Deadly Kisses (Francesca Cahill Series #8)

Deadly Kisses (Francesca Cahill Series #8)

by Brenda Joyce

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Called to the home of her fiancé's former mistress late one night, Francesca finds her curiosity piqued. But upon arrival, she is shocked to find Daisy Jones's bloodied body…and even more devastated when the evidence points to one suspect—her fiancé, Calder.

Francesca cannot—will not—believe that Calder is capable of such an act. Still, she is unable to shake her instinctive sense that Calder is lying about something. The police are far less inclined to believe his innocence, and Calder is arrested for Daisy's murder. But Francesca's heart is not easily swayed…until a life-altering secret is exposed that could destroy their future together.

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ISBN-13: 9780373775477
Publisher: Harlequin
Publication date: 01/25/2011
Series: A Francesca Cahill Novel , #2
Edition description: Original
Pages: 384
Product dimensions: 4.25(w) x 6.75(h) x 1.25(d)

About the Author

Brenda Joyce is a New York Times bestselling author of more than 50 novels and novellas, including the popular and critically acclaimed de Warenne Dynasty Saga, a series of novels set in Regency and Victorian England. She lives on a ranch in Arizona with her dogs, broodmares and the year’s current crop of foals. If she isn’t on the back of a reining horse, she can be found madly at work in her office, penning her latest romance novel.

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Deadly Kisses

By Brenda Joyce


Copyright © 2006 Brenda Joyce
All right reserved.

ISBN: 0778322688

Monday, June 2, 1902, New York City — Before Midnight

"Francesca, I think it's wonderful that you have volunteered to chair the Ladies Citizen Union Funds Committee," Julia Van Wyck Cahill remarked, handing off her ruby-red velvet mantle to the doorman. Slim, beautiful and elegant, and wearing a very famous ruby pendant that had belonged to a Hapsburg princess, she stood with her daughter in the front hall of their Fifth Avenue home, beaming with pleasure.

Francesca, however, was preoccupied. She handed off her own light wrap, a turquoise satin to match her evening gown. "Mama, I did not quite volunteer. I do believe you and Mrs. Astor decided among yourselves to make me co-chair."

Julia's blue eyes widened as she feigned innocent ignorance. "Darling! Whatever makes you say that? My dear, you are the youngest lady to ever chair the committee, and I know you will be superb, Francesca — you always are."

In truth, Francesca did not really mind being named the chair, as her current investigation was so routine. A neighbor had realized that certain items in her attics were missing, including several valuable family heir-looms, and having read all about Francesca's last case in the city's numerous newspapers, she had requested Francesca's sleuthing services. Francesca was almost certainthat Mrs. Canning's son-in-law was the thief.

"It is a good cause and someone has to raise funds for the party." Francesca sighed. "I simply wish you had asked me first if I had the time to give the position all of the effort and attention it deserves."

Julia took her arm. "I'm sorry, dear. Of course, I should have asked."

Francesca knew very well what her mother was about. Julia was a great society hostess, and she had been aghast by Francesca's new profession. Even with Francesca's success, she remained opposed to her daughter's involvement in any investigation, although she seemed relieved that Francesca finally had a case that was neither life threatening nor scandalous in nature. Francesca knew her mother wanted her so preoccupied with fund-raising for the Citizens Union that she would have time for nothing else other than her fiance.

At the thought of Calder Hart, her heart skipped uncontrollably. But then, Hart had that effect on her, from the time they had first met, when she had refused to admit her attraction to and fascination with such a notorious man. He was one of the city's wealthiest millionaires, yet he had come from humble beginnings, born out of wedlock on the city's poverty-stricken Lower East Side. Until recently, in spite of his reputation as a womanizer, he had been considered the greatest catch in town, with almost every socialite vying for his attention for their debutante daughters. Hart, however, preferred to attach himself to infamous courtesans and divorcees, shying away from any serious involvement. Francesca still had to pinch herself from time to time, in order to realize that it was real — she, Francesca Cahill, who owned an equally notorious reputation as an eccentric, a bluestocking and a sleuth, had somehow snagged Calder Hart. These days, when she walked into a supper party or a ball, knives were sharpened and daggers were drawn behind her back. Once, the whispers and gossip had hurt her feelings; now she rather enjoyed the attention. But then, usually Hart was at her side, whispering in her ear, reminding her to revel in the limelight.

