The Corvette in the Barn: More Great Stories of Automotive Archaeology

The Corvette in the Barn: More Great Stories of Automotive Archaeology

by Tom Cotter, Keith Martin

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It’s every car-guy’s fantasy—to casually peer into a long-forgotten garage or barn or warehouse and find the car he has searched for his whole life. Corvette in the Barn is a collection of true, often amazing, stories and essays about car collectors and enthusiasts who have discovered unusual and desirable cars, forgotten in all manner of locations from barns, to old-school junkyards, to farmer’s fields. These are the stories that fuel the dreams of car collectors everywhere.See Tom Cotter, author of Motorbooks “In the Barn” series, interviewed by Jay Leno on

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ISBN-13: 9781610600477
Publisher: Motorbooks
Publication date: 09/12/2010
Series: In the Barn
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 1,068,646
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About the Author

Tom Cotter writes regularly for Road & Track and other magazines and has a deep-seated love for motorcycle and automotive rescue. The Corvette in the Barn is his fourth book about the lure of collector vehicle archaeology. The Cobra in the Barn, winner of a 2006 International Automotive Media Award, was the first and was followed by The Hemi in the Barn and The Vincent in the Barn. Cotter most recently authored the biography of car builder extraordinaire Dean Jeffries.Tom has been in and around cars and bikes all of his life. He built one of the most successful PR agencies in motorsports, with a client list ranging from NASCAR to the SPEED Channel. Cotter lives in Davidson, North Carolina.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments 9

Foreword Keith Martin 11

Introduction 13

Chapter 1 Dream Cars 15

The Silver Dollar in the Barn 16

The Twisted Tale of the Jeffries' Porsche 20

Sniping a Mustang Prototype 26

The Enterprising Priest and His Bubble-Screened Boondoggle 30

Chapter 2 Hibernating Hot Rods 41

The Belly Tank Tribute Daniel Strohl 42

The Penny Saver Deuce Coupe Ken Gross 46

The Swindler in the Alley 52

Chapter 3 Hollywood Machines 57

The Green Hornet Strikes Again 58

A Gullwing for Big Dog Garage 63

The Producer's Imperial 66

Chapter 4 International Intrigue 69

The Price of War 70

San Juan's Secrets 74

The Truth Behind the Barn-Find Hoax of the Century Wolfgang Blaube 76

The Fate of the Sleeping Beauties Kay Hottendorff 83

Chapter 5 Prospectors and Fanatics 93

The Corvette Sleuth 94

The Snipe Hunter Harold Pace 109

The Road to Preservation Steve Katzman 116

The Lost Motor Trend Victress S1A Special Guy Dirkin 122

A Healey in the Shadows 127

The Luckiest Guy in the Room 131

The Dynamic Duo 140

The Father & Son Hunting Team 150

Chapter 6 Veterans of the Tarmac Wars 157

Coming to Grips with a Slippery Question Randy Leffingwell 158

The Sebring Alfa in the Chicken Coop 167

The Hog Farmers' Fuel-Injected Mouse Den Bill Connell 171

Uncle Eddie's Backyard Gasser Ford 177

The Twin-Engine Beer-Find Dragster 182

40-Year Itch Trans-Am Mustang 186

The Junkyard Ferrari Rob Cotter 190

Chapter 7 Reunited 195

The Snake and the Satellite 196

The Cornfield Hemi 'Cuda 201

The Back-to-School Roadster John Lee 209

Honest Mike's Lucky Day 214

Striking Carerra Gold 218

The Topless Reunion Cobra 221

Chapter 8 The Good, the Bad, and the Lucky 231

The Good Samaritan El Camino Alan Sangiacomo 232

Bad Luck Blues 235

Pikeville Purgatory 239

The Ratso Rizzo Giulietta 245

Appendix: Eleven More Barn-Finding Tips 249

Index 253

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The Corvette in the Barn: More Great Stories of Automotive Archaeology 1.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
neko1962 More than 1 year ago
A disappointment When I bought this book I was very excited to get home and start reading it. Being a huge classic and antique care fan, I could not wait to read the various stories about automotive archeology. About twenty pages into the book I realized that this book is less about automotive archeology and more concerning flipping cars for a profit. These stories all have a similar theme, research or chance upon someone's old car, do anything you can to acquire it, and then resell it for a profit. Some of these guys make ambulance chasing attorneys sound like respectable professions. My point is these old automobiles were owned and stored by guys who loved their cars. They linked romance with their cars. When these owners getup in their years, and the medical bills start piling up, so-called automotive archeologists hound them until they either die or sell them their cars. What kind of premise for a book is that? It certainly is not about the love of old cars, or archeology, it is about greed. The self-indulgent need to acquire something others have and make money from it. Perhaps the romance of aged auto hunting is old school, but those are the kind of folks that stored the cars in the first place. Save your money.