Crime Stopper: Fighting Crime on Scotland's Streets

Crime Stopper: Fighting Crime on Scotland's Streets

by Bryan McLaughlin


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Retired detective Bryan McLaughlin faced the challenge of tackling crime on Glasgow's mean streets and across Scotland for more than thirty years, and throughout his time in various roles on the force - from beat cop to one of the elite Serious Crime Squad to the head of the Criminal Intelligence branch - he witnessed some strange and harrowing cases.

Now Bryan McLaughlin lifts the lid on his dealings with underworld figure Irishman John Friel, tells of his satisfaction at nailing slippery gangster Tam McGraw with an Al Capone-style tax sting, looks back on the bomb attack on Glasgow's High Court and reveals remarkable information about the legendary Bible John murders. As well as these notorious cases, Bryan also reflects on the tragic human side of policing as he encountered it, including the touching tale of the old lady who grew a tree in her living room, the madman who killed a man for throwing snowballs and the million-dollar heist in Germany that was cracked because a Glasgow ned stole a video recorder.

Crimestopper is an astonishing memoir from one of our top police officers - sometimes shocking, at times hilarious or macabre, but always utterly fascinating.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781845024963
Publisher: Black & White Publishing
Publication date: 12/01/2013
Pages: 288
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

1 The Case For The Defence 1

2 Hats Off to the First Day and Welcome to the Wild Life 6

3 Ladies of the Night and Cadavers Galore 18

4 Square Goes, Foot Races and Class Distinction 32

5 A Wild Beast Tamed, the Prince of Laughter and Mclaughlin's Revenge 44

6 The Face Of Bible John, The Sorry Heid and a Royal Surprise 57

7 Becoming a Detective, An Effective Informant and the Wrong Men 71

8 The Red-Eyed Elephant, The Con Artist and the Awol Confessor 85

9 An Unsolved Attack (Or Is It?) And An Animal ID Parade 101

10 The Serious Crime Squad, Armed And Dangerous And The Body In The Tree 105

11 Commendable Actions and the High Court Bombed 121

12 Fingerprinting A Town And The Killing Of A Child 128

13 The Scottish Crime Squad, Surveillance Skills And Travelling Criminals 138

14 A Kidnap Mystery, A Voice From The Grave And The Irishman 151

15 The Body In The Bonfire And The Tartan Terrorist 159

16 Smoothie Susie And The Heist Extradition 171

17 A Brutal Robber And Murder With A Magnum 184

18 The Knifeman And The Priest, The Wailing Wall And A Skeleton In Pyjamas 196

19 Criminal Intelligence And Crimestoppers, A Cannabis Crop And The Estonian Visitors 206

20 The Baby Clue, The Snowball Killer And Time To Go 221

21 Epilogue: The Missing Wife 236

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