All was not perfect, however. Her father was dead set against Hart. An entire month had gone by since Andrew Cahill had broken off their engagement and he did not seem any closer to coming around, never mind that Francesca's mother was so angry she refused to speak to him unless it was absolutely necessary. In fact, Julia continued to gloat about the engagement to her society friends, as if it had not been terminated.

Francesca had come to realize she could not imagine a future without Hart in it, and she was determined to win Andrew over to their cause. Her father was one of the great progressive thinkers and leaders in the city. He was also a great humanitarian, and Francesca admired him immensely. She could not imagine eloping behind his back, although she and Hart had discussed it. This was the first time in her life that she had not been able to gain her way with her father.

Hart had suggested they not push Andrew Cahill just now. Calder was out of town right now, and Francesca missed him terribly.

As if reading her daughter's mind, Julia said softly, "When will Calder return to the city, Francesca?"

"In a day or two, Mama. He is in Boston, tending to his business affairs." Hart's fortune had been amassed through shipping, insurance and the railroads. He was also a world-renowned art collector, with one of the most extensive and valuable privately owned collections in America.

Several months ago, Hart had commissioned her portrait and Francesca had been hugely flattered. The portrait had been a nude, and she had been daring enough to pose for it. Last month, the painting had been completed — and it had also been stolen. With Francesca too upset to think clearly enough to investigate the theft, Hart had put private investigators on the case. But there had been no leads; it was as if the portrait had vanished into thin air. If it ever surfaced publicly, Francesca knew she was finished. She had quite a few enemies, although many of them were now in prison.

Francesca did not want to worry about the missing portrait now. Instead, she thought about her reunion with Hart. She could barely wait to be in his arms, being soundly and thoroughly kissed. "Mama, I am going to bed. It was a pleasant evening," she said, kissing her cheek.

"Yes, it was, wasn't it?" Julia seemed pleased. Andrew Cahill stepped into the spacious front hall, having been outside giving instructions to the coachman for the next morning. Francesca smiled at her father as he handed off his top hat, white gloves and scarf. Dressed in his tuxedo, he was a short man with a rotund build and excessive side whiskers. "Papa? Did you enjoy the affair tonight?" Her sister, every bit as successful a society hostess as Julia, had held a charity supper to raise funds for the vast new public library, soon to be erected on Fifth Avenue and Forty-Second street. There had been a hundred guests, with champagne, caviar, dinner, dessert and dancing, all in the ballroom of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel.

"Of course I did," Andrew said, his expression somber. "It is a fine cause and I look forward to the day the library opens. Francesca, I should like to talk to you in the study before you retire for the night."

Francesca tensed. "Papa, can't it wait?" she began. She had the dreadful feeling he was going to talk to her about Hart, a subject they had carefully avoided for an entire month. Unless he had changed his mind about them, Francesca did not want to hear whatever her father had to say.

"I think we have gone on at great odds for long enough," he said firmly.

Francesca knew that tone. She waited while he kissed Julia's cheek, bidding her good-night. Then Francesca and Andrew started through the front hall, arm in arm. All of the servants had discreetly vanished, and their heels clicked on the black-and-white marble floors.

"I believe Hart is back in town."

Francesca was dismayed. "No, Papa, he is not due back for at least another day, and probably he will not be back until Wednesday."

"Ben Garret saw him this afternoon crossing the street," Andrew said curtly. And finally he softened.

"Or he thought he did. We had lunch and he mentioned your engagement."

There was no mistaking her father's intended subject now. They paused on the threshold of his study, a large library with wood-paneled walls; high, pale green ceilings; hundreds of books, most political or philosophical in nature; electric lights; and the family's single telephone. Beneath the emerald-green marble mantel a small fire crackled in the fireplace.

