Dark Destiny (Carpathian Series #13)

Dark Destiny (Carpathian Series #13)

by Christine Feehan

Paperback(Mass Market Paperback - Reissue)

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Dark Destiny, Ms. Feehan's only full-length addition to the Dark series in 2004, features her first female Carpathian.

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ISBN-13: 9780062021335
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 12/02/2010
Series: Carpathian Series , #13
Edition description: Reissue
Pages: 400
Sales rank: 35,586
Product dimensions: 4.10(w) x 6.70(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Christine Feehan has had more than forty novels published, including four series which have hit #1 on the New York Times bestseller list. She is pleased to have made it onto numerous other bestseller lists as well, including Publishers Weekly, USA Today, Washington Post, BookScan, B. Dalton, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Waldenbooks, Ingram, Borders, Rhapsody Book Club, and Walmart. In addition to being a nominee for the Romance Writers of America’s RITA® Award, she has received many honors throughout her career, including a Career Achievement Award from Romantic Times and the Borders 2008 Lifetime Achievement Award.

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Dark Destiny

By Christine Feehan

Dorchester Publishing Company

ISBN: 0-8439-5050-1

Chapter One

She woke to the knowledge that she was a murderess and that she would kill again. It was the only reason she continued her existence. It was what she lived for. To kill. Pain and hunger crawled through her body endlessly, relentlessly. She lay very still with the earth surrounding her, staring up at the star-studded night sky. It was bitterly cold. She was bitterly cold, the blood flowing in her veins like ice water, an acid that burned it was so cold.

Call me to you. I will warm you.

She closed her eyes as the voice slipped into her head. He called to her on every rising now. The voice of an angel. The heart of the demon. Her savior. Her mortal enemy. Very slowly she allowed her breath to seep into her lungs, her heart to continue with its steady beating. Another endless night. There had been so many and all she wanted was rest.

She floated out of the ground, clothing herself with the ease of long practice, her body clean, where her soul was damned. The sounds of the night were all around her, whispers and scents that flooded her senses with information. She was hungry. She needed to go into the city. As hard as she tried, she could not overcome the need for rich hot blood. It beckoned and called to her as nothing else could.

Destiny found herself in a familiar part of the city. Her body traveled the accustomed path before she had even thought where she was going. The small church tucked into the rising buildings and maze of narrow streets and alleyways beckoned to her. She knew the offices and homey bars where the locals frequented and knew each other by name. The small city within the larger city. The buildings were stacked on top of each other, some touching sides, others with narrow pathways between them. She was familiar with each and every apartment and office building. She knew the occupants and she knew their secrets. She watched over them, watched over their lives, yet she was always alone, always apart.

Reluctantly Destiny climbed the steps to the church and stood at the entrance as she had so many times in the past. With her acute hearing she knew the building was occupied, that the priest was finishing his duties and would be leaving. He was much later than usual.

She heard the rustle of the priest's robes as he moved through the church to the double doors. He would lock them, he always locked them before he left, but it wouldn't matter, Destiny could open them easily enough. She waited in the darkness, deep in the shadows where she belonged, watching the priest in silence, nearly holding her breath. There was an urgency inside her, a desperation. She returned again and again to the beauty of the small church. Something drew her, called to her, nearly as strongly as the call for blood. Sometimes she believed it was where she was supposed to die, other times she thought repentance might be enough. She always went to the church when she knew she had no choice but to feed.

The priest stood for a moment just outside the doors, looking around him, his eyes adjusting to the darkness. He actually looked right at her, yet she knew she was invisible to him. He started to speak, hesitated, and made the sign of the cross in her direction. Destiny held her breath, waited for a lightning bolt to strike her. Find peace, my child, the priest murmured softly and made his way down the stairs with his slow, measured tread. She remained in the shadows, as still as the mountains rising above the city. She waited until long after he had gone down the block and turned into the narrow alley leading to the garden behind his rectory. Only then did she dare to let her breath out slowly, to breathe again.

When Destiny went to the ornate double doors, this time they weren't locked. She looked back to the street where the priest had disappeared around the corner. He knew then. He knew she needed his church and he had silently given his permission for her to enter into the sacred, hallowed place. He didn't know what she was, but he was a good man and he believed all souls could be saved. She pushed open the doors with a trembling hand.

Destiny stood in the doorway of the empty church, wrapped in the darkness, her only ally. She shivered, not from the cold air surrounding her, but from the ice deep within her soul. Despite the pitch black interior, Destiny could see easily, every detail of the church s beauty. She stared at the crucifix over the altar for a long time, her mind in turmoil. Pain crawled through her as it did every moment of her existence. Hunger was sharp and ravenous. Shame was her constant companion. Destiny had come to this sacred place to confess her sins. She was a murderess and she would kill again and again. It would be her way of life until she found the courage to destroy the evil thing that she had become. She dared not enter, dared not ask for sanctuary.

She stood for a long moment in silence with a terrible unfamiliar burning behind her eyes. It took her a few moments to realize the sensation was tears. She wanted to weep, but what was the use of it? She had learned tears brought the echo of ugly, demonic laughter and she had taught herself not to cry. Never to cry.

Why do you insist on suffering? The voice was deceptively beautiful. Male. Gentle. A soothing blend of masculine exasperation and charm. I feel your pain, it is sharp and terrible and pierces my heart like an arrow. Call me to your side. I will come to you at once, you know I can do no other. Call out to me. There was an underlying whisper of power, of compulsion. You know me. You have always known me.

The voice brushed at the walls of her mind like the flutter of butterfly wings. It whispered over her skin, seeped into her pores and wrapped itself around her heart. She breathed the voice into her lungs until she needed to answer, to hear it again. To call out. To obey. She needed that voice. It had kept her alive. It had kept her sane. It had taught her things, hideous, murderous, but necessary things.

I feel your need. Why do you insist on silence? You hear me, just as I feel you when your pain becomes too much to be borne.

Destiny shook her head, a firm denial against the temptation of that voice. The movement sent her thick mane of rich dark hair flying in all directions. She wanted to rid her mind of the deceptive purity of that voice. Nothing could induce her to answer, she would not ever be trapped by a beguiling voice again. She had learned that lesson the hard way, sentenced to a living hell she dared not think about.

Destiny forced air into her lungs, controlling her emotions, knowing that there was a chance the hunter could trace her through the sharpness of her despair. A movement in the nearby shadows had her whirling around, crouching low, a dangerous predator ready to attack.

There was a silence and then once again movement. A woman moved up the steps of the church slowly, coming into Destiny's line of vision. She was tall and elegant with flawless coffee-cream skin and hair the color of a raven's wing. Her hair curled in every direction, a riot of shiny spirals spilling down to her neck, framing her oval face. Her large brown eyes were probing the darker shadows, searching for signs she was not alone.

Destiny used preternatural speed, slipping deep into the recesses of the corner alcove, back away from the church doors, using stillness to her advantage. She froze in place, hardly daring to breathe.

The woman walked to the double doors, stood for a moment, one hand resting on the edge of the open door. She sighed softly. I came here looking for you. My name is MaryAnn Delaney. I know you know who I am. I know you come here sometimes, I've seen you. I saw you tonight and I know you're here. She waited a heartbeat. Two. Somewhere, she whispered aloud, as if talking to herself.

Destiny pressed her body so tightly against the side of the church her skin hurt. They were both in terrible danger, but only one of them was aware of it.

I know you re here, please don t run away again, MaryAnn said softly. Despite her thick jacket, she rubbed her arms to ward off the cold. Just talk with me. I have so much to say to you, so much to thank you for. Her voice was low, gentle, as if she were speaking to a wild thing, coaxing it to trust her.

