Deadly Bonds

Deadly Bonds

by Anne Marie Becker

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Book three of The Mindhunters

A dedicated profiler. Dr. Holt Patterson has thrown himself into his work since his wife's death, and his relationship with his young son, Theo, is suffering. He's caught in an impossible choice—how can he make the world a safer place for his son without sacrificing valuable family time?

An unrequited love. Sara Burns, the director at Theo's prestigious academy, once loved Holt Patterson, but he was her best friend's husband. Now a decade has passed, and Sara realizes that her feelings are just as strong—but how can she act on them without betraying her friend's memory?

A terrifying killer. A violent man develops an interest in Sara, and sends a body instead of flowers to get her attention. Holt is determined to keep her safe. But the killer is much closer than they expect…

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90,000 words

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ISBN-13: 9781426895883
Publisher: Carina Press
Publication date: 07/22/2013
Series: The Mindhunters
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 205,827
File size: 423 KB

About the Author


Anne Marie has always been fascinated by people—inside and out—which led to degrees in Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, and Counseling.  Her passion for understanding the human race is now satisfied by her roles as mother, wife, daughter, sister, and award-winning author of romantic suspense.  

She writes to reclaim her sanity.

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Late July

Finally. Who would have thought an asshole with a broken moral compass would be working this late on a Friday? But then again, maybe the almighty Illinois State Senator Roy Beechum had unfinished business with his piece-on-the-side secretary before going home to his wife for the weekend.

From the floor of the backseat of the bastard's Mercedes, Toxin could see—with only a slight movement of his head—both the side-view and rearview mirrors. In the latter, Beechum's image finally appeared. He stepped off the elevator without so much as a glance at his surroundings. His attention was glued to the screen of his phone as he confidently made his way across the basement-level parking garage, his shiny shoes reflecting the dim yellow light. His steps echoed off the concrete walls.

The guy's suit was tailored to an average-sized body kept in above-average shape. Toxin's surveillance had revealed that Beechum worked out daily and was careful about what he put into his body. Hell, the senator took care of everything in his life—including this Mercedes with the vanilla-scented air freshener and the untouched leather backseat. He took care of every fucking little thing except defending the helpless constituents who needed him. Yet the majority of Chicagoans thought Beechum was John F. Kennedy reincarnated. There were even rumors of a future presidency in a decade or two.

The guy could be Superman and none of that would matter. Once Toxin's little surprise hit Beechum's bloodstream, his heart would stop beating within, oh, two and a half minutes. Kryptonite in the form of a lethal venom. No amount of healthy living could counter that.

Justice: one. Two-faced politicians: zero.

Besides, Beechum wasn't the only one who'd been working out. In order to carry out his mission, Toxin had been strengthening his body and mind against weakness for months. A warrior had to prepare for anything.

Careful not to make any detectable movement, Toxin's glance slid toward the side-view mirror as Beechum got close. Still clueless, the guy simultaneously texted someone with his right hand and pulled his keys out of his pants pocket with his left. Toxin's quick glance to the rearview mirror showed the garage was still deserted, long ago emptied of cars that belonged to people eager to be home for the weekend.

A distracted target. A secluded, deserted location. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. This one's for you, Josh.

Adrenaline flooded Toxin's bunched muscles as he clutched the needle in his left hand. His black hooded windbreaker, carefully matched to the Mercedes' black leather interior and tinted windows, would hide him until Beechum was too close to evade the attack. He ignored the pain in his legs, which burned and cramped from crouching behind the driver's seat. Not much longer now. His breathing quickened and he reviewed the anger management tips he'd picked up in those mandated group therapy sessions, surrendering himself to a focused calm. Good to know those unbearable hours surrounded by miscreants had yielded something useful. Little did that chirpy do-gooder who taught the classes know the skills she'd bestowed upon him would be used to kill. The upshot was Toxin would find much relief for his anger in about twenty seconds.

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Deadly Bonds 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great page turner!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
bkwrm29 More than 1 year ago
I really liked the idea for this book and felt that it had great potential. It was just really hard to get interested in. The way the book opened with a case really bored me and made the book really hard to get through. All the detective talk was hard to understand because there was no real explanation made it frustrating to read. Otherwise this book was an okay read. Dr. Holt was an interesting character and I felt that his emotions were presented correctly throughout the book. I liked his character’s morals but felt that there was no defining characteristic. I also didn’t like how the author wrote his point of view. It was very bland and boring. Sara was a character that I enjoyed but felt that she was almost two dimensional. She didn’t feel real to me and I felt that her emotions weren’t always easily expressed. Otherwise her character was enjoyable. Overall I thought that this book had a good story line but needed more depth and emotions. The police talk also needed to be toned down so it was easy to understand.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago