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Crime and Punishment: A Norton Critical Edition / Edition 1

Crime and Punishment: A Norton Critical Edition / Edition 1

by Fyodor Dostoevsky, Michael R. Katz
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“These are the voices of Crime and Punishment in all their original, dazzling variety: pensive, urgent, defiant, and triumphant. This new translation by Michael Katz revives the intensity Dostoevsky’s first readers experienced.” —Susan McReynolds, Northwestern University

“Mesmerizingly good . . . the best, truest translation of Dostoevsky’s masterpiece into English. It’s a magnificent, almost terrifying achievement of translation, one that makes its predecessors, however worthy, seem safe and polite.” —Steve Donoghue, Open Letters Monthly

This Norton Critical Edition includes:

• Michael Katz’s “superb” (Times Literary Supplement) new translation of the world’s most-read Russian novel accompanied by his preface and detailed explanatory footnotes.

• Names of principal characters, a note on characters’ names, and a map of St. Petersburg.

• Key excerpts from Dostoevsky’s notebooks, letters, and his early draft of Part II, Chapter 2.

• Twenty-six scholarly essays on the novel from Russian, European, and American sources.

• A chronology and a selected bibliography.

About the Series

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Publication date: 12/01/2018
Series: Norton Critical Editions Series
Edition description: First Edition
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About the Author

Fyodor Dostoevsky wrote The Brothers Karamazov, Crime and Punishment, The Idiot, and many other novels.

Michael R. Katz is the C. V. Starr Professor Emeritus of Russian and East European Studies at Middlebury College. He has published translations of more than fifteen Russian novels, including Fathers and Children and Notes from Underground. He lives in Cornwall, Vermont.

Table of Contents

Preface vii

Names of Principal Characters ix

Note on the Characters' Names xi

The Text of Crime and Punishment 1

Backgrounds and Sources 381

MAP: The St. Petersburg of Crime and Punishment 383

From Dostoevsky's Notebooks 385

From Dostoevsky's Letters 390

To A. A. Krayevsky (June 8, 1865) 390

To M. N. Katkov (September 1865) 390

To A. Ye. Wrangel (February 18, 1866) 391

To M. N. Katkov (April 25, 1866) 392

Early Draft of Part II, Chapter 2 392

Criticism 395

[The Nihilists and Raskolnikov's New Idea] N. Strakhov 397

[How Minute Changes of Consciousness Caused Raskolnikov to Commit Murder] Leo Tolstoy 398

The History of the Writing of the Novel Sergei V. Belov 400

[Religion of Suffering] Le Vicomte E.-M. de Vogüé 404

Crime and Punishment (1866) Vladimir Nabokov 409

[Dostoevsky's Search for Motives in the Notebooks] Konstantin Mochulsky 412

The First Sentence in Crime and Punishment, the Word "Crime," and Other Matters Vadim V. Kozhinov 417

Philosophical Pro and Contra in Part One of Crime and Punishment Robert Louis Jackson 424

The Death of Marmeladov Konrad Onasch 437

The Nihilism of Sonia Marmeladova Michael R. Katz 439

The Wisdom of a Iurodivaia Harriet Murav 447

Dunia Raskol'inikov-The Aesthetic Consequences of Virtue in Crime and Punishment Gary Rosenshield 451

Self-Sacrifice vs. Saving a Sister: The Roles of Sister and Brother Anna Berman 461

Traditional Symbolism in Crime and Punishment George Gibian 467

The World of Raskolnikov Joseph Frank 482

The Revolt Against Mother Earth Vyacheslav Ivanov 491

Recurrent Imagery in Crime and Punishment Ralph E. Matlaw 498

[The Problem of Guilt in Dostoevsky's Fiction] A. Bem 501

"It was I who killed the old woman and her sister …": Modes of Confession in Crime and Punishment Julian W. Connolly 503

[The Construction of the Novel] Leonid P. Grossman 513

[Dostoevski's Descriptions: The Characters and the Cily] 515

[Plot Structure and Raskolnikov's Oscillations] F. I. Evnin 517

[The Hero in Dostoevsky's Art; The Idea in Dostoevsky] Mikhail Bakhtin 524

Puzzle and Mystery, the Narrative Poles of Knowing: Crime and Punishment Michael Holquist 537

[Side shad owing and Its Possibilities; Disease #3, Hypothetical Time. Crime and Chronicity] Gary Saul Morson 554

[Raskolnikov, Karakazov, and the Etiology of a "New Word"] Claudia Verhoeven 558

A Triple Take? Crime and Punishment in Woody Allen's Cinematic Universe Ellen Chances 563

Fyodor Dostoevsky: A Chronology 571

Serialization of Crime and Punishment in The Russian Herald, 1866 573

Selected Bibliography 575

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