There was a terrible tightness in Destiny's chest. She was choking, suffocating, hardly able to breathe. She waited a heartbeat. Two. Drew deeper into the shadows. She could hear the sound of her own heart beating. She could hear MaryAnn s heart following the rhythm of hers. She could hear the beckoning invitation of the ebb and flow of blood rushing through veins. Calling to her. Elevating her terrible hunger. Her tongue felt the sharpness of her lengthening incisors. She trembled with the effort to control herself, to stop the inevitable.

This woman was everything that she was not. MaryAnn Delaney. Destiny knew her well. She was compassionate and brave and her life was dedicated to helping others. A light seemed to shine from her very soul. Destiny listened to her often, her lectures, her group discussions, even her one on one counseling sessions. Destiny had appointed herself MaryAnn s unofficial protector.

You saved my life. A few weeks ago, when that man broke into my home and attacked me, you came in and saved me. I know you were hurt, there was blood on your clothes, but when the paramedics came, you were gone. MaryAnn closed her eyes for a moment reliving the terror of waking up to find a furious man standing over her bed. He had dragged her out from under the covers by her hair, punching her so hard and so fast she had no time to defend herself. He was the husband of a woman she had helped escape into a sanctuary and he was determined to get the address from her. He had pounded her into a heap of refuse on the floor, kicking her and then stabbing at her with a large knife. She had the raw scars on her arms where she had tried to protect herself. I didn't tell anyone you were there. I didn't say a word about you to the police. They thought he must have tripped over the overturned furniture and fell awkwardly and broke his neck. I didn't betray you. There's no need to worry, the police aren't looking for you. They don't know anything about you.

Destiny bit down hard on her lip and stubbornly remained silent. Thankfully the incisors had receded. She had enough sins on her soul without adding MaryAnn to the list of her victims.

Please answer me, MaryAnn opened her arms wide. I don't understand why you won't talk to me. What harm could there be in telling me if you were hurt that night? There was blood all over you and it wasn't from me and it wasn't his blood.


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An Interview with Christine Feehan

Meet Destiny, the first female vampire hunter in Christine Feehan's bestselling Dark series. In the richly drawn world of the Carpathians, Destiny is one of Feehan's most complex characters: a beautiful young psychic and vampire hunter who has lived in pain and terror since childhood, when her parents were killed by a vampire who also converted her into a creature of the night. Her only ally -- for years heard, not seen -- has been the Carpathian Nicolae, who has taught her to kill vampires and to sustain herself by feeding on humans without killing. Now that Destiny is fully grown, Nicolae is convinced that she is his lifemate, yet realizes that only if she can overcome the horrors of an abusive childhood and accept her gifts will she be ready for a love that will last for eternity. Destiny's emergence from the traumas of her past and her awakening to passion, even as she battles with the undead and fights for Nicolae's life, will delight the many fans of this series.

Heart to Heart talked with Christine Feehan to find out more about this addition to the Dark series.

Heart to Heart: What was your creative inspiration for the world of the Carpathians, and how has it evolved over time?

Christine Feehan: I began writing the Dark series after the loss of my oldest child in a tragic accident. I woke up every morning and went about my regular business, but felt nothing. It was like being in a dark tunnel, unable to find my way out. Eventually I decided the one thing I had to hang on to was my writing, and I began to write stories about a species who had to live without color or emotion, who existed and did what they were required to do, but needed their other half to really live. Of course I gave them my own problems, the terrible burden of losing children. I also worked with battered women teaching self-defense at the time, so my views of how women and children should be cherished crept into the stories as well. I believe in family, and I gave that trait to the Carpathians as well. Out of my grief, the Carpathians were born.

HtoH: We think readers will love the character Destiny, your first female vampire hunter! Did you have any particular challenges creating the character and the changing relationship with her lifemate?

CF: Destiny was the character I wrote for the women I've met along the way in my life. Brave, enduring, women of honor. I definitely wanted her to be an engaging and sympathetic character so readers would see her in the light I saw her. The most difficult thing was keeping her reactions true to character. I sat up many nights with a friend who is a counselor, and we talked over and over about how Destiny would react in each situation because it was so important to me to be true to this character. I also had to do a very fine balancing act with her lifemate, Nicolae. He had to have the characteristics of the alpha Carpathian male, yet be true to his species and find a way to bring her happiness.

HtoH: Do you prefer writing the Dark series or contemporary stand-alones?

CF: I love writing both. I don't like to write two Dark books in a row. I don't want the books to get stale, nor do I want to get bored writing them. If that were to happen, I would stop immediately. I write for the love of writing. If I never published another book, I would still be writing stories. I love writing my sisters books, and my GhostWalker thrillers just as much as I love writing the Dark series. I feel the same way about my contemporaries!

HtoH: What's coming up next?

CF: I'm working on another Dark book at the moment, just finished a Drake sisters full-length book which was very fun to write, and I'm about to start my third GhostWalker thriller for Berkley!

HtoH: Thanks for visiting with us.

CF: Thank you for the opportunity to touch base with my readers! I hope you enjoy Dark Destiny.

