. She let it all out and then felt relief in the silence. She was emptied, releasing tears until she sighed again and then started laughing. The heaviness was gone from her, she realized she was now nourished and safe. She felt her cheeks against Her breast, perfectly fed, feeling Her hand patting her on her back. She was complete.

She stayed there for an hour. She simply sat at the temple of Artemis and let the goddess of the moon give her grace and power through the stones, the marble, the sky, the landscape. She let the energy and the place restructure her feminine psyche, for that's what Artemis is and what Artemis did in her temple for thousands of years. She felt new passion, vigor, and purity enter her soul.

When she was ready, she headed back to the boat. Her mission there was accomplished.

She left the island deeply changed ... Powerful, feminine, sexual, a new woman. She has kept this with her for years. She credits this day and Delos for giving her the determination to change her life and listen to the power within her. Delos is a powerful place to reclaim the divine feminine.

The Ancient Energies and the Ancient Monuments of Delos Make Miracles

This book, like the golden arrow of Abaris (a seer and healer who healed the plagues in Athens in 6 B.C and traveled to the mystical lands on a golden arrow) takes you to Delos.

First, we tell you about the history and mythology of the island and about how its light, its monuments and its art helped make miracles.

Next, we start by showing you the place where the people who made it walked and lived. We take you on a personal tour of the excavations, into the people's homes and shops so you can see Delos out of the eyes of those who lived there and feel the city become like yours. This is teaching you archeology based on the excavations of the ancient city.

Finally, we take you to twelve power places on Delos where people experienced miracles for thousands of years and show you how to experience your own miracle. This is spiritual archeology, based on knowledge acquired from excavations, ancient inscriptions, ancient scriptures and literary works, and art about the ceremonies performed in each place.

Experience a Miracle

To help you find your own miracle we have taken twelve basic awarenesses or consciousness principles of ancient Delos and twelve specific healing places that arose from them. We will show you how in each place, you can do your own private meditation or ceremony using the ancient healing energy that the place created just like the woman did in our first story above.

For example, the ancient awareness of Grace and Power created the ancient place, the Temple of Artemis, the Goddess of the moon. The awareness of Grace and Power was felt by people in one spot, so they built a temple there for the goddess Artemis so they could worship that energy on Delos. This temple was then the place that women and men came for thousands of years to feel Grace and Power, to access the power of the feminine. Now ... you can come too and feel this powerful healing energy.

In each of the twelve magic places, you can take the awareness and use the power of the place to encounter your own miracle. For example, in the site of the Hyperborean Maidens, you can use the energy of fertility, to bring fertility and new abundant culture to your life. We will use the twelve ancient Greek energies and the twelve ancient sacred power places on Delos to provide a scaffold for your powerful life change experience and recharge.

This way of using the awareness of consciousness and the place together, is a primordial way of being and is given to us as a gift by Delos. Thus, this is a book about physical archeology (excavations) and spiritual archeology (ceremony, ritual, what was actually done at a site and lived as sensational experience).

By physical archeology we mean a visit to (how to see) the houses and shops by experiencing their existence from excavations. By spiritual archeology, we mean that Delos is an archaeological site but more importantly it was a spiritual center used for sacred transformation and healing. Some of the buildings that have been archaeologically measured, studied, and researched were houses and shops, but more importantly, some also were sacred temples and monuments used for spiritual expression, ceremony, and rebirth.

Delos is now an archaeological site, but it was and is also a sacred place used to achieve spiritual awareness. Generations of archaeologists have spent many years researching and excavating on Delos, and they still don't have all the answers. It is up to us to visit the site, use the knowledge we have, and meditate, thoughtfully, on how we believe the events unfolded. In order to heal yourself you need to put yourself in the footsteps of the ancient people, personally fill in the blanks with your own story and your own life.

We use what we have now, from our present moments of life. For example, if we need all of the information from research to know what a site was used for, what exact ceremony was done in an ancient temple, and we have only a small amount from the archeology research ... we need to fill in the blanks for the rest. How do we fill in the blanks in Delos, how do we grasp what happened there to create miracles? The answer is, we go to Delos, we do ceremony, and we see, feel, and imagine. We go to a place, know the myths, the archaeological research and then ...try to live it with our lives now and see and experience Delos in our own bodies. We feel how Delos made miracles for thousands of years. Delos tells us how in our gut feeling. ...

Spiritual archeology is a personal interpretation of what the site of Delos does to people, and what it should do. The interpretation is based on knowledge we have from ancient writings about Delos and from new research by academic archaeologists. We are thankful to the archaeologists who dedicate their lives in the dirt, digging in the heat and the wind. Spiritual archeology is using the excavations, the records, and the given history, combined with our immediate contact with the remnants and what they means to us now. We finalize the experience with our personal evaluation of its impact on us.

