Dangerously Delicious

Dangerously Delicious

by Aziz Ansari


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Hang around a crowd with the proper percentages of smarts, nerdiness, and love of hip-hop and comedian Aziz Ansari's debut album (2010's Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening) was akin to Eddie Murphy's self-titled debut, filled with the same amount of quotables and that classic comedy album flow. After that, sophomore slumping seemed inevitable, and while this follow-up suffers from a stilted delivery at times and is slower building than its predecessor, it's no great drop-off either. Returning fans just need see that name "Harris" on the track list and know that there's much more fun to be had at the Hot Pockets-loving kid's expense, although he's only a kid in style as the now high-school graduate fills in his college application with equal weight given to his hatred of nuclear war and his love of Redbox movie kiosks. R. Kelly is a hilarious returning topic too, and while an encounter with Jay-Z takes the place of the great Kanye bit from the last album, the hip-hop star who generates the most laughs is 50 Cent and his response to grapefruit soda ("Why ain't this purple?"). Eating and having sex with food is the great everyman bit of the set and when it comes to hippo penises, Aziz could go on forever, so don't think this snappy star of Parks and Recreation is suitable for family night. Start with the debut, return here after devouring, and then declare this one aptly titled.

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