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Dark Destiny (Dark Series #13) 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 235 reviews.
harstan More than 1 year ago
Her childhood was a nightmare when a vampire brutally murdered her family and converted her into a creature of the night. Only the angelic male voice in her head kept her alive and helped her survive the changeover. Her adulthood is more loneliness as she goes alone killing her own kind for Destiny is a vampire who works the night ridding the world of this pestilence.----- Ancient hunter Nicolae knows patience, but his wait for his soul mate has become wearying as he has only connected through the minds and not the flesh. Although he continues to meet his centuries-old pledge to rid the world of vampires and protect Carpathians and humans, he waits to find his Destiny as soulmates forever. When he does meet her, he hopes that in the Carpathian Mountains, the Prince can heal her vampiric disease. First, he must find her and second he must overcome her distrust of him, but while he begins making progress, the duo falls into the midst of a vampiric conspiracy nothing like the world has ever seen before and never will again.----- DARK DESTINY may be the best of the long running Carpathian tales as readers obtain an action-packed thriller intermingled with a terrific romance starring a rarity, a female huntress. The story line never slows down, as Nicolae knows his Destiny is his soulmate, but will need help, something this lone ranger never wants, for them to finally make it. The subplot involving the vampiric conspiracy is devilishly devised so that between this exhilarating potential world-ending calamity and the deliciously impossible romance, the audience has Christine Feehan¿s best work perhaps in the entire series.----- Harriet Klausner
kcody03 More than 1 year ago
Dark Destiny is one of the more intense Carpathian books I have read. There is tons of action as well as romance going on in this novel. In this book Nicolae has finally caught up to his lifemate and is anxious to finally meet her. He is also accompanied by his brother Vikirnoff who helps out when he is needed. Destiny was not born Carpathian, but was changed by a vampire when she was a child. It is because of this that her blood is poisonous to herself and other Carpathians. Destiny was a very strong character with a lot of depth. I really felt for her and her fear that she was evil. She has a good heart and because of this the thought that she is somehow tainted tortures her, but she very rarely shows it. The development of a relationship with Nicolae was believable and sweet. Nicolae has waited a long time to meet her and feels guilty because he was unable to save her as a child. He is not overly protective like other Carpathian males. He actually stands back a bit allowing Destiny her space. He does watch over her though helping out whenever he is needed. He really was a sweet guy and when these two finally come together it is definitely worth it.
librachic More than 1 year ago
Dark Destiny is about Destiny who had her childhood snatched away from her and brutally forced to drink the vampire's blood and watch him killing her family,she should go insane but a voice in her head,a sweet male voice is the only thing that saves her from insanity,Nicolae is a Carpathian hunter and an ancient if he does not find his life mate soon,he will turn into a vampire,as time goes by for Carpathian males and they do not find their life mates they loose the ability to feel and see colors,Destiny in all her despair and strong psychic ability connects with Nicolae as a child and he teaches her to hunt as a way to help her not lose herself,Destiny has come to Seattle for a while and she feels the need to protect it's residents,she finds true friends in father Mulligan,MaryAnn Delaney who i am sure will return as a major character in future novels,Inez and Velda two elderly women who can see things and are kind,Nicolae has finally found her and when Destiny meets him,she finds it hard to trust him but Nicolae is patient and soon she warms up to him and finally sees him as her life mate but battles ensue of course,Great romantic novel and addition to the Dark series,look forward to future books
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love it. Though whom ever is saying that Destiny or Francesca are the first Carpathian women that the author introduces they are mistaken. They first Carpathian women they introduced is Savannah. If you do not count her because she is young or because she was born from Raven who used to be human, then there is Desari or Syndil in Dark challenge (book 5) of the Dark series. Anyway love all the books in the dark series and I recommend them all. Especially Dark Celebration, I love how the book brings back everyone and introduces you to more characters who will be in later books.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book was great!!! It was different than the rest. I love the fact that Destiny was a hunter, which didn't make her character look weak. I recommend this one to everyone.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed the story of Nicolae & Destiny much more than the xters in Dark Melody. There wasn't the continous repetition of thoughts that made Dark Melody a boring read. It was well worth the read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Go back!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love the author and all her books!!!!!!
CTPEARL More than 1 year ago
I loved Destiny and Nicolae's story. I'm re-reading this series and it is just as good the 2nd time
AddictedReaderSW More than 1 year ago
I love all her books and have read or listened to all the Dark series, but somehow missed this one. It was GREAT just like all the rest. I highly recommend all her books.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love this book, they make a great couple, and i love the fact that destiny was so kick a$@@.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Awesome book!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It is a very interesting read. I ready it in 2 hours.
Kim Moutard More than 1 year ago
