Crisis of Culture: The Political Battlefield of the New Civil War

Crisis of Culture: The Political Battlefield of the New Civil War

by Carl Higbie


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In today’s political and media environment, people are more divided than ever. I am certainly not innocent of past divisive rhetoric and am willing to own that. This is my call to rationalize our differences and discuss them by removing emotion.

Have we as a people changed that much? Has the flow of information from which we form our opinions changed? What happened in the last two years that lead to this all-out social war? It wasn’t Trump; he was a symptom of a larger issue. The division was already there, lurking under the surface from the Obama era, following one of the most divisive administrations this country has ever seen.

The people screaming the loudest are liberal groups who got their way for 8 years. They didn’t riot or attack people in mobs when the progressive agenda was being steamrolled over America, but when Trump won the election, all bets were off. The people that were sold a bill of goods, by a party no longer in power, suffered a mental breakdown.

This book removes emotion from our ideologies and weighs facts and reason against many political divides for and against both sides. I rationalize the issues conservatives can come together on, win on, and separate voting with our hearts versus voting with our brains.

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Publication date: 12/11/2018
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