Dancer of Dreams

Dancer of Dreams

by Patricia Matthews


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Dancer of Dreams is the story of two women, a mother and her daughter, who are torn between their prized independence and the men who love them. In Virginia, the widowed but still very desirable Hannah Verner is struggling to manage the vast plantation of Malvern on her own, after her husband’s mysterious death and yet more mysterious record of debts. She soon finds she must struggle as well with her attraction to an enigmatic newcomer, Courtney Wayne, who holds a mortgage on her beloved Malvern. In Paris, her daughter Michele, a talented and aspiring dancer, faces her own challenges and temptations: an unscrupulous rival, a stern but enthralling ballet master, and the handsome Scottish nobleman who demands that she choose between his love and her ambitions. In their intertwined stories,

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ISBN-13: 9780553245158
Publisher: Random House Publishing Group
Publication date: 01/01/1984
Pages: 336

About the Author

Patricia Brisco Matthews (1927-2006) was a best-selling author of historical romance as well as mystery and gothic novels. She published her first historical romance in 1976 and achieved great popularity over the next decade, becoming known as “America’s First Lady of Historical Romance.”

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