"Papa, you broke off our engagement," Francesca said softly. But she twisted the huge diamond engagement ring which she still wore, refusing to take it off.

Andrew regarded her unhappily. "I intended to break it off, but your mother has openly defied me, gleefully telling everyone we meet about your engagement. In private, she won't even speak to me!" he exclaimed. "And do you think I am blind? I see the ring you continue to wear!"

Francesca flushed. "Calder gave me the ring, Papa, and it is a token of his admiration and respect. I simply cannot part with it."

He sighed heavily and walked over to the fireplace, staring down at the flames. "I could tell you stories until I was blue in the face about gullible young women falling for handsome rakes. But like each and every one of those young, naive women, you would not listen to me. You would think you are different, that you are the one to finally capture the cad's heart."

Francesca went and stood besides him nervously. "Unlike all those other cads, Hart has never suggested that I have captured his heart. But he has told me how much he admires and respects me, how dearly he needs my friendship, and how well he thinks we suit."

"So you are not marrying for love?" Andrew asked skeptically. "You are marrying for respect, for friendship?"

Francesca gave him a look. "I love Calder. I have never been so in love. He has a good side, Papa, one that quite contradicts his selfish reputation. And while he says he does not believe in love, he is very fond of me. I wish you could believe that! I think we suit."

"I never said he was not fond of you. I believe he cares for you. Why else would he want to marry you? He hardly needs your money — he is as rich as Hades! But I cannot approve when I know with all of my being that he will hurt you terribly one day. A man like that will eventually stray."

Francesca turned away, trembling. Hart had promised her undying loyalty and fidelity. He claimed he was tired of the life he had thus far led, and while Francesca believed him, she could not help but be afraid that the day might come when his head would be turned by a woman far more beautiful than she was. In fact, such a possibility was her single greatest fear. "Papa, I hate being at odds with you. I know all of your arguments. We both know he has been a cad when it comes to women — just as you know I am the first woman he has ever asked to marry. Why can't you give him the benefit of the doubt? If I am making a mistake, isn't it mine to make?"

He faced her fully and clasped both of her hands. "I am so proud of you. You are so beautiful, so caring and so committed to humanity, Francesca. While I do wish your new profession was not so dangerous, you have saved many lives and brought justice to those who desperately needed it. You and Hart have nothing in common!" he exclaimed. "I understand that he has turned your head, but what about a dozen years from now? You have dedicated your life to easing the pain and the burdens of others less fortunate that yourself. Hart is the most selfish man I know. Passion will not ensure a successful marriage, Francesca, not for the long term."

She pulled away. "That is unfair! You are judging Hart based solely on his reputation. You do not even know him, Papa. He has been nothing but noble to me. If you cast stones at him, Papa, then you cast them at me, too. Please, please trust me now."


