Dédé: Orchestral Works

Dédé: Orchestral Works

by Richard RosenbergRichard Rosenberg


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Undervalued by historians and more likely to be forgotten when popular tastes change, much of the light music of earlier times has utterly faded away. All the more welcome, then, is Naxos' American Classics series, which has unearthed some thoroughly enjoyable rarities by the New Orleans-born Creole composer Edmond Dédé. Like his most famous counterpart, Louis Moreau Gottschalk, Dédé spent much of his career in France, and with connections both to French masters such as Gounod and Halévy and to the forerunners of ragtime, he is a real missing link to 20th-century popular music. His witty and sentimental songs, salon pieces for piano, and sparkling orchestral bonbons will charm anyone with a taste for the lighter side of classical music. Various performers from the Hot Springs Music Festival are heard here, with the Festival Orchestra augmented by an ensemble of buzzing kazoos for the "Méphisto masqué." Other highlights include the touching song "Mon pauvre coeur," sung by Emily Eagen, and the miniature romantic screwball comedy of "Françoise et Tortillard." Dédé's music is a delight that has gone too long unheard. (Also check out Naxos' survey of fellow Creole composers Charles Lucièn Lambert Sr. and Lucièn-Léon Guillaume Lambert Jr.)

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Release Date: 03/14/2000
Label: Naxos American
UPC: 0636943903827
catalogNumber: 8559038
Rank: 171428


  1. Chicago, Grande valse à l'Américaine, for orchestra
  2. Tond les chiens, coup' les chats, Duo burlesque for 2 pianos
  3. Mirliton fin de siècle, Polka originale for orchestra
  4. Rêverie champêtre, for oboe, cello & piano
  5. En chasse, Mazurka élégante
  6. Méphisto masqué, Polka fantastique, for piano
  7. Battez aux champs, for voice & piano (Cantata dédiée à S. M. l'Empereur Napoléon III)
  8. El Pronunciamento, marche espagnole for orchestra
  9. Cora La Bordelaise, chansonnette for voice & piano
  10. Mon pauvre coeur, for voice & piano
  11. Chicago, Grande valse à l'Américaine for piano
  12. Mon Sous Off!, chansonnette for voice & piano
  13. Françoise et Tortillard, Saynète comique
  14. Mon Sous Off!cier, Quadrille brilliante sur des motifs de E. Duham & E. Dédé, for orchestra
  15. Méphisto masqué, Polka fantastique, for orchestra

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