Daring Missions of World War II

Daring Missions of World War II

by William B. Breuer, Breuer


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Critical acclaim for William B. Breuer
"A first-class historian."
—Wall Street Journal
For Top Tales of World War II
"As evidenced time and again by the prolific Breuer, WWII continues to be a source of absorbing espionage tales. . . . This is a book for rainy days and long solitary nights by the fire. If there were a genre for cozy nonfiction, this would be the template."
—Publishers Weekly
"A perfect book for the curious and adventure readers and those who love exotic tales and especially history buffs who will be surprised at what they didn't know. Recommended for nearly everyone."
—Kirkus Reviews
For Secret Weapons of World War II
"Rip-roaring tales . . . a delightful addition to the niche that Breuer has so successfully carved out."
—Publishers Weekly

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ISBN-13: 9780471404194
Publisher: Turner Publishing Company
Publication date: 04/16/2001
Pages: 252
Sales rank: 823,552
Product dimensions: 6.41(w) x 9.56(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

WILLIAM B. BREUER is the critically acclaimed author of twenty-six military history books, including "Unexplained Mysteries of World War II," "Top Secret Tales of World War II," "Undercover Tales of World war II," "Vendetta!: Castro and the Kennedy Brothers," and "Shadow Warriors: The Covert War in Korea." Ten of his books have been Main selections of the Military Book Club, including "The Great Raid on Cabanatuan" and "MacArthur's Undercover War."

Table of Contents



Post Office Shoot-Out Launches a War.

Wiping Out Hitler's Spy Network.

The Gestapo Cracks an Espionage Ring.

Masquerading Germans Pace the Invasion.

A Streetcar Spearheads an Attack.

Hitler Order: Kidnap Queen Wilhelmina.

A Legal Diamond Thief.

Rommel Personally Captures a Unit.

A General's "Impossible" Escape.

"The Cat" Was a Triple Agent.

Prowling behind German-Held Coast.

Cat-and-Mouse Game.

A Personal Telegram for the Fuhrer.

Who Was the Mysterious Max?

Underwater War at Gibraltar.

Polish Spies Invade Germany.

A Leg is Parachuted to a British Ace.

Sudden Death for the "Blond Beast".

Parachuting in a Boat.


A Ruse to Spy on Cherbourg.

"Hunting" Germans in Canoes.

Jewish Raiders in Disguise.

A Conspiracy to Capture Cairo.

Intruders at a Secret Airport.

A Special Medal for Burma Tribesmen.

American Medics Save Ho Chi Minh.

A Hoax at Soviet Oil Fields.

A Woman Heads an Escape Apparatus.

The Ranger Wore Bedroom Slippers.

The Countess and the Commandos.

"Blow Up Rommel's Railroad!"

Reconnoitering Hostile Beaches.

A Master of Disguises.

Deceiving an Italian General.

The Canal Saboteurs.

Strange Places for Secret Radios.

Saved from a Firing Squad.


Old Popski Invades a German Headquarters.

The GI with the Too-Short Pants.

The New York Subway Connection.

Nose-Thumbing at the Germans.

The Chef Had Bombs on His Menu.

Spying from a Church Steeple.

The Black-Hearted Devils.

A Scheme to Go under German Lines.

A New Baby Stymies Normandy Planning.

Sabotage Campaign by Railway Men.

A Close Encounter with Two Jungle Beasts.

"Baby Sergeant York".

A Milllionairess Resistance Leader.

A Woman OSS Agent and "Cuthbert".

Panzer Watchers and Phony Laundries.

The Supersecret X Troop.

Miracle at a Normandy Convent.

A Luftwaffe Pilot Declines to Take Bait.

Jealousy Thwarts a German Scheme.

A British POW Saves His Captor's Life.


"Hell, We're Halfway to Berlin!"

Alone in a German-Held Town.

Two Admirals Go Souvenir Hunting.

An American General's Strange Odyssey.

Mission: Kidnap Field Marshal Rommel.

A Soviet Spying Mission Fizzles.

A "Dead" GI Returns.

Operation Sauerkraut.

A POW Haul in a Saloon.

"The Madman of St. Malo".

The "Terrorist" Was a Lady.

Jeds behind the French Riviera.

The Mysterious Lady in Red.

An Escape by Eight "Policemen".

An Endangered Pilot Is Saved.

Shooting Up an "Iron Kraut".

Hiding a "Pregnant" Glider Pilot.

The "Lone Raider" on the Prowl.

A Secret Mission in the Alps.


"League of Lonely War Women".

Curious Doings in a POW Camp.

POWs Parachute into the Reich.

The Good Samaritan of Leyte Gulf.

"Scarface Otto" Creates Mass Hysteria.

A POW Colonel Takes Command.

An Allied Spy's Dilemma.

Marooned amid the Foe.

Trapped in an Attic for Eight Days.

Love and War at a German Post Office.

MacArthur "Visits" a Japanese CP.

A Patrol's "Pigeon Air Force".

A German Boy-Soldier Saves Two GIs.

A Scheme to Trigger an Uprising.

Uninvited "Guests" on Corregidor.

Eavesdropping behind Japanese Positions.

Eisenhower's Spy in Berlin.

Father Sam and His Hidden Radio.

Intelligence Coup on a Train.

Nazi Frogmen on the Rhine.

VIP Hostages Saved by Fate.

A Stroll through 145,000 Germans.

Mobilizing Twenty-Eight Million Civilian Killers.

Notes and Sources.


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