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Deadly Kisses (Francesca Cahill Series #8) 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 18 reviews.
LASR_Reviews More than 1 year ago
This fun, fast, historical suspense is a re-release of Ms. Joyce's 2006 title. Deadly Kisses is the second book I read in Ms. Joyce's Deadly series, but it is not the second book in the series which began with Deadly Love published in 2001. Deadly Kisses is actually the eighth book in the series. Even if you do not start at the beginning, and I didn't, the Francesca Cahill books are addictive. The characters, especially Francesca, her fiancé Calder Hart, his half-brother police commissioner Rick Bragg, and several minor characters, are captivating. The plot is fast paced and interesting, but the dynamics between the characters is what keeps the pages turning. Would you support your fiancé if he was the main suspect in the brutal murder of his pregnant ex-mistress? Would you blithely step into a reputation-destroying scandal if you could avoid it? Francesca Cahill does. There's something irresistible about a person who ignores the sound advice of friends, relatives and her lover to stand up for what and who she thinks is right. Francesca is loyal to a fault. In my review of a previous title Deadly Illusions, I mentioned a few flaws and those continue in this installment as well. Francesca lives in a magic bubble in which danger isn't dangerous. I never feared for her, or for Hart, or any of the characters really. Bad stuff happens, but I never had the feeling that it would be all that bad, last very long, or have truly long-term negative effects on the characters I cared about. That isn't necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes, it's exactly what a reader wants. I was reminded of the red-shirted characters in the landing party of the old series Star Trek. They were the ones to die. There is no doubt who is going to "get it" in these books, which makes Deadly Kisses a bit predicable, but that's okay. The reader knows what to expect getting when she picks up one of these books and she gets it. Brenda Joyce does not disappoint. If Deadly Kisses is your first Francesca Cahill book there will appear to be several red herrings in the book-details that, while interesting, bring up conflicts that don't really have anything to do with anything. These are plot threads which were raised in previous titles and are unresolved. It appears Ms. Joyce is reminding the reader that those issues remain unresolved but haven't been forgotten. I expect their resolution in Deadly Vows, the ninth title in this series. Deadly Vows is sitting on my shelf awaiting my attention. I'm looking forward to it. And when I'm done, I'm going to get my hands of the rest of this series because, like Lime Tostitos, these books are addictive. Originally posted at The Long and Short of It Romance Reviews
harstan More than 1 year ago
In 1902 New York amateur sleuth Francesca Cahill gets her father to agree to support her marrying notorious businessman Calder Hart, who he fears will break his daughter¿s heart one day but dad stipulates she wait one year to wed him. Not long after compromising with her caring father, Francesca receives a note from Rose who asks her to come quickly to Daisy Hart¿s home.----- Though she is reluctant to visit Daisy, Calder¿s former lover, who hates her, Francesca comes anyway. A near hysterical Rose asks Francesca to investigate the homicide of Daisy as she does not trust the police. Francesca would prefer to team up with Commissioner Rick Bragg as she has done several times recently. However, her mind is made up for her when she sees Calder, who was supposed to be in Boston on business, staring at the battered corpse. The evidence points at her fiancé as the killer. Everyone assumes he committed homicide except Francesca who refuses to believe her beloved would kill so viciously though she knows he is concealing something from her.------ The latest Cahill historical amateur sleuth ale (though not paid can you remain classified an amateur sleuth after eight or nine investigations?) is a terrific tale as the audience obtains a fine murder mystery and further insight into how Francesca¿s parents feel about Calder as a son-in-law. The inquiry is interesting because everyone assumes that Calder killed Daisy except Francesca who sets out to prove she is right in spite of her beloved not cooperating. Brenda Joyce freshens up her Cahill capers with this fine who-done-it that also moves forward on the two male fronts that had seemed stagnant in recent books.----- Harriet Klausner
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
even if not said, this is a re-print. First came out in Feb 2006. Have been waiting for the last book, on who does Franseca marry??
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
StephJ77 More than 1 year ago
The Deadly series is amazing! I was so addicted, I could not put them down. I have just gotten into reading romance novels, and I thoroughly enjoyed these. They are historical romance/mystery novels (my 2 favorite types of books now)all rolled into one. I loved the adventure and mystery in each story, they had great twists and turns, and a perfect amount of romance (some quite heated). Wonderful characters in these stories - I can not wait to read the new one coming out in 2011!! Please write more Brenda!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
Francesca Cahill's latest adventure begins when she is summoned to the home of her fiance', Calder Hart's, ex-mistress. There, she finds Daisy's best friend, Rose, rocking Daisy's bloody corpse. In short order, Francesca finds herself hired to find out who killed her one time friend and rival. Once she learns that Calder lied to her, Francesca begins to fear that he is involved in the death, at the least, and perhaps something more sordid. Yet, somehow, she believes in Calder, and is determined to set him free even after his own brother arrests him. As her investigation continues, Francesca learns many ugly things in the victim's life. It would have been sensible to stop her quest, everyone tells her that, but Francesca needs the truth. ...................... *** This complex novel combines the girl sleuth aspect of Nancy Drew with a mature historical mystery. There are many shades of grey in this story, as each character deals with their troubling issues. Fans of Ms. Joyce will be well pleased. ***