Dead Wednesday

Dead Wednesday

by John Morales


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In the summer of 2012 in the month of June the Romero comet passed the earth leaving behind a red haze through parts of the world. Some people where concerned that this haze might be harmful but others did not. Soon afterwards there where violent attacks on animals, and humans as well. The bodies found torn apart, people coming into area hospitals with bite wounds and soon falling ill to an unknown infection. But in San Antonio, Texas during an early heat wave the effects of the red haze were more apparent, and the city was no exception on to what was going on though out the world. Soon it was more apparent that the dead was coming back to life and devouring every thing in their path. The people living and, undead will tell the story on what went on that fateful Wednesday June 13, 2012.

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ISBN-13: 9781456758318
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 05/17/2011
Pages: 136
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.29(d)

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Dead Wednesday

By John Morales


Copyright © 2011 John Morales
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4567-5831-8

Chapter One

Now the news

San Antonio Bugle temp: hi 104 low 92

Headline: Wednesday June 6, 2012


The arrival of the Romero comet will arrive Saturday 8:00pm central standard time. When first discovered that the comet will come very close to the earth, there was wide spread panic through out the world that it would slam into the planet. It is now confirmed even though the comet would indeed come very close leading scientist now say that we are in not any danger at all. Leading astrometer in Berlin Germany Dr. Adolph Fines said: the Romero comet would just skim across the atmosphere like a stone skipping across a pond of water. The only thing that the comet would produce is a brilliant light show, especially at night. The comet would enter the upper portion of the atmosphere illumining the sky starting with the southwest of the United states crossing the Atlantic ocean through out northern part of Africa, and leave the earth and into deep space.

Local news

Due to the recent heat wave, and the drought there will be a burn ban through out Bexar county and other nearby counties. Weather forecasters have not predicted any rain for the next several days. Since there has been no record rainfall since last October, and a very short winter, a mandatory stage 1 water restriction is now in effect.

Sunday: June 10 2012

Weather high: 105 Low 95

Texas press: The Romero comet has passed the earth nearly missing the planet. The tail of the comet plumed out a red haze though out the southern portion of the united states and northern parts of Mexico. For the past six months dooms day cults where saying the Romero comet would end all life on the planet, even psychics predicted that the comet would destroy us. Dr Logan of San Antonio university said: Since the Mayan calendar predicted that the world would end in 2012, and the arrival of the comet was a coincident, and thus add to the fear of the end of the world. Much like Y2K some twelve years ago, some things just get blown out of proportion. There is a saying, my father told me once the world was spinning long before you where born and it is going to spin long after your gone.

World: As the Romero comet skimmed across the atmosphere of the planet it light up the night sky as bright as daylight, from the American southwest, to Western Europe, to the Middle East, and part of North West of Africa. Its bright tail could be seen for thousands of miles lighting up the sky. In some cases in parts of the world where it is night it lit up the sky as bright as daylight.

In related news the comet left a red haze in parts of the world where it traveled and wind currents has carried the haze further out to other parts of the world. Health officials were concerned that there was something harmful in the haze. But leading scientist analyzed the haze and found nothing harmful that would affect any life, on this planet. Air sensor analyzed the haze it read out that it is mostly made of certain chemicals that comets are made of, but there are other unknown chemicals it could not identify. But still it is nothing anyone should be worried about. But leading Doctors still warn any one with breathing problems should stay in doors till the haze Dissipates.

Monday June 11th

Weather Hi: 100 low: 96 San Antonio Bugle

State news: Kennedy TX. Reports of a homicide was reported by the sheriff dept. Sheriff spokesperson said: We believe a homicide took place in a secluded farmhouse five miles south of town, but what makes this case so interesting there was no bodies found at the scene. As the sheriff deputies went through the house there were signs of a struggle, and a lot of blood everywhere. I believe there was also evidence of foul play.

In other state news there has also been reports of increased violent crimes in the areas of Houston Dallas, Corpus Christi, and Austin as well as San Antonio. It's unknown what is causing the sudden rise in violent crimes. Some experts blame it on the heat wave that has been hitting the southern portion of the Untied States. A religious cult in Haddonfield Texas blames it on the Romero comet for the increased violent crimes, and warns the general population to prepare for the end.

Local: A brother and sister visiting their father's grave were reported attack by an unknown assailant. A San Antonio police officer patrolling the area heard screaming, inside the cemetery. The officer found Marcella Morales and her brother John Morales being attack by the assailant. The officer yield stop, the assailant did not stop. The officer asset Mr. Morales on subduing the assailant, but the assailant got more aggressive, and tried to bite the officer and Mr. Morales. The officer with the aid of Mr. Morales threw the assailant to the ground, and back away. The assailant got up and tried to attack the officer, and then the officer drew his service weapon, and fired into the assailant. The assailant lunged back, and then forward toward the officer, the officer fired his weapon three more times, the third hitting the assailant in the neck severing his c-5 spine.

