Darkness Meets Light: Infinite Fantasy Series, Book 1

Darkness Meets Light: Infinite Fantasy Series, Book 1

by Cham Beaumont


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Darkness Meets Light tells the story of Tate Kidman, who is intertwined with the fate of the universe and was trapped inside a tomb by his twin brother, Xenos. A virgin witch's blood is the only hope for him to be released.

After ten years, Tate was released by a fire moon witch, Cynthia Redd. She is a fierce seventeen-year-old farm girl waiting for her adolescence to arrive when she finds out her whole life has been a lie. The pair started on an incredible, dangerous journey with two others to help find her estranged father and to reach a high priest. The travelers gain each other’s trust, receive wisdom, and overcome their obstacles.

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ISBN-13: 9781452548852
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 03/27/2012
Pages: 324
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.73(d)

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Infinite Fantasy Series, Book 1
By Cham Beaumont

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2012 Cham Beaumont
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4525-4885-2

Chapter One

The Saga Begins

Pulling off his helmet, Tate slicked back his dripping hair. "Damn it! There were just too many of them. They have no need to kill us. We'll die of exhaustion before the next battle."

Alex snorted, pulling back his helmet. He dropped his witchcraft pistol to the ground. "That is fine, Kidman. I'll die of honor for my people and family." He struck a match, lit a smoke, and dropped down beside the Ruvon pistol on a large solid rock that normally served as an occasional surgery and resting bench. At the other end, other members of the Lukeavince Armed Forces were recovering from the last battle. There was no telling what their enemies were trying to do next. And the good news was that there was a chance of their enemies not discovering their whereabouts. If the Augon Alliance had not use the last attack, it would have spared half of their infantry; however, it did what it was intended to do. The last attack brought down the great wall of Kayian land, a colossal 200-foot-long stoned wall that ran between LeVenist and Kayian, a communist land formerly under the rule of the great king, Lord Kenarchieno, Lord Archieno's half-brother.

After a moment, Tate slapped away his hands and began to wonder. His mind came across his brother. Why wasn't Xenos here with him?

Because Xenos Goldkin was arrogant and selfish. Rather than being another expendable pawn like Tate, Xenos wanted to have no less than a power higher than a ruler. Xenos never would be attentive to anyone who would bring out the pageantry of his weakness. Even his own blood could not change his mind. No one could.

But perhaps the real reason was that Xenos and Tate were descendants from a rare, powerful breed. They were the blood of Xerian. Well-known for their indifference and ruthless nature toward mankind, they were utterly apprehensive toward others because their powers were much greater than any powerful sorcerers. As a consequence of their unjust ways, the alchemist sages had rid all Xerian kind. And those who had survived hid in shadows, and no spell or magic could trace any other Xerian. Many believed Tate and Xenos were the last of the Xerian breed. There were many questions to ask the high priest about the Xerian race. Where were the rest of the Xerian now? The real question was, just how did the two twins who were raised together since birth become enemies?

Tate grew frustrated after Xenos announced that he would be staying with the Augon Alliance, which ordered the army to rape towns and villages and manipulate the Xerian twins into thinking the Herrians were their enemies. As far as they knew, most Herrians were noble beneficiaries to the rich fortune across the land, and they had no need to disturb anyone. At their early age, Xenos and Tate believed a dictator of the Herrians was responsible for the loss of their family.

There were many for history to repeat itself, including war, especially due to the aggressiveness of Lord Archieno and his advisers. Right before the twins hit their teens, half of the Kayian lands was completely destroyed and burned down to a sorrowful grave land. The Alliance had annihilated Kayian governments. Every life was helplessly murdered, except those who survived, escaped, and immigrated to LeVenist, where Alex and Tate established and resigned themselves.

Lord Archieno and Lord Kenarchieno played a great role in their two kingdoms. Engaging in recreation was an important role in diplomatic relations. Augon had been making trades to other countries on the unauthorized behalf of his half-brother, as well as using his military, land, and hidden agenda, titled "Rebirth of a New Era." That caused Lord Kenarchieno to lose some part of his land, which was once prosperous.

Before the rift between the two kingdoms, Augon and LeVenist were trading armies; Taking most of the best soldiers would be the final trade.

At last, Lord Kenarchieno showed no interest in helping his brother establish the "Rebirth of a New Era" by joining their armies together. LeVenist military leaders had never excluded the possibility that the Alliance may still have some potential to expand a warfare across Pandora to gain an enormous conquer. In order to achieve this, the Alliance needed Lord Archieno to claim the LeVenist throne. The Augon Alliance created a powerful role with the increase of the Paladin Military strike force, their most dominant armed forces position. Lord Kenarchieno realized the danger of the Augon Alliance when they declared war on the Kayians. Kenarchieno sensed the Kayians were determined not to be defeated; he retracted his statement about joining Lord Archieno and his kingdom's involvement in the war. But LeVenist wasn't ready when the Augon Alliance had already expanded.

