Critical Non-Invasive Treatment to Cure Grade III and IV Cancer

Critical Non-Invasive Treatment to Cure Grade III and IV Cancer

by Dr. Merle Loudon


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My mission in life is to help people who want to prevent cancer and help them treat it. For more than 35 years, I have given hundreds of courses on orthodontics, temporal mandibular joint treatment, nutrition, cancer treatment, and cognitive thinking.

Being a cancer advisor, I realize that every person is the author of their destiny. The decisions on what you eat and drink plus your lifestyle determines the health of your blood, cells, organs, and brain. I see more than anything else that preventing cancer is a lifetime daily effort, not just today. Most cancers are predestined to start many years from the date when they are found. Most cancers begin and progress from a chronic lifetime diet of poor eating and lifestyle habits.

What people need to realize is that diet diligence should be practiced every day. I didn't realize that until I was over 35 years old. Younger people think that they will live forever and that a little non-compliance will not hurt anyone. But when you get older, you will realize that is not always the case.

Most cancers begin from many years of chronic consumption of sugars, sugar products, red meats, preservatives, vegetable oils on the grocery shelf, processed and refined foods. Cancer is not usually found until the cancer cells have been in the body for over 36 months. It is a matter of life and death once it has been diagnosed. No matter what age you are, the time to start preventing cancer is today. If you are younger, please begin to acquire good eating and drinking habits. It will be the most significant thing you could ever do for your health and longevity. When a person gets older, most of them say, "I wish I had kept better care of myself." Why did I buy all those refined and processed foods, etc.?

If you have any questions about preventing or treating cancer, you can contact me via email at I will be glad to answer any questions to the best of my knowledge. If you have any friends, relatives, or neighbors who would like to get this book, please give them my email or phone address. I also produce a weekly preventive cancer, BULLETIN. If you would like to receive it each week, you can sign up at My wish is for you to lead a very learning, healthful, happy, exciting, and enjoyable life.

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Pages: 184
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1 Dr. Joanna Budwig and her Incredible Cancer Discoveries 25

2 Pancreatic Enzymes: Why you Need Them to Cure Cancer 30

3 Basic Principles in the Cause of Cancer 34

4 The Most Important and Unique Wall in the World 37

5 Ninety Percent of all Diseases start in The Small Intestine 40

6 Six Reasons why Toxins, Inflammation, and Leaky Gut will Cause Disease and Cancer 43

7 The Greatest Medical Hoax in U.S. History 46

8 The Cause, Prevention, and Curing of Cancer 49

9 The Cause, Prevention, and Curing Cancer 57

10 The Cause, Prevention, and cure for Cancer 62

11 25+ Trillion Electromagnetic Engines in the Small Intestine 66

12 The New CellSonic VIPP Machine 69 13 Many Cancers are Most Likely caused by Sugar and Carbs 74

14 The Silent Cancer and Heart Disease Killer: Sticky Blood 77

15 The FDA, National Cancer Institute, and the Oncologists 80

16 Is Fenbendazole the New Cancer Cure? 83

17 Insula Peptide: Is it a Wonder Cancer Treatment? 86

18 The Longevity Codes 89

18 The Longevity Codes 91

19 The Human Body, A Parasite's Paradise 97

20 The Hidden Enemy that Lurks in Your Brain 101

21 A Cancerous Endopathic Destruction Epidemic is Invading ... 104

22 Cancer, Disease of Sugar, Carbohydrates, Oxygen Deprivation 108

23 40 Million Americans Suffer from Autoimmune Disease 111

24 Linus Pauling and His Great Discoveries 114

25 Obesity, Diabetes, Cancer and 120 Pounds of Sugar 118

26 The Body and Biological Ionization (RBTI) 120

27 The Acid/Alkaline Balance and The Ballet of the Minerals 124

28 There is a Major Flaw in the Nutritional Education in America130

29 The Importance of Oxygen in the Human Body 132

30 Serious Connection Between Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Heart Disease, and Cancer 135

31 The Importance of Your Intestinal Bacteria (Microbiome) 138

32 Don't Neglect Your PANCREAS 140

33 Why in the World are People dying so Young? 145

34 The Covid-19 Virus Brings out Extreme Nutritional Deficiencies in Senior Citizens 148

35 52 Million People are Deficient of Iodine 153 36 The Sad Story of Dr. Jeffery Bradstreet 157

37 An Acid/Base Imbalance, Temporal Mandibular Joint Dysfunction, and the blood pH can Create a Vertebral Cartilage Paradox 160

38 Four-In-One Onnetsu Therapy 165 39 Summary and Rx Schedule for 23 Cancer Treatments 174 40 The Universal Force 181

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