Dan Turner Hollywood Detective The Last Comics

Dan Turner Hollywood Detective The Last Comics


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For 15 issues of CRIME SMASHERS comic book, from October 1950 to March 1953, "Dan Turner Hollywood Detective" was one of the series found in each issue. All 15 stories are presented in this collection:

"Televised Frame"
"Bullwhip Bump-Off"
"Blackmail Bump-Off"
"Make-Up For Murder"
"Bellyboard Bump-Off"
"Dive to Death"
"Off-Stage Kill"
"Bear-Trap Kill"
"The Corpse in Lower 9"
"Death Trumps the Joker"
"The Trap for a Booby"
"Mysto-Magic Murder"
"Strangler's Ballet"
The Case of "The Slain Gorilla"
"The Poisoned Puppet"

All stories were written by Robert Leslie Bellem and were illustrated by Adolphe Barreaux, Robert McCarty, Max Plaisted, and Tony Tallarico. Presented in FULL COLOR

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