The times of only just knowing what the physical site is are gone and past, and this knowledge is a given. Nowadays, we must try to understand what the site does to each individual. It is superficial just to look at the stones; they need to be felt. Feeling the human activity in the stones is the understanding and the connection to Delos. The stones will energize you; it starts with a buzzing feeling, the energy running through your veins. It starts with a buzzing feeling when you feel what comes to you by energy of the endless human activity that created it. We want you to wonder what was the core behind all that activity. These broken walls and remnants are the proof of immense human energy, and unlike other famous monuments, Delos is very personal with its houses, its streets and its everyday life touching you. In fact, the remnants of an entire ancient city with all pertinent parts, temples, houses, schools, markets, theaters, hospitals, and so on, are there in Delos.

Delos Consciousness

Apollo is the god of the sun. Artemis is the goddess of the moon. As a consequence, Apollo is the god of light consciousness and enlightened thinking. Artemis is the goddess of moon consciousness and goddess of earth energy feeling. Apollo was the god of the culture of thinking. During the height of Delos, 5th century B.C., thinking was the maximum human faculty, and the love for the culture of thinking (philosophy) went beyond anything else. For Greek philosophers at that time, thinking was more important than eating. Artemis was the goddess of women, of nature, and she was the bringer of the light of feeling. When you combine the light of Apollo and the light of Artemis you achieve balance in consciousness. The most important question of the time was: Can you think correctly? Can you organize the buzzing energy of Delos into concrete, absolute, effective thinking that balances male and female consciousness.

The word Consciousness exists in ancient Greek more as a verb than a noun. It means inner knowledge about thoughts, deeds, dispositions, inner knowledge you have about yourself. It means to know within yourself. That was what Delos was about, people would come to have an array of various experiences and to know more. They came to Delos to become conscious, to go into a world where they could learn, participate in the rites, not only to do religious ceremonies but also to live it, like being at a huge spiritual banquet in which all aspects and facets of life were present. Mythology provided the guidelines to life, one had to be very near to the mythical example to know the eventuality and the solution to things.

The ancient myths were like a school, people would have experiences of consciousness — the consciousness of love, of creation, the consciousness of power. All the ancient Greek words we discuss in each place were subsets of consciousness experiences. The words match the learnings of ancient Greek consciousness. In Delos, you did not know where you would find yourself, you were the actor in the play, you could choose a temple where you could have a consciousness experience, a life changing experience, and a healing feast.

So, we are using an archaeological site as a stimulus for you to rejuvenate yourself, to realize yourself. Your personal visit to each site is the experience. The discussions in this book are based on academic work which stimulated us, and this resulting work is like original fiction, it is our personal experience of Delos, based on archaeological research and old literary sources. Each site and symbol will result in a consciousness — and the last chapter will be the summary of the awarenesses, the whole gift of the "Delos Consciousness."


Excerpted from "Delos the Island of Miracles"
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Copyright © 2017 George Voulgaris, Dimitra Voulgaris, and Michael Samuels.
Excerpted by permission of Artemis Books.
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Table of Contents

Editor's Foreword vii

Introduction xi

Section 1 How Delos Made Miracles and Still Makes Miracles Today: The History, the Light and Earth Energy and the Art of (Ancient) Delos

Chapter 1 How Delos Will Make a Miracle for You 1

Chapter 2 What is Delos? 9

Chapter 3 The Story of How Delos Came to Be: Delos History 101 22

Chapter 4 Light Healing and Earth Energy Change Your Physiology to Heal 36

Chapter 5 Art and Healing in Delos: The Pilgrimage Is about Art Healing You 43

Chapter 6 The Journey Begins-Coming to Delos 54

Section 2 Delos as a Physical Experience: The City, Its Streets, Its Homes and Shops. See and Feel How People Lived Their Everyday Life

Chapter 7 Excavations 57

Section 3 Delos As a Spiritual Experience: The Twelve Awarenesses and The Twelve Monuments to Make Your Miracle

Chapter 8 An Introduction for the Very Special Spiritual Visit to the Sanctuary of Delos and the Temples of Its Gods 85

Chapter 9 The Sacred Visits 99

Chapter 10 Awareness: The Temples of Apollo 102

Chapter 11 Power and Grace: The Temple of Artemis 117

Chapter 12 Oracular Power: The House of the Hexagons or the Beehive House 127

Chapter 13 Creation: The Sacred Lake, the Lions, and the Temple of the Great Mother Goddess 136

Chapter 14 Fertility: The Graves of the Hyperborean Maidens 151

Chapter 15 The Source of Life: The Minoan Fountain 157

Chapter 16 Metamorphosis: The Altar of Dionysus 162

Chapter 17 Love: The Temple of Love-Aphrodite and the House of Hermes 171

Chaptet 18 Protection: The Temples of Hera and Isis 184

Chapter 19 Victory: The Mountain, the Cave of Hercules, and the Good Luck Goddess 195

Chapter 20 Health: The Temple of Asclepius 209

Chapter 21 Strength: Rhenia, the Entrance and Exit of Soul Material 214

Section 4 The Lessons of Delos

Chapter 22 Delos Collapses Time 227

Appendix 1 A Special Sacred Visit to the Synagogue of Delos 234

Appendix 2 The Mykonos Archipelago 238

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