Officer stated: When I shot the assailant, it seemed the bullets didn't hurt him. He looked at me, And Mr. and Mrs. Morales like a crazed animal. The sound that he made was not even human, and the way he smelled was awful like a dead person that has been dead for days. But the strangest thing was when he went down after I shot him in the neck he still had that crazed look on his face, and that horrible animal sound. He was still looking at us like he still wanted to attack us.

Mr. Morales said: Hell I thought it was one of those special kids at that devolvement center, that me and my sister work out there in the early 1990's. I assume one of them got lose or something. Mrs. Morales was to shaken up to speak with us at this time. Neither the brother or the sister or the officer where injured in the assault with the assailant.

In other local news there has been reports of stray dogs being found on the city streets dead. Report from animal control said: the dogs have been found torn apart, or partial eating. It is unknown if it is other animals, or a satanic cult is to blame, which is behind these mutilations.

Tuesday June 12

Weather Hi: 108 Low: 98

Nation: The increases violent attacks on people are on the rise, not only in Texas in other states of the southwest, have reported cases of violent homicides people, and live stocks. Similar reports of homicide have been reported in northern Mexico.

In other news there has been an unknown illness that is making people sick. It is not known at this time if it has any relation to the comet that appeared this past weekend or not. People that are infected have been coming in to area hospitals with bite wounds and succumbing to high fever and chills. It maybe related to the comet or not it is too early to tell at this time until further testing. Doctor Byrne for center for disease control said if you are attack and experience any complication seek; medical attention as soon as possible.

World: Increase of violent homicides has spread across the ocean, to parts of Western Europe, North east of Africa and the hardest hit the Middle East. Reposts of victims being found torn apart or partially eaten is the same everywhere. It is unknown if there is a connection on what is happening at home and abroad.

Local: Area hospital had to call police due to the rash of attacks of patient and staff. There have been reports that the people who survived the attacks had large chunks of their flesh being torn off from their bodies, by the assailant. Similar attacks have accrued in funeral homes and city morgues, as well at Medical University. S.A.P.D was over whelmed by 911 calls. Other areas of law enforcement had to respond to asset the police such as Bexar county, the constable dept, and as well as the state troopers.

The assailant, that attack a brother and sister Sunday at a local cemetery was examined, by Doctor Hilda Diaz. When the assailant came to the E.R room late Monday, I examined the patient, and to my surprise that there was no heartbeat, and no blood flow. We took a set of vitals, on the patient there was nothing. I thought it was equipment that failed, but it wasn't. Further examination I realized he was not even alive. In laments terms, I just don't what to make of this, I know he is not dead, but he is still awake. Every time I go in the room to see him he just makes these weird animal sounds, and just looks at me like a rabid animal, he just gives me the hevey jeebies.

Chapter Two

Last Round

Wednesday June 13th 2012 1:45 am

Hevey jeebies can a doctor use that word in her profession. I went out with her once in my senior year for my prom. Shit I should have pursued a relationship with her after the prom. I guess I just didn't give a shit at the time. All I wanted to do was get a shit load of pussy during my senior year. Dam I should have hooked up with her after the prom.

Last call for alcohol. The bartender said. Shit one last round, fuck it I think I drank enough for one night I'm outta here. As I put down the newspaper I walk out of the bar. I started coming out to this little bar in Southtown back in the summer of 2004. Across the street they used to show movies there mostly grind house type flicks. The first movie I saw there was Night of the living dead; it was one of my favorite zombie movies I ever like second only to another zombie flick A good son. Hell if I make it home before 2:30, I can catch the flick in the beginning.

As I walk out into the hot humid night I look up at the digital billboard, it read current temp 98 degrees tomorrow-high 111. Dam it is way to early in the summer for a fucking heat wave, and it is not even summer yet. Some how I can feel the tension in the air all around me hearing sirens in the distance. Shit what is this world coming to, if this is the end of times, I'm fuck for all the bed shit I've done.

Granted don't get me wrong, I don't feel bad for the shit that I have done, it was some what justified. Come on the bad thing I mean the really bad things I done to other people really had it coming. On the other hand I've done some good things to. God if this is the end of times I hope who ever judges me looks at the good things that I have done, so it can out way the bad.

As I walk toward to my car the streetlights were guiding me toward my car across the street. I was jump from behind by a homeless man, I think he was homeless he stunk to high heaven. I cock my right fist back to clock him in the jaw. As I swung to hit him he grab my arm, and bit me in the forearm. He had me in a really good lock like a pit bull, with my left hand middle and index finger I gouged his eyes out. I mean I really went in there all the way to his sockets, I was really seeing blood coming out of his eyes. As we both lost are footing we fell to the ground hard.

I got on top of him; I pushed my forearm into his jaw to open his mouth wider. As his jaw opened wider his jaw locked up open. I pulled my arm out of his mouth, and I just started to kick the shit out of him on his head in a blind fury. When I finally lost steam I realized I killed him. I was wearing steel toe boots, and cracked his head open and his brains were hanging out the side of his head, and on my boots.

I looked around, and I saw two cop cars racing down the street toward me. I started to pull my thoughts together. Come on. I said to myself. I was attack justifiable homicide, I was defending myself right, granted I am a little drunk. God I hope I don't get Shang high for this. As the two cop cars blazed pass me like I was not there.

Shit they must be in a hurry to go some where, fuck it I looked around if any body saw me kill this man, no one is around that I can see as far as the street lights can let me see. I looked at my wound on my forearm, it was a very deep wound, he just tore into my forearm, and blood started to poor out of the wound. Blood coming down from my fingertips and on to the hot dry street. I started to feel dizzy, I don't know if it was the blood loss of just the shock from the wound.

Before I could pass out, I walk away from the dead body, and toward my car. I got into my car before I passed out; I just sat there in my car until the dizzying feelings went away. As I got clearer headed I took out the first aid kit from my glove compartment, fixed up my arm the best way I could. I started up the engine and took off like a bat out of hell.

On my way home I was passing speeding cop cars and fire trucks. I turned on the radio to see what's going on.

If you just joined us the there has been rioting in the down town area, as well as other parts of the city, such as the medical center, and other area hospitals. It is unclear is to why this is happening, there has been reports that people earlier where coming to the emergency room, and clinics across the city from simple to life threaten bite wounds, and falling ill soon after wards. Until later for some unknown reason the victims started to go crazy and attacking anyone that got in their way.

Chief Hahn Gordon of San Antonio police dept said; the only action that any citizen should take right now is to go to your homes, lock and bolt your doors, and windows. We don't need anyone out on the streets at this time. The only ones that need to be out at this time are emergancy personal. We have no idea what kind of crazed murder happy character's are out right now.

Shit is this really fuck up now god this guy that bite me didn't take a chunk out of me, he just left his dental impression. God it still hurts like hell, and I'm still bleeding, but not that much any more. Fuck it I can take better care of this myself at home. No need to go to the hospital with all this shit going on. The radio said people coming in with bite wounds, and later on starting to go crazy. I know that's bullshit, but still I don't need any of these hassles either.

As I was driving past Roosevelt crossing Military drive, I was seeing an S.A.P.D helicopter fly overhead with his spotlight combing the ground. God this must be some heavy shit that is happening everywhere. As I turned on Ashley Street, I noticed three men just standing there at the corner. I turned my headlights on them they looked like they where in a very bad accident, all torn up and bloated. As I drove away, I was shocked on how they looked but it was they just stood there emotionless blank look like they where on drugs, or just in shock. I made a left on Yett and then a right on Tidewind Street. I turned on the second house, on the corner; my sliding gate was open.

Shit did I leave the gate open before I left or did someone open it when I was gone? I went up to the driveway to park my car. I got out of my car to look around, no one was in my yard, but my dog lady was in the back yard barking like crazy. I looked at my neighbor's house; some one was looking at me through the window. I waved to them, and they waved back, and closed the blinds.

God shut the fuck up Lady I'm home already!! I yelled out to her. I opened the front door walk toward the back door to let her in. She bolted into the house like she was afraid to be out side. She ran toward my bedroom. And got between my bed and the wall like she was hiding from something. I was thinking to my self Lady was acting weird this past week hell all the dogs in the neighborhood were acting screwy this past week, like they knew something bad was going to happen something really bad.

Then I felt a strong feeling that I was going to throw up, I ran to the bathroom leaned over the sink, and started to puke my guts out. I could not stop throwing up. When there was nothing left I started to get very bad chills, all over my body.

Fuck!!! I said out loud to my self. Shits maybe after a hot shower I well feel better.

After the shower, I cleaned up the bite wound I started to feel better except my entire right arm started to feel stiff, and hot to the touch. I then went to the medicine cabinet and took two antibiotics, and went strait to bed.

As I lay down on my bed in my dark bedroom, I could hear the sirens blaring out side, and an s.a.p.d helicopter flying overhead with the spotlight shining outside my window. My dog lady jump on my bed and started to lick the back of my left ear, it felt really good because right now I don't fill to hot, because the chills got worse. My head was pounding, and my right arm was throbbing despite that it was hot out side I shut off my air condition, and cover my self with a heavy blanket and curled up into a fetal position. Lady came back and continues to lick my left ear.


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