I loved it ! I couldn't put the book down. Lots of fast moving action. Great characters, funny, touching, with a positive underlying good message!
NFormby More than 1 year ago
Wow.. this is my favorite Christine Feehan story so far. This book made me laugh, smile, and cry. The depth of the characters is so well written that I felt like I knew them. I can't wait to see how the next Carpathian male deals with finding his lifemate and how the fight to save their race continues...
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Just wanted to say that I love all of Christine Feehans books, but contrary to what some are saying that this book has the first female Carpathian, the book Dark Legend (series book #8) has Francessca, Gabriels lifemate. She is already a Carpathian. If you haven't read that one its fantastic too!
MauiGurl More than 1 year ago
What a great book. Two great warriors, both meant to be together for eternity, and both with their own demons. Destiny has been turned Carpathian and has been forced to be alone for all time as such. She wakes with pain every rising, and with a voice that is like an angel, calling her to him. But Destiny is a fighter, always fighting for her survival every waking hour of the day. Her strength is what keeps her going. Nicolae feels Destiny no matter how far away he is from her, and he continues to find her, to bind her to him. He can feel her lonliness and pain and wants to help, but her fierce will to keep others from the evil that taints her, the evil in her blood, is stronger than her love for him. The two will find each other, both lost in madness and darkness, and begin to heal the wounds of their souls. I love this book. Destiny is fighter at heart and she will be a challenge for Nicolae. Now, it seems like Christine is putting in more women who will fight against their lifemates and against the age-old tradition that these males know when it comes to keeping their lifemate safe and out of harm's way. Destiny is indeed not a stay-at-home type of woman. Not at all.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is one of the best in the Carpathian Series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
onyx95 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
The pain of conversion to Carpathians is difficult enough for the women, but a child being converted by a vampire leaves tainted blood and horrible scars, inside and outside. At the a young age, Destiny knew horrors most humans can¿t even imagine, the only way she survived was her mental connection to Nicolae Von Shrieder. He taught her how to survive, how to hunt and how to live again even though he could not find her. Being connected allowed him to help, but Nicolae couldn¿t protect her they way he wanted and he couldn¿t convince her that he was different from the monster that had terrorized her for so long. When he finally tracked her down, Destiny was afraid she would have to destroy him like she did all the other vampires she hunted. When Nicolae first heard her voice, he knew she was his lifemate and he was going to have a difficult life, no one had ever heard of a women hunter, or one of the light having vampire blood making her feel like the dark one.Book 13 ¿.. Strong, courageous and funny, Destiny is a very competent women and hunter. The more ancient these men get, the more compassionate they seem to be. Nicolae has such great control of himself and Destiny is such a well developed character, I really enjoyed watching the change (almost like another conversion) from the vampire world to the life of a Carpathian. This book is packed full of great characters. The addition of Gregori, Savannah, brother Vikirnoff, Father Mulligan, MaryAnn Delaney, Velda, Inez, and even the vampire Pater to help tell this story was great, they are wonderful characters and I hope to have a few more stories that include some of them (Vikirnoff and MaryAnn especially).
maita on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Vampires banding together? Oh no!Luckily Destiny is a hunter. Nicolae swore to find the child who was taken by the darkness but the child grew to become te hunter. Together, they solve the mysterious occurances in Seattle. Some monsters might not be vampires. Most of the time, they are humans. Destiny, Nicolae and Vikirnoff gets to the bottom of things and save the town.MaryAnn Delaney makes her first appearance.I thinks its an ok book. Not one of my faves but it is ok.I do feel sorry for Velda. If only Pater found her like 40 years earlier.
mary1963 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Two Minute review for ¿Dark Destiny¿ by Christine FeehanTo say Destiny had bad childhood would be like saying the Grand Canyon is a bit of a dip. Lucky for the reader, there are not a lot of details. But through it all Nicolae was in her head, keeping her sane, teaching her how to kill the Vampire that was torturing her and trying to find her . Nicolae and Destiny are Carpathians. Good Vampires that hunt rogue vampire killers but Destiny does not know this. She thinks she is an evil killer and so is Nicolae. This is not my favorite series, that said, I loved this book. Strong characters, wonderful detailed writing, and lots of action.
rocalisa on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
It probably won't be often that I give a book at 10/10 rating, but I decided this one deserved it for reasons I'll go into below.Yet again, the fact I read Christine Feehan (in fact, pretty much everything she publishes) is because I got suckered in my Barbara the Bookseller. That's okay. I discovered a good author and she gets a lot of my business. In fact, she was so sure she could convert both me and the friend I was shopping with on the day in question, she gave us a second hand copy of the first Carpathian book, Dark Prince. She gave away one book and between us we've probably bought about forty or so Feehans since then. I'm not sure who won.Dark Destiny is the thirteenth Carpathian book. I wasn't as impressed as usual with the last one (Dark Melody) although I admit I'm still not sure why. It just didn't gel as well with me as some of the others have. So I started this one wondering if this was a general trend or a one-off that just hadn't quite worked for me. It was soon clear