Cured: Slow Techniques for Flavouring Meat, Fish and Vegetables

Cured: Slow Techniques for Flavouring Meat, Fish and Vegetables

by Lindy Wildsmith


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Originally, curing was a necessity – the only way food could be preserved before the advent of refrigeration. Now, it’s a luxurious way to enjoy unique, intense flavours in foods ranging from meat and fish to, fruit and vegetables.


Seven sections – each dedicated to a different method of curing – de-mystify this ancient technique and show how every cook can create delicious cured cuisine in their own kitchen.


A truly global compendium of deliciously preserved dishes, recipes range from New York Deli pastrami and Native American venison jerky to the Japanese pickled and marinated fish, Sashimi and Shimi Saba. From Europe come smoked salmon and salt beef, German Liverwurst Sausage, salt cod dishes of both the Mediterranean and Scandinavia, and Italian classic antipasti in the form of

Venetian Carpaccio and ruby red Carne Salada


Lindy Wildsmith covers cultures and cooking from around the world both modern and ancient. Cured details Native American, Japanese, historic Roman and Greek, and current European practices.


Nurturing flavour over days, weeks or even months is a unique way to prepare food, producing mouth-watering results every time. Home-produced delicacies taste even better for having been patiently prepared and eagerly anticipated – truly great Slow Food, deeply infused with fantastic flavour.

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ISBN-13: 9781906417413
Publisher: Aurum Press, Limited
Publication date: 12/01/2010
Pages: 288
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About the Author

Lindy Wildsmith is a food writer specialising in sustainable fish and game, kitchen crafts (preserving and curing in particular), locally sources ingredients, food and travel, food in art, and Slow Food. She works regularly with Franco Taruschio out of the Walnut Tree Restaurant.

Lindy Wildsmith is an experienced food journalist published by numerous magazines including House and Garden.

Cured covers salting, marinading, spicing, drying, smoking, raw, pickling and potting and the intense flavours they bring to a wide range of foods.


 The technique is enjoying a widespread revival as part of organic 'Slow Food’ movement.


A global range of recipes from the almost instant to recipes that take weeks, or even months to prepare.


All recipes featured can be made at home

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