Finally a miracle was delivered to LeVenist. One of the Xerian twins on the LeVenist military was enough to win a war, which gave Lord Kenarchieno's people a sense of hope. Many believed it was because the gods guaranteed that Tate would be the chosen one to protect and save Pandora.

"Quit it, Tate," Alex snarled. "Twisting those straps like that could leave you all tangled up, and I will not be the one to replace the straps once we cut you free."

"Be calm about it, Lex." Tate smirked as his hands tangled the armor together on his torso.

"I suppose strapping it on tightly wouldn't do any good, Tate."

"Talking so much doesn't do you any good, Lex." Tate smiled and paused. "I almost forgot. Did you hear about Lord Archieno's niece joining the court council last night?"

"You mean Queenie?"

"Of course I mean Queenie, that succubus."

"Was she there to spread her legs before our government?" Alex joked.

Abruptly, the two boys shot each other amusing expressions. The Augon queen, Queen Hertallea, is a personal official Alliance whore who they both had been familiar with in bed. They agreed she was a disgusting nymph. She was mostly known as a selfish, coquettish nymphet who was unfortunately related to Lord Archieno's side of the family. The frivolous temptress had everything she had ever wanted after being heir to her mother's fortune and betrothed to a rich queer. But it seemed as though no gold or land was important to her; it was her beauty for which she cared most. She had a need to kill young girls for their blood in order to satisfy her thirst.


Tate's amusing expression abruptly turned to anger once he looked up to face an elderly bearded man with grayish-green eyes. He was dressed in a large, impressively designed uniform. Steel of armor traced his torso, and a red cape floated below his ankle. Sir General Raven was one of the best generals of the Lukeavince Army who had fought in many battles in his lifetime. Ten years ago, in his early thirties and with his refined skills and intelligence, he was signed in the Lukeavince Army as an aircraft trainer and an elite general.

"Please, sir. Raven," Tate angrily mumbled. "I prefer to be called by my real name."

"I apologize, Kidman," the elderly general said under his breath and stepped forward to clearly speak. "I thought I should warn you that, as a chosen one in the court council, you are soon to follow me directly to the Lukeavince throne meeting."

"Whatever for, sir—Raven?" Tate stated, disappointment in his voice. He was willing to stay and rest, rather than be ordered around by upper leaders only to lose his mind.

General Raven paused and said acerbically, "The council obtained information that a spy is seated among us. The ordeal of our secret attack has been spilled out to the Augon Alliance. Our king, Lord Kenarchieno, wants to order you to lead a patrol at nightfall in order to relocate the strut Rena and to prevent us from being flanked by the enemy. Alex, you need to gather the townsmen and wounded soldiers into the town campsite. I advise that you two carry out this mission after tonight's Guardian aircraft training with me."

Lex quickly stared at the blazing red light hidden in Tate's anger and got up to distract General Raven. "But, General Raven, aren't there enough men patrolling already?"

"Not when the enemies are hidden in shadows, Alex Tyen," replied General Raven. "Only Tate has the sorcerer sense to find a tangled trace of the shadows within the Guardian crafts. The Alliance is out to find the Rena, and once they do, they shall find the campsite as well. We must act immediately. I know we just came from a long battle and your bodies want you to rest, but the king's orders are not to be at rest."

Tate became frustrated and furious, and he spoke in a blunt manner. "Sir, I believe the rest of us have been out wasting our fu—our well-being—on some stupid—some meaningless mission. We haven't slept in weeks. Just what is the king's purpose in all of this? Shouldn't he gather more men to replace the exhausted, wounded soldiers? What if there is no trace of the Alliance Army? If the enemies seek to invade and then sound the alarm, everyone should be able to be prepared to fight!"

Raven sighed and reminded him, "The Augon Alliance Army and their Paladin Military strike force joined, and they're completely gained better armed and more numerous we're familiar with. To conclude, they will not give up until they conquer the northern lands. No one believes our army is yet ready for war, but at least with your bloodline, you are to be our final hope to stop the invasion. We need you as guidance, Kidman. I recall you are soon to be trained as a general. Your age, however, makes our leader question whether you are well enough to join the generals. You are old enough to know the king's order is serious, and if you go against his will, then I will let them know you turn in your title as a future general."

Tate was finally going to give up and agree with the ordeal, only to stop Raven from speaking any further. But Alex, on the other hand, debated, "The Augon Alliance surely will invade the Rena because of the dark magic barrier Tate had created, and, with his powers, he can easily move the Rena and the townsmen's campsite to a safe distance."

General Raven had not forgotten that Tate was known to use a powerful spell in order to move objects the size of castles. Nor would he ever forget Tate was a Xerian, a breed that could hold as much power as ten sorceresses put together.

