Cosmic Fusion

Cosmic Fusion

by Gordon Eklund

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Cosmic Fusion was originally written between January 1973 and September 1982, a mammoth 300,000-word epic novel of "science fiction, sex, and death." Unpublished due to an editorial change at the original publishing company, Eklund has now revised it for its first publication. As he writes in his introduction: "Cosmic Fusion was intended to be the book that broke me out of [science fiction's midlist]. It was the Big Ambitious Novel I was going to write because I wanted to write it..." So here it is, a vintage tale written by Gordon Eklund at the peak of his power as a writer, never before seen...until today!

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ISBN-13: 9781479423866
Publisher: Wildside Press
Publication date: 10/26/2016
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 526
File size: 661 KB

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They arrived in the sky over Earth one fine April day in their ships the color of gold. Seventy-seven ships ranging around the circumference of the globe, ships that seemed to chase the rising sun.
In their wake, the golden ships left a wave of devastation, destruction, and (at least for a time) death.
Among the cities, towns, and villages annihilated: San Francisco; Rome; Joplin Missouri; Dar-es-Salaam; Minsk and Kiev; Padua; Paterson NJ; Quebec and Geneva; St. Louis and St. Petersburg (Florida); Venice in California and Venice in Italy; Salt Lake City and Mecca; Springfield Mass and Springfield VA; Benares, Mecca, Kyoto, and Austin Texas; Mukilteo, Washington; Pittsburgh PA and Pittsburgh CA; seventeen obscure villages along the upper Yangtze; and three of the five metropolitan boroughs of greater New York City.
Among the towns and cities spared: London and Athens; Bangkok and Baghdad; Tangier, Paris, Berlin, Moscow, Tijuana; and Winesap, Illinois.
Pocatello, Idaho was razed.
Shanghai China was undisturbed.
Portland, Maine was obliterated.
Portland, Oregon was unscathed.
Although much of incorporated Los Angeles County was leveled, Hollywood and Malibu were not touched.
Seventy-seven ships the color of gold—all in a single April day.
Not only were certain towns, cities, and villages destroyed but anyone and everyone within their borders either died or else disappeared without a trace.
In 17% of the affected areas the entire human population was struck instantly dead.
Three days later all of the dead returned to “life” again. In most respects the resurrected corpses remained oblivious to the ordeal they’d gone through. They walked, they talked, they laughed, they cried—the same as always...

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