Days of the New

Days of the New

by Days of the NewDays of the New


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Hailing from Louisville, KY, via Charlestown, IN, Days of the New is a teenage alt-rock quartet that slams out heavy, post-grunge rock with the force of a group twice its age. Frontman Travis Meeks was only 17 at the time the group recorded its eponymous debut, but his songs aren't light, naïve things -- they are laden with heavy meanings and throttling chords. Occasionally, Meeks reaches too hard -- every so often, his vocals and lyrics strain to hit their mark -- but he shows promise, and he's backed with a band that can hammer away such slight flaws. Days of the New isn't a perfect album, but its best moments prove that teenagers can rock as hard, and with as much purpose, as adults.

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Release Date: 06/03/1997
Label: Fontana Geffen
UPC: 0607703000421
catalogNumber: 30004

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