Deep Echoes to Deep

Deep Echoes to Deep

by Wren Blackberry




Jeff M'trico led the way to the cave, excited about the opportunity to work with a film crew for a day. When the crew intentionally lost him, he had to rethink his plans.

Deep Echoes to Deep echoes the flight of David from King Saul, exploring the issues of trust and perseverance, the dangling interaction between people who once cared about each other.

Each book in the series is at least 100 pages, which will fit a standard reading requirement length. The books continue chronologically, from one day to the next, with a slight overlap. Many of the topics within the stories correspond to 4th-8th grade learning standards for science, math, and social sciences.

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ISBN-13: 9781411640009
Publication date: 07/28/2005
Pages: 108
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.26(d)
Age Range: 9 - 13 Years

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Jeff reached into the pail and ran his hands through the cracked kernels of dried corn. Each piece gave way like rocks tumbling down a slope, like sand shifting in the pull of a wave. He scooped out a handful and tossed it on the ground. The chickens within the fence immediately scuttled over to him.

He tossed another handful. Working for farmer Morton wasn't so bad. It began as a sort of a punishment for trespassing, but feeling the heat of the sun and talking to farm animals was a great way to clear school clutter out of his head.
Jeff heard a clucking noise beside him.

"You can give them more corn," said Mr. Morton, alternating his clucks with a whistle. Morton inspected the corners of the pen from where he stood. "They haven't been shoveled out that well in months. I like to do a thorough cleaning after the weather warms up."

A week before, Jeff and his friend Kye found some unusual things on Morton's property. Today there was a respect of silence. The farm was going to cycle along normally again. Jeff would have loved to ask Morton more about the strange reptiles he had seen, but his first day of work was not the right time.

He grabbed the shovel and walked over to the next pen. Mr. Morton walked the other direction, trusting Jeff with his initial instructions. Jeff moved the wheelbarrow into position, and started scraping the surface of the ground.

He looked up. A glossy black car zipped up the winding driveway, nearly ignoring the curves and stirring up a cloud of dust. It was Kye's parents' car.

Jeff dragged the shovel behind him, approaching the car as it spun into the central area of small barns. He turned back to Morton. "I'll get this. I know them."

Morton nodded and turned into one of the barns. The animals fussed over the commotion. Mr. Umberto rolled down his window. "I have some news you'll like."

Kye wasn't in the car. Jeff was a little skeptical. Kye was his best friend in the world, but he hardly knew Kye's parents. They never seemed to be at the house. Sometimes they would show up with a group of friends and laugh about a performance they'd just seen, or rant over an art show, or complain how many nights they stayed over at work finishing a project.

The Umbertos trusted their son to take care of himself. Jeff wasn't sure how Kye felt about being alone so much; Kye just carried on like that was the plan.

"So, do you want to know what our great news is?" Mr. Umberto asked eagerly.

Jeff peeked in at Mrs. Umberto. She wore a bold black and white striped shirt, as people did in old movies about France. Her funny little square hat centered on her sleek black hair. When she caught eyes with him, she hopped out of the car and straightened her black leather skirt. She wobbled toward him as her heels navigated the ruts of the dirt road.

Brushing off her heels, she approached Jeff like an old friend. "You will be so excited. We have permission for a camera crew to come and film your creature. You know-the darling creature you found in the swamp with Kye."

Jeff still hadn't spoken, and was not in the mood to start. She clearly was not enticed by the quiet swamp reptile, but by the larger one. He forgot that other people would hear about the creature. One doesn't see a 20-foot tail whip through the night air, and neglect to talk about it.
Mr. Umberto closed the door solidly behind him. "We'd like you to join us in tracking the animal, since you know your way around the neighborhood."
Jeff shook his head, bouncing around his opposition to publicity, his fear of getting in trouble again, his respect for Mr. Morton's requested privacy, and his confusion over what the filming was about.

"It's on Mr. Morton's property," Jeff said in defense.

"Oh sure, we'll talk to Morton of course," chattered Kye's mother. "Our company will pay him for use of the land while we shoot. It's such an incredible opportunity, we want to be the first to capture this. Did you bring the releases, Basil?"
Jeff always wondered if Basil was his real name, or his artsy professional name.

"Of course, Min," Basil Umberto reached in the window and pulled the paper off the dashboard, "with duplicates."

Jeff scrunched up his eyebrows. "Release for what?"

"We need a signature to get insurance for the film crew, for the filming, any damages, model releases to photograph you and Morton, also interview you? the standard procedures."

"Wait-wait-wait," Jeff held up his hand. "You are going to film what?" He felt very protective of Mr. Morton. The knowledge they had shared about the animals was very fragile; if anything became public, Morton's farm would be overrun with spectators.

"Just some prep work for animations. We want to capture the movement of the creature. Breathing, walking, whipping that big tail of hers?." Mr. Umberto seemed so happy. And she obviously intended to look for the big one.

"You're not going to use the footage of the real animal for anything? Just for cell drawings?" Jeff was skeptical, but relieved that the publicity could stay under control. He had an uneasy feeling about opening this secret further, but? these were his best friend's parents.

Table of Contents

1  Legal Ease
2  Old Growth
3  Providence and Greed
4  Equipped to the Hilt
5  Living Legends
6  See Levels
7  A Layer of Film
8  Jeff and the Beanstalk
9  Below Enemy Lines
10  In Dependence
11  Tide and Dried
12  Beware of the Breakers
13  Standing in the Gap
14  A Heart Longs for Streams
15  Conched Out
16  Darkroom Lit
17  Do Not Wake a Sleeping Dragon
18  Escape to Nowhere
19  Dim Dealings
20  Dream On
21  Sunk and Treasured
22  Balancing the Scales

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