Day of the Dove

Day of the Dove

by Rainer Rey


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Symbol of peace.
Omen of terror.


Bodies covered in white dust. A black film over unseeing eyes. A remote village left eerily untouched. For the man who witnesses the grim sight, the death scene is inexplicable. But halfway around the world, a woman holds the missing piece to an extraordinary puzzle. . . .


Thane Adams must tell the world what he has seen. But until he meets a beautiful woman on the run, he cannot guess the shocking truth: this mass slaughter was a monstrous test for an even grander, more horrific plan. . . .


Time is running out. The countdown is on. Caught in the crosshairs of a sweeping international conspiracy, Adams finds he has only fourteen days to save the world from the ultimate act of terror. . . .

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781620459997
Publisher: Turner Publishing Company
Publication date: 02/17/2015
Pages: 368
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 2.50(d)

About the Author

Rainer Rey is the successful owner of a marketing company for many years. He develops advertising campaigns for use in broadcast, the Internet, and public relations. Rey has appeared on television countless times and was an actor on a made-for-TV movie, as well as host of his own television program. He is the author of Replicator Run, Cosmosis, and The Find.

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Danielle fingered the frame. Her expression in the photograph spoke of unconditional love for the man behind the camera. She remembered the moment as if it were yesterday—her unbounded joy, which had been snatched from her in a single moment.

How different life would have been if a drunk driver hadn’t crossed the center line. Had Damita been drunk when she crashed through the guardrail?

Feeling light-headed, Danielle leaned against the dresser, suddenly realizing how fatigued she really was. The convergence of past memories and the present crisis overwhelmed her as tears began to flow freely.

Needing a distraction, she opened one of the drawers. The perfumed compartment contained Damita’s undergarments. And in a second drawer, she found Damita’s accessories: earrings, belts, scarves. Her sister’s small mementos might be all that she had left behind. When a life ceased what a cruel vacuum remained. Damita’s passing would be impossible to accept. She searched for something to wipe her wet face, a handkerchief, anything. Rummaging through the accessory drawer, she found a soft orange scarf. As she pulled it out, a white slip of paper fell from within the folds to the carpet.

She retrieved it and recognized a Saks Fifth Avenue receipt. Turning it over as she placed it on the dresser, she noticed a half-finished sentence in Damita’s handwriting on the back. It read: Danny, the doves. They’re taking me.

Obviously in a great hurry, Damita had scribbled the words. She’d apparently been interrupted, most likely last night, after the phone call, otherwise she would have mentioned something on the phone.

They’re taking me...where? What the hell were the doves?

She tucked the note in her raincoat pocket and glanced over her shoulder.

It was time to get out. With thoughts racing, she retraced her steps. Was Damita forced to crash? Was she in the car at all?

Danielle hurried back down the hall. She was about to rush down the stairs when something made her pause. Directly ahead stood one last doorway . . . the only closed door on the second floor.

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