that it was the latter. In my opinion, Dark Destiny is possibly the best of the series.Destiny (I don't think we ever learn her last name) was beguiled by a vampire when she was six. She unwittingly led him to her family and he murdered them in front of her, before abducting her and forcing her to take his blood. In her desperation to survive years of torture and abuse, Destiny reached out and touched another mind. I was a man, one she believed to be another vampire, who taught her all the skills and talents she needed to become a hunter. At fourteen she killed the vampire who had taken her and since then has been hunting the evil creatures.Destiny made one error. She had not made contact with another vampire, but with Nicolae Von Shrieder, an ancient Carpathian. He has been trying to find Destiny for years, and as the book begins, he finally does so. When he finds her, his grey world explodes into colour and he realises Destiny is his lifemate.Nicolae has a hard task ahead of him. Not only does he has to convince Destiny of what she is to him, he also first has to prove to her that he is not a vampire and that she, despite having been converted by one, is not either. Destiny, because of her terribly abusive childhood, is a scarred and damaged survivor, who does not know how to trust; she believes herself to be fundamentally evil (and while her actions quickly prove this untrue to the reader, she is unable to see it herself) and she has closed herself off from the possibility of friends, let alone the binding love of lifemates.The reason I have chosen to rate this so highly is because of the way Feehan has handled the sensitive issues of an abuse survivor. Nothing drives me crazy more that a book where the heroine is shown to have been terribly abused, but once she meets the hero she is swept away by his amazing virility and suddenly everything is all right. Feehan has avoided this with care, sensitivity and style.Destiny learns slowly. Even as her instincts involve her with people and draw her to Nicolae, she's fighting it. She comes to trust slowly with false starts. Sex is a frightening experience, no matter how right it feels and - hooray - it is a development, not a cure. Even by the last chapter of the book, when Destiny has grown and learned so much, when she's discovering it is safe to laugh and be happy, "the scars remained in her heart and mind".I am blessed and lucky. The horrors of abuse of any kind have passed me by and I can only be grateful for that. So I cannot say if this is truly an honest and appropriate treatment of the subject, shifted into Feehan's fantasy world. But it does look to me that it is, and that is a large part of what impressed me so much. She tells a great story, introduces another set of wonderful characters you want to know more about, depicts again a wonderful tale of love, and yet, amongst it all, maintains a sense of great truth.The book also introduces a sparkling set of minor characters and I look forward
susanbevans on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
And it's not just "a" book review - it's my LAST book review of the year! Luckily, Dark Destiny was a really good book to end 2008 with. This is book 13 in Christine Feehan's Dark Carpathian series.Dark Destiny is the story of Destiny (duh), a female Carpathian hunter - something unheard of in the previous 12 books of this series. Destiny was not born a Carpathian though. She was just an innocent child of 5 or 6 with strong psychic abilities, when a vampire found her. He killed her family and converted her, then spent years abusing her in every way you can possibly fathom. That's when she cried out to her savior. Nicolae, ancient Carpathian hunter and protector of his people, heard the suffering of a child in his mind. He spent years trying to shield her from her pain. He taught her how to survive her captor, and eventually, how to destroy him and escape. From that day on, Destiny traveled the world, hunting and destroying the undead. She hated herself for what she had become, and so she hid from Nicolae, afraid that he was a vampire, afraid that she would have to one day destroy the only thing that kept her alive.Nicolae was patient, he knew his salvation depended upon finding her, and he finally tracked her down in the mountains not far from Seattle. He and his brother Vikirnoff arrived just in time to help her escape a brutal attack from a group of vampires. After much persuading and explanation from Nicolae, Destiny decides that he is not a vampire, even though she can see the beast within him "roaring for release". She doesn't think she can be his lifemate however. Because her blood was tainted with the poison of the vampire that made her, she believes she is evil as well. Nicolae and Vikirnoff believe that if they can get Destiny to their homeland in the Carpathian mountains, the healers among their people will be able to rid her of the toxins in the vampire's blood.Nicolae endures as she tries to work through her trauma so that they can be together, and is delighted when she eventually reaches out to him for help with a neighborhood mystery.Something is terribly wrong in Destiny's neighborhood, with the people she has chosen to protect. They are acting out in violence, completely of character, harming their loved ones. Afterwards, they have not memory of what happened. Destiny and Nicolae cannot detect the vampire's touch in them, but something is amiss. Together, as they struggle to be what each other needs, they try to unravel the mystery of what is happening to the city.Dark Destiny is one of the best Dark books I've read so far. Destiny was a strong female character - she had to be, and Nicolae was by far the most patient male yet! The "supporting cast" was good as well: the little old ladies Velda and Inez - practically the eyes and ears of the neighborhood; the social worker Mary Ann - risking her life to protect and save battered women in need; Father Mulligan, the local priest who knows about the Carpathian race and the good they do to defend humans and immortals alike from vampires.Dark Destiny was well written, with an original storyline and fantastic, fully-formed characters.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago