Creating Intimate Relationships: The Secret of Shared Divinity

Creating Intimate Relationships: The Secret of Shared Divinity

by Jim Stacey
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Why are relationships so devastating? Why are they so beautiful? Why are the "love interrupted" experiences so painful? What is it that we are really losing? Deep inside of each of us is far more beauty, much more magnificence, and a greater good than we've yet realized. We try to share all of that with others only to be frustrated by their "not getting it" and that leaves us with pain and suffering. They try to share the same with us only to experience the same sadness and agony when we go away. This book reveals what it is that we miss in each other and fail to see deep within ourselves. The key to successful, beautiful, lasting, fulfilling, expansive, meaningful, and purposeful relationships is the discovery of who we truly are--part of The Divine. It is our Divinity within that is our essence. Yet we've all been taught that we are much less than that. The sooner we learn to overcome our smallness and step into our Divinity, the more likely it is that all of our relationships will thrive. But how can we learn of our Divinity and how can we share that with each other? The secret of shared Divinity is no longer a secret! It is yours to discover and share with others! This book is guaranteed to add depth and meaning to what you see in yourself and what you see in others. The more you see The Divine in yourself, the more you'll be able to see The Divine in all others. Our relationships fail because of not knowing who we really are! The most powerful beauty that relationships can add to our lives is when they help us discover our deepest purpose for being here. The premise for this book is what the Aramaic Jesus taught. He never had anything to do with religion. Absolutely everything he taught was about successful personal relationships! Love for The Divine, ourselves, our neighbors, and our enemies was "the kingdom of heaven within us." Join me on the adventure of your lifetime--from your head into your heart.

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