General Raven snarled, "Son, we all know Tate can perform such a powerful spell, but we are not taking any chances. We need Tate to save his energy to fight. If we don't do as we're told, just one silent attack in our sleep can get the whole army killed. This is an order, lad, and tonight, the patrolling is to be led by you, Tate." He paused for a moment when Tate shook his head—not at the orders, but at Lex's comments, which prompted Raven to speak. Raven took Tate's gesture as an insult and give an angrily expression at Tate and he snorted, "You can chose to lose a badge of rectitude to our kingdom, or you can be silent and do your job. Don't you forget that you and Alex Tyen are former members of the Augon Alliance. The Alliance is enemy not only to Lord Kenarchieno's kingdom but to the whole colonies of other countries, including the Kayians! Now, if you would like for me to state to Lord Kenarchieno that you've abandoned his orders, then I shall do so, or go to the council tonight and seek him yourself. If you do speak to our king, please use your good manners. I am not here to judge you, Kidman, nor shall I mock you. Just like you, once I was young and used to be sinful in such demonic assemblage. I was in and out of jail cells, going by my own rules. I thought I could get away with anything and have everything—anyone could have whatever they wanted, but in the end I lost everything. Then I changed my life around. I regained others' trust, and now I have chosen to follow and protect our kingdom."

Tate fell back and leaned against a tree. He mumbled as General Raven ran his mouth. "Please stop talking already," Tate whispered to himself.

Tate thought, What does he mean he is like me? He used to be in a demonic assemblage? Then it is true. But not like me. It's not like I asked to be the chosen one. Tate glanced at the old general, who was still standing there, talking away. Man, does he ever talk talk talk. How will I ever get him to shut up?

"... and I am intending to follow the lord's order." General Raven raised his voice, making sure Tate was listening. "General McKenzie may return in a day or two, with more soldiers following him. Then I will resign, and he can deal with you."

Tate nodded. He knew Raven wasn't the kind of man who would take no for an answer.

After the general left, Tate shrugged off his helmet and snarled with frustration. He shot an angry look at Alex. Just before Tate was about to leave, a moment too soon, a young man rushed toward them. He was one of the Lukeavince Arch patrol leaders. He stopped a few feet away from the general. He abruptly held his breath and stopped.

The Arch patrol leader stood still and stiff. "Sir, General Raven, sir, the Augurane Guardian crafts are ready."

"Thank you, Sergeant Levonieno." General Raven turned from the young leader and toward Tate and Alex. "Are you two ready to pilot these aircrafts over the next two weeks?"

Lex shrugged his shoulders. "Of course we are." He looked at Tate, who seemed more annoyed and turned his head back to the elderly general. "On behalf of Tate, we are ecstatic to follow the lord's orders."

Tate glared at Lex with a disapproving look and snarled. Lex looked back at him and shrugged his shoulders again. Tate sneered at Lex and suddenly shook his head and stared gleefully, laughing strangely, while the rest of the confused soldiers stood and looked over their shoulders to see what was so amusing.

Those who knew Tate Kidman, formerly Tate Goldkin, best knew about his illness. As weird as it seemed, the gods selected him as the chosen one and did not know about his schizophrenia. His mood changed when he did not take his daily medications. When another being took over his body, he was considered dangerous and not to be trusted. Some may have thought he was possessed, but it was the disorder that caused him to be this way. And with or without the medication, his eccentric laughter would ensue. Or sometimes, his uncontrolled rage caused the Xerian's three red-gemmed eyes to appear, which could be a danger to anyone around him.

Tate's laughter did not stop until a few moments later. He finally lost his mind as he strangely shouted, "That is so thoughtful of you, Lex!" Tate laughed louder and shouted louder as he gestured. "If I ever needed any fucking adviser then by all means, Lex, you go right on ahead and speak for me!" He then passed by the confused sergeant and the general. "Now, pardon me, General, Sergeant Levonieno, I believe this kiddo shall be leaving to take a piss."

Once Tate was finally gone, some smirked and watched in curiosity and some in confusion.

"My word." General Raven shook his head. "I hope that young lad never gets into private school with his military earnings. He needs to be in a mental institution."

"Excuse me," Lex apologized, "General Raven, Sergeant Levonieno."

Placing his helmet to the side and dropping his butt to the ground, Lex tried not to laugh or smile and rushed toward Tate.

Alex thought, The damn bastard is going to get himself into trouble again and I'm always the one who have save him.

"Tate, you idiot!"

Alex raced after him, and Tate stumbled across a group of horsemen, passing the campground with a number of soldiers. He cut through a crowd of men and horses, and he noticed some of the men had been wounded from the last battle.

"Tate!" Alex called after him, but he wasn't sure if the Xerian heard him or not.

Some looked as if they could not fight anymore with the allies. He noticed many of their legs and arms were chopped off. Tate thought he would've done a better job keeping the pressure on the wounds and performing a healing spell. However, little did he know it was the magical brew that they drank that helped a bit of the healing.

Alex called again, "Tate!"

Or maybe they used healing pills. Well, it did not matter to Tate what exactly they had been using, with the cold winter wind cutting through his shirt. He didn't give a rat's ass about going over to help and instead headed for warm shelter to rest for a few minutes. A few minutes were all he needed. Maybe ten or more minutes would help him gain his strength and sanity.


Excerpted from DARKNESS MEETS LIGHT by Cham Beaumont Copyright © 2012 by Cham Beaumont . Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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